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#RestInPower 💔🙏🏾 Alonso Guillen drove more than 100 miles south from his home in Lukfin, Texas, last week, determined to help those trapped by Hurricane Harvey flooding in the Houston area.

But he and another man disappeared after their boat capsized in a flood-swollen creek Wednesday, and relatives began searching for their bodies.

On Friday, searchers found the body of Tomas Carreon, 25, of Lufkin. On Sunday, relatives spotted Guillen’s body. “He was floating in the water,” his brother Jesus Guillen, 36, a Lufkin truck driver, said in Spanish during a phone interview.

Luis Ortega, 22, of Lufkin, who survived the boat accident, told searchers the men had been swept away by a powerful current. Ortega barely escaped by grabbing a floating gas tank, then a tree.

Relatives said Guillen, a Mexican national, was a “Dreamer” enrolled in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which President Trump is said to be poised to scrap, though he may leave it intact for six months to give Congress time to find a legislative solution. (Ortega is a U.S. citizen, as was Carreon, Guillen’s brother said.) Guillen moved to Lufkin at age 14 from just across the border in Piedras Negras, Mexico. He later graduated from Lufkin High School, attended St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, worked in construction and at a local club, Rodeo Disko, and radio station, SuperMix 101.9 FM.

He was known as “DJ Ocho,” who mixed country and hip-hop, followed Texans football and the Houston Astros, played softball and soccer, sported Cowboy hats and red, white and blue sunglasses.

Read more in comments #Houston #Hurricanes #Mexico #Mexican #immigration #undocumented #immigrant

A genuine light and inspiration to all who crossed his path. Keep on dancing forever, Charles, we'll miss you down here. #restinpower #restinpeace @charlesbradley #screamingeagleofsoul

Damn, thank you #charlesbradley for your love, inspiration and soul. You will be missed but never forgotten. #legendsneverdie #restinpower

6 years on you are still in our hearts.
#WangariMaathai #RestInPower #RIP #StrengthOfAWoman

"Our greatest strength lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall."
Nelson Mandela
Former President of South Africa. .
On my last day in Cape Town, My hosts, the wonderful @gucci team treated me to a trip to Robben Island (Seal island in Dutch) where Mr. Nelson Mandela was imprisoned during 27 years of his life. .
There's so much to say about this great man whom I so wish I had met during his lifetime, but to sum up this inspirational leader's mission, I selected 10 of my favorite quotes by him on 10 photos I took in his prison cell. The journey was very emotional. .
Rest in Power Mandela

We are deeply saddened by the news of the passing of our friend, colleague and style guru, Dexter Pottinger.
Dexter was instrumental in the successful staging of our annual local design showcase, Fashion Directory. He was also a lead player in the fashion forward styling of our 2015 & 2016 directory covers and our soon to be released 2018 covers.
Dex, it will never be the same without you .
We believe that you will live on inside the hearts and minds of everyone you've touched while you were here on earth.
#jamaicanfashion #fashiondesigner #dexterpottinger #restinpower

#LilianeBettencourt was the 14th richest person in the world, according to Forbes. #RestInPower


J.Simm, G, Jason Simmons

I love ya



Right across the street from my grandmothers funeral they're filming an episode of Power. The kids had to take a picture in front of it. #power #restinpower

#makaveli #killuminati #restinpower #msg
The preacher want me buried, why? 'Cause I know he a liar
Have you ever seen a crackhead? That's eternal fire
Why you got these kids' minds thinkin' that they evil?
While the preacher bein' freaky, you say, "honor God's people"
Should we cry when the Pope die? My request:
We should cry if they cried when we buried Malcolm X
Mama, tell me: am I wrong? Is God just another cop
Waitin' to beat my ass if I don't go pop?
Memories of a past time, givin' up cash to the leaders
Knowin' damn well they ain't gonna feed us
In my brain, how can you explain time in B.C.?
It's hard enough to live, now, in these times of greed
They say Jesus is a kind man
Well, he should understand times in this crime land
My thug nation, do what you gotta do
But know you gotta change
Try to find a way to make it out the game
I leave this and hope God can see my heart is pure
Is Heaven just another door? I leave this here
I leave this and hope God see my heart is pure
Is Heaven just another door? And my people say

So sad to hear of the passing of @charlesbradley
It was an honour to see you perform at @eauxclaireswi in 2015. #screamingeagleofsoul #charlesbradley #eauxclaires #wewillmissyou #restinpower

#LongliveEnot #longliveSKD #Restinpower #mastershredder , Shredding families gathered .

My #Aquarius brother! 🙏👑 ♒ #RestInPower! 💪💪


I can’t turn my head away
Seeing all these things.
The world
is burning up in flames
And nobody
Wanna take the blame
#RestinPower #CharlesBradley

Missing my friend Shelton Jackson so much right now. It's crazy how the years can go by and you still get a moment where you want to reach for the phone to call someone before you remember they're gone. I love and miss you, Shelton. I miss your laugh, your wisdom, your sexcapades. I hope I'm living my life in a way that makes you proud. Btw, that's me on the L in the pink and Shelton in the middle, which is fitting because he was the heart of our group. He taught me my most important lesson - in the end, HIV was my beginning, not my end. #teamhotbutt #fuckAIDS #aidsmemorial #whatisrememberedlives #restinpower #neverforget #actup #fightaids #livingwithhiv #aaogc

"I am not a human, I am a dove. I am your conscious, I am love. All I really need to know is that you believe." -#prince .
#restinpower #prophet
#transcend #dimensional
#issavibe #forevermood
#mcm #loveyou

💕Happy birthday Mommy💕#64
#restinpower #restinpeace #birthdaybuddy

Updating my website with me videos. Make sure y'all go to Immortalfilmz.com and check out our local artist and their music videos and more. Link on bio. And click on pictures and it will direct you to their presentations... #Immortalfilmz #ArtsAndHistory #Xtv #TheJournalist #NorthPhilly #
#CEO @immortalfilmz #RestInPower #LegendaryKiski IMMORTALFILMZ.COM

In Celebration of my Shero:
Happy Homegoing!
Thank You Thank You Thank You!
Etta Reid aka Mom /// 1921-2017 /// LOVE
#grandmother #restinpeace #restinpower #shero #heroes #matriarch #cuba #jamaica #brooklyn #atlanta #grandson #love #nurse #jesus #becauseisaidso #blessed

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