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Loving this new @renpure Leave in Conditioner! It left my hair so soft and moisturized ☺️ Did anyone try this out yet? #renpure

G O O D H A I R D A Y 💕 calls for a shameless selfie! Freshly nourished my curls with @renpure coconut cream conditioner. People ask me ALL the time what I use in my hair. Products with nutrient rich coconut oil are my FAVORITE. And I do my best to use products that are free of parabens, sulfates and other unnecessary chemicals (that usually dry out my hair). My highlights are a gift from spending time in the sun and ocean!! #Renpure is the truth! #HappyCurls #curlygirl

S P R I N G 🌱🌿💐 | can't believe winter is officially over! BUT welcome spring wardrobe!! Head over to my blog for details on this dress & my new hair product! Link in bio! ☝🏼#stylewe#ootd #chiconthego #renpure

#targetdoesitagain got me with the bogo finds. #renpure

Everyone has been asking?  How are your curls so defined?  What products do you use? How is your hair so shiny? Etc. Well here are the answers to your questions. #RENPURE These are staple products of mine. I actually style my hair in the shower.  Styling on soaking wet hair works great for me.

First, I co-wash with the cleansing conditioner and rinse out. 
Second, I finger rake the leave-in conditioner into my hair.  This method helps with clumping my curls along with detangling.
Third, I finger rake the styling gel in my hair while styling my hair in the direction I want it to go.
Fourth, I apply Jojoba Oil to seal in moisture.

After I shower.. I either diffuse or let my hair air dry. Hope that helped my natural sistas! *kisses

I found these guys at TJ Maxx for 6.99 😱 I love finding good products for cheap 👍👌 the leave in smells like crushed coconuts 🌴 and the styling gel smell like aloe vera 🌱 #renpure

Happy national bring your dog to work day! #renpure #puppylove🐶 #nationalbringyourdogtoworkday #petunia

When that Ren Pure hits your hair 💁🏻 #curlyhairdontcare #renpure #coconut #amazing

Trying somwthing new I bought the shampoo and conditioner by @renpure. Just washed my hair and the conditioner feels silky! Results later. #Naturalhair #renpure


Now as a hairstylist, we always were taught to suggest items that we sell in the salons you work in because professional products are better and plus you get commission on those items. But sometimes, you just gotta keep it 💯 and let your clients know that there are good products at the drugstore. One of my favorite products to recommend is the @renpure #arganoil #shampoo #conditioner it helps with frizz, dry ends, split ends, damage due to over styling with heat tools, weather drying the hair out, or over processing your hair with color. I let my niece try this out while she went away to college and she LOVED it!!! She said it's the best thing I've ever given her to try out. @sierrahsoto2 swears by it!! It works great for Guys & Ladies!!! So be sure to try it out and see what you feel after, your hair will thank you afterwards. Xoxo-Gilbert #makeupblogger #texasmakeupartist #skincare #cosmetology #cosmetologist #hairstylist #renpure #arganoil #menshair #womenshair #kidshair #haircare #drugstorefinds #beauty #beautyguru #beautygram #beautyblogger #hairstylistsecrets

These are some of my Vegetarian + cruelty free + paraben free + phthalates hair products I love.
I love @albabotanica products! These shampoos are really good & leave my hair feeling good & healthy. My hair doesn't shred as much, I truly believe all these shampoos make the red in my hair stay longer, there's no harsh chemicals, they don't test on animals, and I could go on & on. :) The @renpure set 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌💖💖💖 (I need to repurchase) I love smothering my hair with the Argan Oil Conditioner ❣ The @haskhair shampoos leave my hair soft & smell so good. I just love using these 2 on my hair as well (I need to buy the bigger bottles now) These are good companies with good purposes that make good products 💕
#hair #hairproducts #crueltyfree #parabenfree #vegetarian #renpure #albabotanica #hask #haskhair #neverturningback #hairlove #💆 #💇

Even when I'm feeling sick I still like to wash my hair...it actually makes me feel better. I'm really liking this cleansing conditioner I got at Walmart. You're supposed to use it in place of shampoo. The results are different than I'm used to but that's not always a bad thing 😊 I don't have near the frizz I would normally have. Plus, it's so smooth I didn't even need to use a flat iron. I think I like it. It was only $6.98. #renpure #haircare #cleansingconditioner #walmart #inexpensive #fashionblogger

Happy national bring your dog to work day! #renpure #puppylove🐶 #nationalbringyourdogtoworkday #petunia

Enjoy some fun in the sun this weekend with some bright and bouncy curls with a delicious Pineapple Martini. Check-out the link in our bio for the awesome home-made recipe.

Featured Products: Viva Curl Whipped Coconut Creme Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner (Available exclusively at #CVS )

#pineapple #summertime #tropical #recipe #vibes #martini #diy #weekendfun #fun #hair #healthy #renpure

Went through and separated all of the finger coils and picked the roots this morning. #bighair #curlyhair #naturalcurls #fingercoils #curls #curlsfordays #curlygirl #shaemoisture #renpure #briogeo #coconutoil

What is your favorite hair care combo? We are taking the moisture to the next level with this hydrating combo of Renpure and @artnaturals.

Featured Products: Coconut Milk Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner (available at #Target and #Walgreens)
#curls #girlswiththecurls #moisture #coconut #milk #hydration #washday #shinyhair #haircare #renpure

The things @renpure does to my hair 😍! That's the ONLY product I have in my hair. I washed with the coconut water shampoo and conditioner and then styled with their créme curling jelly styling gel ❤️! I need to trim my bangs soon 🤔🤔..

#curlsoncurls #curlsfordays #mynaturalhairisdope #mygoldenrizoss #curlyafro #kinkycurly #kinkycurls #curls #curlygirl #curlyhair #renpure

My curls were not very cooperative this weekend and it was feeling a little dry . So I tried new combinations and new techniques to deep condition. I've always used different kinds of mousse in my hair in combination with other natural curly hair products. But I'm trying to stay away from anything that has harmful chemicals and only use the natural curly hair products.
Step-by-step for today's curls-
1. Wash with the Renpure Coconut Creme CoWash (always a fave!!) 2. Condition with Briogeo Curl Charisma (first time using it.) 3. After cold rinse and T-shirt wrap I applied the coconut oil from the root and some on the ends. And then I applied the Shae Moisture Deep Treatment Mask from halfway to the ends. I sectioned in three sections and wrapped it in little buns. I put on a satin sleep cap and went to bed.
4. In the morning I did a warm rinse followed by a cold rinse and again wrapped in a T-shirt for a little while.
5. I separated my hair into three sections applied the Shae Moisture curl & style milk to each sections. And then clipped up two of the sections while I worked on the first one.
6. Today I wanted super springy, more defined curls. I went through my whole head of hair and finger coiled creating more defined separate curls. When I was done with my whole head I flipped my head over and scrunched at the ends with a little more curl and style milk and some coconut oil. With my head flipped upside down I put on my satin sleep cap that my hair would be out of my way and protected while I continue to get dressed and do my make up.
7. So that's basically it I let it air dry which takes hours upon hours and I will leave the spiral curls in for day one and then I will sleep with a satin sleep cap tonight and tomorrow I will separate some of the curls so that I have more volume so I will post the updated picture tomorrow!! #curlyhair #curls #naturalcurls #fingercoils #curlyhairhacks #curlyhairproducts #curlyhairstyles #curlyhairdontcare #shaemoisture #briogeo #renpure #coconutoil #cowash

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