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Attorneys, doctors, police officers, journalists, engineers, firemen, business owners, and even a college president were among the Raider Alumni we were lucky enough to have on campus today for our annual Career and Life Skills Day for juniors and seniors. We love when our Alumni come back, especially when they return to advise our current Raiders about the future! #RaiderAlumni

For those of you who don’t know, my mom had the unique opportunity to personally award my degree on graduation. It was an amazing experience for both of us. She has always been there for me and encouraged me to find my own way. Thanks for everything Mom! #raideralumni #wrightstate #wsu #mom

Today was finally the day! I have achieved a long standing goal of mine to graduate with a BS in mechanical engineering. I have been blessed to remain debt free and have the unconditional support of numerous friends and family as I endeavored on this journey. Big things coming. Stay tuned. #graduation #wsu #wrightstate #raideralumni

1.5 years ago I was in the biggest depression of my life and going through some extremely hard times, because of this I walked at my college graduation but was not actually done with school.
It took me so long to recover from that time in my life and I truly never thought I would finish school, that is until I got pregnant.
My little Maddox became my sole purpose for everything and I knew I needed to finish for him and for me. So I made it my goal and I worked my booty off this Fall to finish my last couple classes, even having my little man in the midst of it all.
And well, tonight I can finally, finally, FINALLY, after finishing my last exam ever at 8:40pm, say that I am a true college graduate! This is one of the greatest feelings I have ever felt in my life and I owe it all to my little dude for giving me that drive and for bringing me back to life.
You all have no idea how long I have waited to post this picture! Seriously, nothing but infinite smiles tonight and now to celebrate with a nice cold Guiness and watching Elf with my little fam. Life is so good!!! 😬🎓🎊✌🏽👩🏻‍🎓❤️
#freakingfertig #sougraduate #forrealthistime #raideralumni #holla

Me and my baby after his concert. Two generations of Raiders! 😜🎉 #memorialraiders #christmasconcert #raideralumni #whatsaraider #bowtieswag

🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 @richie_savage 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 #worldchamp #raideralumni #scarletknight

I’ll miss my brothers on the field but, it’s time for the next step. #raideralumni


As we leave the Raider campus today for the Thanksgiving holiday break, we are grateful for many things: our Raiders, future Raiders, their families, our Raider faculty and staff, and our Raider Alumni- especially a Raider Alumnus like Andres (Chico) Gonzales ‘98.

Chico, a New Orleans Police Officer, was shot in the line of duty, and now has quadriplegia. Chico needs a special device to paint since he no longer has functional use of his hands. He donated this set of two beautifully decorated canvases to the Mother & Son Mass/Luncheon Committee for the Parade of Prizes Raffle. This year's winner was Raider Senior, Dwan Trufant.

Thank you, Chico, for your donation and reminder of what it truly means to be a part of our Raider Family! #RaiderAlumni

It’s funny how it’s much colder watching than playing.. #gettingold #RaiderAlumni

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