Угараю с этого момента😂😂😂🤦крадется как вор😂
неделю будет АбхиГья! Как вам такая идея🙄?

مولي عرفت انو ناندينى ماتت
حلقة حزينة بكيت مع مولي كيف تحبها
رغم كل شي الموت صعب 😭😭😭
ومسلسل ماراح ينتهى ابتداء من تاريخ 26 راح يعرض
فقط على تطبيق voot لانو شعبيته كبيرة على النت ومحقق ارباح
كبيرة لتطبيق أما مسلسل بلا ملجأ الشركة لس ماقررت تقبل ا.و ترفض
خاصة اغلب ممثلين رفضوا
رايكم ؟؟؟ #silsilabadalterishtonka

This picture looks all cute and full of smiles, don’t let that fool you. I was in this EXACT moment telling my cousin with a huge smile, “Do you have the keys to the escalade? I need you to start the car, we need to take off!” Nope.. this moment wasn’t a cold feet sort of moment, it was me nervous as hell to start a new, making my fiancé “my person” leaving my family behind, leaving my dogs behind, being responsible for me and another person, I wasn’t afraid of calling the guy next to me my husband, because I knew this guy I am marrying is the right person, he is the one and he will without a doubt take great care of me. Cold feet and nervous are very different from each other, just because you are nervous doesn’t mean you are rethinking the decision, you are just scared to let someone else hold your hand and tell you that they got you! #EverOursKZ #Nerves #Anxiety #Happiness #FeelingsAllOver #Love #Marriage #Nikkah #Brother #Fiance #Husband #NewLife #IDo #QuboolHai

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