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#NC THIS FIGHT AIN'T OVA!!! #RepealAmendmentOne

Rage against amendment one! #RepealAmendmentOne

C'mon, NC - get your s*** together!!! #RepealAmendmentOne #change.org

President @BarackObama announces his support of same-sex marriage just as North Carolina passes a constitutional amendment BANNING IT! If you follow me on twitter (@BRANDONHILTON) or "LIKE" me on Facebook (fb.com/BrandonHilton) then you know I've adamantly fought #AmendmentOne and am 150% FOR #equality! the loss in North Carolina last night was QUITE disheartening but it only inspires me to push further in the fight! I commend Obama on his words but at this point we need ACTIONS! please JOIN ME in the fight to #RepealAmendmentOne and gain EQUALITY for all human beings! It isn't equal if it's sometimes!!

I am so incredibly saddened by the vote in my home state of NC. A simple 5 minute read of what you were really voting for is all it took. So sad for those this affects! #repealamendmentone

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