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Hi Tec Boots on like it’s 1992 #LoveIsLove #RipVoodooRay

Even now Voodoo is still fuckin with me & T @datzcutegurl. Every time we went back our candles were the only ones that would blow out. After the 3rd time we were die laughing and thought let’s just leave it cuz he probably over us crying and lighting the freakin candle. He’s like go comfort my sister already and stop crying.
I’m not ready to share what he meant to me. My emotions are going in circles. 1 min I’m crying hysterical the next minute I’m die laughing cuz voodoo is so fuckin stupid. I’m gonna miss my brother so much
#voodooray #RIPVoodooray #WeLoveVoodooray #loveislove

#RIPVoodooRay 🙏🙏🙏 // full article link in @globalspin365 bio 😔

I still can’t believe what happened... This is not real...😢 He made me laugh and happy all the time. He took care of me even I couldn’t speak in English very well. I was glad to meet you in my life and appreciated you so much. I will never forget you😢 I love you Voodooray🌹🌹 @mrvoodooray
#Voodooray #RIPvoodooray

Putting up that “V” for @mrvoodooray we did it up for you man🙏🏾 my brother @toddinconline hit em wit the GQ! @ajcalloway @eddiemobeatnecks #sayhisname #ripvoodooray

Yoooooooooooo! The girls SMASHED!! The culture! #ripvoodooray #ripprodigy

I was saving this post for your Birthday next year.... Rest In Peace @mrvoodooray #voodoray #NYC won’t be the same without you . #ripvoodooray
Love you forever.

I can’t believe you’re gone Ray! We always had a blast thankful for the years of memories, especially in Miami last two years, was looking forward to this year... Damn, this hurts. #RipVoodooRay #VoodooRay #RIP #DAMN 💔😔

New Bio Link is live + a video clip from our homie @mrvoodooray ; feel free to read my words below 😓🙏🏾✨ | So while on road, I got the sad news that a soul brother, dancing and nightlife legend and just all around good dude Voodoo Ray passed away. I was in shock, and as I clicked on the #RIPVoodooRay hashtags and saw the variety of posts from friends far and wide, I felt the need to find a way to send my kind words up as well. His passing hits home for me, Ray and I were similar in a variety of ways. He was a local uptown kid, repping Harlem myself The Bronx. He was an energetic dancer & host that gave life to a party everywhere he went, and he was a genuinely good dude that was beloved by many across the world. Someone stated to me the other evening that they were proud of my achievements in still navigating this social landscape and being a fixture of events, people, experiences that bring value to so many for over 10 years. Ray was giving that light for over 20 years and was still going even up to his last days. I don't know if I will achieve the same greatness over the next few years and chapters of my life, but I'm thankful to have met a homie like Ray who maintained a foundation of being a talented, amazing and genuine person no matter who he met, what he was doing or where he was going. That is the part of his spirit that I will embrace and live for the most, as he did for me and so many others in this world. #RIPVoodooRay. | Link is live for some things to do, Ray would want is to keep the culture and the movements he was essential in creating going • #yourchoxolateboywonder


Tuned into this @djtonytouch House music mix on mixcloud, Tribute for our brother #ripvoodooray

**COMING 2018**
I've Been Working In The Lab Putting Together New Music For This Debut EP. Next Year Will Be The Year ... Many Thanks to ALL The DJ's , Producers, Musicians & House Heads that have Critiqued, Played & Danced to my productions. Blessings & Love Universal ...
#SKYE2000 #djjunerodriguez #producer #housemusic #artist #philadelphia #nyc #livetruedancefree #funkboxnyc #ripvoodooray

Dope! @Regrann from @idstroy - Finding Excuses not to do something can come easy. Doing what you love, should be easier. #venezuela #bboy salute @bboyworld on the video and @djjustakid on the music. The #hiphop I listen to, isn't on the radio. The culture i come from, isn't on tv. #dance #ripvoodooray #mondaymotivation

Finding Excuses not to do something can come easy. Doing what you love, should be easier. #venezuela #bboy salute @bboyworld on the video and @drugs_beats on the music. The #hiphop I listen to, isn't on the radio. The culture i come from, isn't on tv. #dance #ripvoodooray #mondaymotivation

Performed lastnight at @choreographers_carnival NYC, grateful to be able to represent Brickhouse with my GenX fam 🔥❌❤️ #ripvoodooray #nyc #dance

@Regranned from @freedomsoundnyc - from @hardhittinharry - #NOWPLAYING (LINK IN BIO) #BRANDNEWMIX #TributetoVoodooRay - FUNKBOXNYC MIX - PART 2 🙏🏿❤️ It’s still surreal that we lost you my brother. All of our hearts ache that you are gone from this planet. However your amazing legacy lives on through your child, your family, and your worldwide family of dancers, DJs, artists and creatives. This is the SECOND installment of music to make your move your body and soul. This is for my dancers in honor of the beautiful memory of @mrvoodooray...my brother and friend. Rest In Peace. #voodooray #voodoorayrip #ripvoodooray #voodoorayforever
https://www.mixcloud.com/HardHittinHarry/tribute-to-voodoo-ray-rip-funkbox-mix-part-2-dj-hard-hittin-harry-11-7-17/ - #regrann

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