captions are too much work uh
so hi im MacKenzie and I hope y’all enjoy my account ;)

comment “scrub” letter by letter!!
VC: @slimewithlili
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If you had to color your hair, which color would you choose?
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The hell I care if this isn't healthy, I drank one bottle of sparkling soda already. Now this - I just need some comfort and this is my way of comforting myself right now.

Get some sweets when you're stressed.

me and my friends slept on the trampoline and it was cold

Tag your crush 😃 I was too busy with mine yesterday 😉 #420 #nopain #reliever #highlife #marijuana #bestproduct #positivevibration #highgrade



i have a gymnastics competition today :))

get ready for a spam

i'm o b s e s s e d w/ the color

omg 100 followers
i'm so thankful for everyone and im so happy this account didn't flop :,)

cause some of you asked for more cronch ;)

can someone hmu im bored

Dear music,thanks😋 for clearing my 😁head,healing my heart💘,and lifting my spirits😊...

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