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I sympathized with someone in the middle of our conversation, who has been insomniac in a sleepless city for nights on row. Tonight, in conversation, he said something in replacement for his dreams: “God must have enough now to change the form of our weapons; in this world, something mysteriously exchanged could be made what will never be made clearer. Everything is intricately clear cut and made of glass.”
Many can vilify that our world is not a strong architecture for what we have imagined walking through. Some can be so quiet, and some are as invisible and preciously silent about what they see the world to be. We, however, miss that perhaps it wasn’t humanity that first built our vaults from the loop and out. Our true world is shaped of something unspeakable, somewhere in the corner in the dark, from the streetlights, the roads, and the bones from which we wake, between a empty road and a busy one, we automatically pave in this anachronism, not in these hands hands to our bones, but apart away from a vantage that truly misses the shape of how we feel, when we actually fall before the world into the aether.

I usually breeze over captions but I wanted to make this one more meaningful and dedicate it to all the recent events happening. This piece is sort of a metaphor for life, illustrating the world we live in and how we are lost in the flow of things. We don't think much for ourselves and conform to what society expects. Essentially, we're all just another koi fish  aimlessly swimming in the pond. This needs to change and we need to gain a new sense of normalcy. I believe that we should talk about topics that will bring us out of this close-minded bubble. We should start with mental health.

It truly puzzles me that mental health has become silenced into a stigma when instead this should be a topic that we feel comfortable actively discussing with each other. We have all been programmed to have this mindset that it's somehow not acceptable or okay to voice our opinions. What's wrong with trying to become more informed, wanting to grow, helping each other, and being brought closer together? I really don't understand it.

I feel like everybody should have the right to live their life how they want. If you do want to talk about it, great. If you don't, fine. But nobody should feel scared or guilty for being themselves. Nowadays, it's hard to find people who are truly themselves and even harder for some to express themselves. But those who find the strength to speak up for who they are are the strongest. Know that by having this courage to talk to someone and getting the help you deserve, you are anything but weak. You're unfiltered. You carry this strength that is undeniable. You are one in a million. And you deserve to be here because you are what this world needs. We need more people like you. The kind who asks questions. The kind who are comfortable in their skin. The kind who aren't afraid to speak their minds.

So remember this. You don't need permission or anybody's validation to be happy. Only you can determine this. Know that whatever makes you 100% you is more than enough. If we all had this mindset, we'd be living in a world where we don't have to sacrifice ourselves and break others down to bring ourselves up.

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