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Beautiful lazy snake
I forgive you even if you miss every goddam time, Python x'DD
I tried a different way of colouring for this one, a little close to the SOV art actually..! I'm satisfied with it, but I'm happy just to draw this good guy :') and his nice hair... I hope he looks okay! Also, have a very lovely day everyone ♡ I feel as though I don't say nice things enough to you guys, you are all so sweet to me, thank you for being the best people :') #python #fireemblem #fireemblemechoes #feechoes #watercolour #watercolours #watercolor #watercolors

My blood python eating 1 of the 2 dead rabbits i got in. Another is in the freezer.. til next week! Yes the stick and most of the substrate gets spat out in the end, every healthy snake is capable of doing that :)

This is Morelia viridis also know as Green Tree Python. They are just so stunning and beautiful 💙
Fun fact about them. The babies are born yellow, red and other diffrent colors but they will always turn green when they are grown up. Feel free to see all the picture in this post to see how they develops 💙💖 #like4like #snake #animal #cute #instagood #instamood #instagram #yellow #red #python #followme #followforfollow #follow #love #lovequotes #instago #insta #stunning #beautiful #colors #like4follow

The boys are becoming more trusting of me and are healing nicely 💓

Real or Fake? 🤔
Tag someone who is afraid of snakes 🐍
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[ n o o t r o p i c s s t a c k ]
I've been asked a lot about my nootropics stack since mentioning I had gotten into it here on IG recently so here it is. I've laid it out with the name, dose, and effects that caused me to choose it for my stack.
For the uninitiated, nootropics are cognitive enhancers, some natural supplements, some not. Meaning they aid in memory enhancement, alertness, and increased brain synapses connections among many other possibilities depending on your stack. It's what the movie Limitless was loosely based off. Now I'll start by saying I'm no Bradley Cooper in Limitless but there are certainly noticeable effects. I also want to say, I recommend taking any nootropics 5 days out of the week generally, giving your body time to reset to ensure full effect when you need it most during the work week.
Dose: 300-900mg, once in the morning
Prodrug of Modafinil, meaning it turns into Modafinil once metabolized. Modafinil is a stimulant and wakefulness-promoting agent. It has been shown to eliminate most of the cognitive side-effects of short-term sleep deprivation.
Dose: 200mg, usually with 100mg of caffeine (coffee or preworkout should meet caffeine requirement)
Increases attention and mitigates the negative aspects of caffeine such as anxiety, increased blood pressure, and diminished sleep quality, while possibly improving on the positive aspects.
Dose: 2 grams, on an empty stomach
Works to increase memory, especially in the face of stress or sleep deprivation
Dose: 30mg, taken once or split in 3 throughout the day for no more than 56 days straight.
Provides a mild cognitive boost after supplementation. Beefed up version of Piracetam.


I'm outside ... so you know I'm about to release sumn ... 🤐 #ArtificialIntelligence #MachineLearning #python #spark #scikitlearn #iSeePatterns #datascience #MikeLogic the #TechnoPath

My hatred of pre-IOT television hardware is thusly resolved with linux and cable ties.

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Джинсовый мультиколор 💙
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