#TBT I missed my father’s G day in heaven 😔 🤦🏾‍♀️ I’ve been so busy . Happy 2nd Rab-O Slab-O 😇👑 We miss y’all . So very much!! It’s not a day that goes by that we don’t talk about Rab or Fuzzy. Their wisdom still applies to this day. They made US proud & taught us a lot . It’s nothing like good energy that motivates you to want to be a better person . They had it!!!! They shared knowledge & wisdom , whenever they could. Their drive & determination encouraged us!! We had the opportunity to learn life lessons as kids & had NO CLUE , until you’re ACTUALLY faced with the actual LIFE lesson as adults . I’m thankful for that . I ONLY want to apply ALL of the great that I’ve learned. I’m certain he & Fuzzy are smiling down 🤞🏾 I’m so grateful for Everything that they’ve instilled in us . This is him , his siblings & me , my siblings, cousins , nieces & nephew. I’m grateful Keenan gave us the opportunity to create this photo. I can’t wait to recreate the original with my cousins , siblings , nieces, nephews , & family. LA we’re coming!! Who’s going with us? #resteasyfam #purpose #process #legacy #generations 🤞🏾#imdifferent #moneycantbuyit

Wow.....definitely wasn't praying for this outcome. ... R.I.P to you bro. You definitely didn't deserve this. One of the coolest laid back dudes at school I knew. Praying for your family in these trying times.

Shabbat is a time for us to reconnect with Yahuah. It's a time for us to learn more about the Abba and his personality. Put your focus solely on him. Allow him to give you rest from all the hard work you've done during the week. Remember to give thanks and recognition to all the wonders he’s done. Let him know that he is loved by you, for he desires a relationship with you :) #shabbatshalum #yahuah #yahusha #thankyahforrest #resteasyfam

Happy Birthday lil bruh @rp_moe!! 🎉🎉 #RestEasyFam #TriedToCallYouToHoopTheOtherDay 😢

They tryna count me out,
I’m just counting my blessings🦋
#resteasyfam 💔

Mannnnnn 😢😢😢😢 I'M GOING TO MISS YOU

I’m from the NawfSide to be exact. 💯💯💯 #LLLL #RestEasyFam #601 #JackTown

Miss you Mig/ Payton/ Big Cousin. 2 years ago you left us for a better place. 💔 #goneNeverForgotten #restEasyFam @migsz1 @migz100

you Didn’t deserve To Go out the way you did. You Had SOOOO MUCH To live For Smfh 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️💔 #LinkInBio #LLG5🤚🏾 #FlyHigh5 #RestEasyFam

Although its not a happy birthday and my heart breaking in a million pieces all over again because your not here to celebrate with me i'll take u with me through out the days through out the years u will always be in my heart.. ITS STILL OUR DAY BRO #resteasyfam #gonetoosoon #alwayinmyheart #onelove

Hey Handsome ❤️ My Heart Is Heavy I Can't Stop Crying Blood Pressure Up 🤦😭 Cousin I Miss You And Is Really Loss For Words The Phone I Got All I Could Do Was Shed Tears ... You Real OG By Nature 💯 God Called You Home So More Stressing I Pray For Aunt Lisa Cause You Her Baby 😟 DTon I Love You Cousin 🤞❤️ & It Ain't Gonna Change #RestEasyFam #GasWayOrNoWay

Because of him...
When I was 8 years old, I said when I grow up I'm gonna name my first son Kris!(Whoooa! Tearing up!!)🙊😪😢🙈💔And I did!😊🤗Even though I was the youngest (and a girl) he never treated me different. I could always hang with Chris even when my own brothers and their friend's didn't want their little sister in the way.😌💕
#RestEasyFam We got your mom💯✊🏽✌🏽💋🙏🏽
This picture doesn't do him justice at all, it looks nothing like him!🙄He's not even that dark!

Had my Dawg on my mind heavy today, stop by to pay him & his mom dukes a visit #restEasyFam KDC 4ever

Let's see what this is about. #BakerMobb #bkrmbb👑 #RestEasyFam #💯

God gives rest. On all sides. What you stay up late at night for, God knows. And what matters to you, matters to God. #RestEasyFam #Artbreaks2018
Letting out sighs through art. 📍

Dam bro bro shit crazy #Resteasyfam 💯💪🏾👏🏿😢

Enjoying the moment and living everyday like it my last #resteasyfam 😭💔

Happy Bornday homie 😔 we miss u everyday & pray your fam & especially mom find peace & Strengeth in weak moments like today to get them through the darkness. Billy should’ve paid u a lil visit this am, Luv ya & miss u Tony 🕯💐 #GoneButNeverForgotten #ForeverInOurHearts #RestEasyFam

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