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R.I.P CEDRIC😢😭 i remember in the 10th grade when I find out your birthday ♐was in December and I keep telling u we are both sagittarius 😀❤💞and when i sit in the back and we played fun run together😝✊and how u always tell me to play that game cuz u hate that class👏💖💞😭.....man i am going to miss u #ripcedric #gonebutforevermissed #longliveced

My little brother left for the air force just now & he cried like a baby lol 😩😩😩😩 you'll become a man soon bro. 18 years old and I can't wait for him to enjoy his life! Cedric will be proud #ripCedric

This little pupper had to go up to doggy heaven this morning. I'm sure they'll be plenty of butts to sniff and windows to jump out of. Thanks for making my childhood so dope Cedric. Love ya ❤ #ripcedric

We went from elementary to junior high to high school.. My brotha from anotha.. It hurts to say R.I.P.. I'm gonna miss you bro.. Keep smiling as you watch over us.. My nigga Ced..
#GardenaRaisedUs #RestInPeaceCed .. #RIPCedric

freshest, cleanest prom squad around 🔥💰👌#ripcedric

#ripcedric pennetratie, ijskast, sorry voor alles. 😭😢@hannes.neels @catovandepoel

Cya later goose #ripcedric


We recently read a very convincing theory that Hufflepuff is the stoner house (Huff le Puff, whose common room is next to the kitchens and headed by Madam Sprout who is great with plants) and when you apply this to Cedric Diggory, it just makes sense; he's so quiet and chill even when fighting dragons and dipping his egg in water. Any decent stoner needs chill garms, and Robert Geller Ss17 has delivered. The loose fit is killer and the shades are perfect for hiding red-eye. Ced might be the only guy in Hogwarts cool enough to pull of Leopard, too, or with enough imagination. Maybe he's just low-key addicted to Felix Felicis, so all his endeavours succeed and every outfit slays, until it wore off in the triwizard maze. 💀. #RIPcedric

#tbt Harry Potter Studios where I saw the greatest Hufflepuff's uniform #ripcedric #hufflepufffind #harryandcedric #vape #pigfartsisreal

We are prepared for war, but not every battle can be won. Today for my brother #RipCedric I rocked his #21 with pride. Miss you bro #JetGang #FlyingHigh

Vous aimez bien Cédric ?
Perso : un peu... 😉

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