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In Hawaii and across the country, hard-working Americans with full-time minimum wage jobs and are struggling just to get by. The Federal minimum wage has stagnated over the last 10 years, as inflation has increased, cost of living has gone up, and top earners incomes have risen. I joined Senator Bernie Sanders and Democratic leaders from the House and Senate today as we introduced the Raise the Wage Act - legislation that would raise the Federal minimum wage to $15 by 2024, giving 41 million low-wage workers a raise. Join us in calling on Congress to stand up for working people and pass the #RaisetheWage Act! Join us in the #Fightfor15

Cities across LA County are leading the nation in raising the minimum wage to ensure that no one who works full time has to live in poverty. #RaisetheWage #RaisetheWageLA #TeamWorkMakesTheDreamWork

Don't let liberal politicos fool you. #RaiseTheWage is bad for the consumers and small businesses. #MinimumWage

This is who we fight for.

#raisethewage #fightfor15

Was proud to stand with this incredible group today, workers, advocates, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters who came together and will continue to fight with us until we make a $15 minimum wage a reality in this country. #fightfor15 #raisethewage

Thank you Andy Madtes @southflaaflcio @afscme.florida for inviting to me to your fun Labor Day barbecue! #raisethewage

Can we talk about LABOR this #laborday ??!! #raisethewage #fightfor15

#unity // take care of your people // take care of your customers // we're in this together 👊 #RaiseTheWage #FightFor15 #labordayweekend

@andpizza the bar daily 👌🏾#raisethewage #fightfor15


Workers and the economy need a raise. #livingwage #fairwages #raisethewage #economy #wages #fightfor15

“I’ve spent my career working to expand opportunity for all people, and I’m excited to continue that work with my colleagues on the Access to Jobs Task Force. Small businesses are the driving force of our economy, and it’s critical that we work to ensure that all people have the resources, education, and training they need to build thriving businesses of their own or to secure good paying jobs in an increasingly global and competitive economy. I’m confident that the task force will produce meaningful, well-developed policy goals to ensure that Delawareans and Americans alike have the tools they need to reach their full potential.” — @rep.lisabluntrochester on #JobsForAmerica

Hundreds of healthcare workers from across PA are coming together for our Leadership Assembly with @seiuhcpa to build our movement for healthcare justice! #Fightfor15 #ProtectOurCare #RaiseTheWage #15andaunion #CareNotChaos

Some #statistics for all you claiming Millennials & others voting for #raisethewage & #tuitionfreeeducation are just
lazy kids who only want #freestuff & a pony 🙄#theydidthemath #istandwithmillenials

CLUW sisters took to the streets in solidarity with ROC (Restaurant Opportunities Centers) United to tell Michigan to establish One Fair Wage. There are more than 12 million restaurant workers in the U.S., with 70% of them being women. Forty percent of those women are single mothers, and they're making on average of only $9 an hour...WITH tips.

This is one of the many reasons why this fight is our fight.
#raisethewage #union #1u #labor #solidarity #michigan #detroit #fightfor15 #work #workers #restaurants #business #rally #politics #women #feminism

Whenever I say I want to raise the minimum wage to pull people out of poverty and lower social safety net costs, people ask the same questions: What about job loss? What about inflation?
People still ask those questions even though they’ve been answered hundreds of times. Ten years ago, the last time Pennsylvania raised its minimum wage, the law required a Minimum Wage Advisory Board to assess the impact of the increase on the state’s economy. The answer was there was no measurable impact other than the largest reduction in poverty in a quarter century. The board has now done ten reports. You can read them by checking the link in my bio. #raisethewage

Even after Clinton continues to insult Bernie in her new book, Sanders takes the high road and keeps his eye on what matters. #Medicare4All #Sanders2020 #Bernie #FightFor15 #RaiseTheWage

What's wrong with this picture?

➡️On #LaborDay, let's recognize union contributions and support policies that benefit workers, like #paidleave #paidsickdays #raisethewage. ✊🏽✊🏼✊🏾I'm grateful for weekends, pay equity, occupational safety standards, and all that the labor movement has won in the past & I look forward to advocating for fair economic policy in the future! http://www.epi.org/publication/briefingpapers_bp143/
📍Annapolis/Baltimore/Rockville 2017

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