Counting the days... I have to wait two more weeks before I can go lifting. But on next Friday I can go running 💪💪💪so not so many days left. I've been lucky. It's been warmest May since I can remember. It has helped a lot. #recovering #runner #igrunners #instarunners #worldrunners #runnermom #powerlifting #girlswholift #powerliftingwomen #instafitness #fitnessmotivation #fitfamily #fitat40 #training #strenghttraining

Connection is the opposite to addiction, you always hear that floating around drug support groups, but what does that really mean?

I believe its more then a connection back into society that a lot of these groups emphasise on. The major connection to breaking through addiction is connection to self. Connecting to who you truly are not what society tells you who you should be but who you truly want to be.
Connection starts within yourself, it's about truly being aware of who you are as a person and also being in touch with what you are feeling in any given moment, it's about knowing who you are and facing the emotions and feelings that you feel as all emotions are valid.
The reason why we feel what we feel is because its a way that our soul talks to us, it's form of communication, its our soul and body is communicating with us on a level we need to understand. And once we understand how to communicate back with these emotions and feelings, it will flow back and forth like a great conversation had with someone on your level.
We have been ignoring and interrupting this line for so long with drugs. The drugs and addiction intercept the communication and disconnect us from what our soul is trying to tell us. This then becomes a distorted fuzzy line of communication which then leads to disconnect.

In order to get back on track and be where we want to be, is to face our fears, our demons, our darkness and also communicate with them so that we are fully connected knowing where these messages and signals are coming from, so that we know what needs healing and how. Avoiding these emotions is the same pattern we used when taking drugs so it's time to face these and become aware.

Connection is within you, the more connected we are the more we are aware, and the more we are aware ,the better we are at communicating and expressing within ourselves.
When we are connected we know exactly what we need to do in order to get to where we need to be, it's about trusting and following your soul. Once you are truly connected you can never go wrong or self destruct in a way that makes your world dark.

100% Relevant 🙄
The only thing that brings me comfort when I think back to the people I rolled around naked with, the squallers I lived in and the way I treated myself + those that I loved... is the fact that from the age of 15, I was perpetually drunk 😩
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An orange, blackberries, and mixed raw nuts for snack tonight 😋🍊🥜🌰 Having a really peaceful night and just trying to sit with myself and my life and accept it and live in the moment. I’m looking to my younger self to live more deliberately with fewer rules and it feels so foreign and strange, but it’s freeing. Kids REALLY have things figured out in terms of enjoying life and not letting irrelevant things hold them back and that’s such a huge goal of mine.
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Sunday mood 😴
#recovering #sleptallday

My happy place 🙌🏼 Today I woke up very sick and I am currently spending my whole day next to the toilet seat 😖 It’s a Monday and it sucks because I usually like to kickstart my week with a killer workout but that ain’t gonna happen 🙄 Instead I’ll use this feeling I have right now as motivation to smash it when I’m feeling better but for now I need to listen to my body and rest up 😴 sleep and lots of water! Hope everyone else is smashing their goals today 🙌🏼💕

As we turn the corner into a new week, take some time to reflect on your core values and think of one thing you might be able to do today or throughout the week that aligns with one of these values.
We’d love to hear how you plan to get more aligned with your values this week so please feel free to leave a comment below and/or tag a friend to help keep you accountable 💪🏼😊

You can still see Mac’s hospital haircut on his arm and his little chicken leg. The hair is growing back slowly but surely. And his knee is getting stronger every day. These days, we go for little walks and then sit in the grass so Mac can enjoy the breeze, smell the spring air and watch the world go by. I love my Schmoops. #huskylover #ttasurgery #recovering

Monday morning > weights+running: best way to start the week! I've been able to resume the running as the knee injury is no longer hurting! 🤘💪🏋 #monday #kickstarter #gym #fitness #weights #running #training #recovering #muaythai #strenghtandconditioning #juststrong

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