Ya boy got his first NAM today
None of this would’ve been possible without brother #RestInParadise

Every way I turn, something reminds me of you 🦋 I’ll miss you forever my Leslielie 🌻 4.23.18

#wcw #ourangel #RestinParadise #takentoosoon #strong #strongwoman #stepmomma #love #forever #heart #butterfly

We had lost an amazing friend, a mother, a battle buddy, a beautiful soul... anything you can do to help, please check out my Facebook page for the link. RIP Christina ♥️ #restinparadise

and fuck it, if I die, it was by your side, hold me closer, I can't be your man, I don't think you understand, it's obvious to me I wasn't in the plan, never sober, I can't be your man

I Can’t Stop Stressin This Maaan 😔😔 All I Can Say Is Watch Over Us We All Miss And Love You Dearly #RestInParadise 💔🕊 Can’t Wait Until I Can Finally See You Again I Love You 💙 Everybody Knows Blood Couldn’t Make Us Any Closer You Meant Everything To Me Always Had My Back When I Was Doin Something Bad You Was There To Get Me Right And Now I Can’t Ever Talk To You Ever Again God Took You Away From Us And Left Us Heart Broken But We Gone Try To Keep Our Heads Up As Long As We Can I Just Miss My Sister Like Af’ I Couldn’t Believe It Now It’s Like I’m Lookin At My Phone Waiting On Ah Txt Or Ft Call From You That I Will Never Ever Get And It’s Killin Me 💔💔 I Can’t Believe You Gone Maan We Was Just On Ft Laughing And Talkin Bout Life And Now Yours Gone Iddk What To Do Now You Was The Best Sister Anyone Could Ever Ask For Just Keep Ya Eyes On Us BabyGirl 💙 #LLR 👼🏽💔 My Heart Is Broken Into Million Of Pieces Now And Idddk How Ima Fix It 😭💔 I Can’t Even Think Right Cause I Can Never Talk To My Sister Again I Stayed Up All Night Thinkin Bout You I Couldn’t Even Sleep You The Only Thing On My Mind Rn I’m Hurtin Badly Why He Couldn’t Have Taken Me Instead Of You ??? I Keep Sayin This Over And Over 💔💔 I Love You Rozavier 💙💙 You’re In Heaven You Don’t Have To Hurt Anymore ‼️💔

Your music will live forever ❤️ #avicii #timbergling #restinparadise

16 years ago today 🙏🏾🙏🏾 #restinparadise LISA “LEFT EYE” LOPES ! #TLC one of the dopest groups ever & female groups on 🔝of that 🎬 we all new most of the songs, even the ones when they bad mouth guys haha #happywednesday thank u for all your support #friendlyfireradio

I hope that next time they wake me up, it's all just a bad dream. #restinparadise AVICII
Tattoo by @felixaaugustsson

In rememberance of @exo.vader 😪🙏☝️ any car/truck club in az is invited.. all proceeds will go to his family.. come down look around and have some fun!

#azmeetsandevents #inremembranceofdan #ripdan #vaderliveson #restinparadise

Happy birthday to one of the most amazing women I was truly blessed with & lucky enough to call my nana ❣🎂💜 I miss you every single day my nanni but I know you are never far from me & your always there watching over me. Every day I think of you; especially now getting ready for my daughter to arrive. Whenever I feel her kicking or moving around like crazy i always wonder what you would've said if you could've been here to feel those things with me. I feel like in some way you can even now ♡ thank you for being the most amazing nana anyone could ever hope to have. Thank you for guiding my wonderful husband in my path & allowing me to let him into my life. I wish you could've met him. I know you would've loved his heart & who he is as a person. I love you mi corazon. Happy birthday! I know your celebrating with my Tata and your sister up there ❣🎂💜😍💌
#happybirthday #mynanni #nanaswhetta #loveheralways #missherterribly #restinparadise #partyintheheavens #nanasgirl

I miss her so much🌺#restinparadise #rip

I remember getting Sage ready for school... he was 7 and we were almost out the door when Ruby's water broke. I decided we weren't going anywhere. Sage would get an education at home watching puppies being born. Little was born first and mysteriously she stopped growing after about 6 weeks. She was "little"...perfectly porportioned...perfectly healthy...just tiny!!! It caused her to be bullied, so we put a parakeet cage on the floor, with a towel in it and built her a ramp out of popsicle sticks. She was the only one small enough to fit through the door, so she would run in there to get away but then turn right back around and snap back...such a tease 😂 & fiesty!! She hated dogs, cats, babies, people eating potatoe chips, people in general, horses, Marley, keys rattling, Paul coming home after work, Aryan talking... you name it...it would set her off. She was particularly attached to me and me alone & would not stop barking at me until I picked her up...lapdog isn't even the word. #tumor ..more like it
She was always ready "to go" somewhere..anywhere...she played in the snow and sailed the Keys... (One time she went free sailing...alone when the anchor broke loose and we had to chase my boat down).. she went to many restaurants and happy hours other dogs aren't allowed to go (#karma)..due to her size. She was special from day one...had a happy adventurous life full of love... that sadly came to an end last week. Im heart broken but she is resting peacefully thanks to my sweet boyfriend who took care of Little (and me) and made her this perfect little resting spot on our property in the forest 🌲🌲🐹
#Little #Tweetybird #Tweets #babygirl #togetherforever #love #life #traveler #stowaway #snowbunny #sassy #sailor #Floridagirl #⚓ #RestInParadise

Look at the fuckn smile on my fase!! #pizzagang #fulltimesoldiers #fts #independentkash #ik #BD #dsane #byrdie #jdub #blood #bloodgang #bloodmusik #damu #lifeisbeautiful #restinparadise #benaffleck now yall look money hungry, n thats good, anybody tells u moneyes the root of all evil, doesnt fuckn have any!!!!! Look at the fuckn smile on my face!!! Ear to ear baby!!

Because 14 Years Ago All Of Our Lives Changed When God Called you Up To Heaven And Left Us This Empty Hole In Our Hearts 💔We Still Miss You Like Crazy and Remember You As It Was Only Yesterday. #MyNiece #BabyGirl #RestInParadise #GoneToSoon #OurLivesAreNotTheSame Bitter Sweet Birthday To Her Daddy! #MyBrotherInLaw

An extremely early visit with my dad this chilly April morning 🌫💨🌥
you know what sucks the most? The shit doesn’t even get easier and it’s been over 15 years!! Tolerable but not easier. Grief is something that I’ve struggled with tremendously and has left me stunted for not dealing appropriately... my dads death, a boyfriend I would’ve married extremely unexpected passing, friends, family... my one word of advice is avoid things that make you forget how painful losing a parent or a loved one is!! 😢😢#gothroughtheprocess
#dads in heaven #hugyourdadtoday #restinparadise #gonebutneverforgotten ever!

16 years ago today #RestInParadise #LeftEye

16 years ago today #RestInParadise #LeftEye

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