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Give your sweethearts out today- be first, not last;
‘cause tomorrow is about Jesus, we pray, we fast. #impressiveyoungchurch #puttingJesusfirst #livingfaith

Oh Houston! What an incredible, powerful time it was at the Cornerstone Conference 🙌
Paul and I were so blessed to have the opportunity to pour into this amazing Church! It brings both of us such great delight to witness what God is doing in different parts of His body! The Lord released so much healing, breakthrough and freedom. It was an honor to experience God’s power with many, and to watch their hunger for God’s encounter being met. Not to mention, all the amazing relationships that were gained. Truly, a blessed and refreshing weekend from start to finish. Can’t wait to be back! #Houston #puttingjesusfirst #breakthrough #powerofgod

4 kids off to school, and I’m enjoying my first quiet morning of my Christmas break to catch up on some Advent devotions.😉🎄☕️ #ShhhhhhThereMightBeBaileysInMyCoffee #Week3OfAdvent #EnteringIntoTheSeason #PuttingJesusFirst #MyQuietPlace #EverythingIsBetterByTheChristmasTree

WHAT A NIGHT!! First Youth took over the Trampoline park and the Bowling Alley! Amazing night with even more amazing students! #FIRSTYOUTH #PuttingJesusFirst #PartyNight #LockOut

Finally getting my Advent on! Now that the painting is done, I have a nice space to reflect on #TheReasonForTheSeason #AdventInNarnia #SomethingAboutTheLightsOnTheTree #MyQuietPlace #PuttingJesusFirst

Charity’s visit, day 2. We all picked our secret “Advent Angels” last night, so Charity has some suggestions for Advent kind deeds. 💕 #OurSecretAngel #ThisIsHowWeAdvent #PuttingJesusFirst #TheReasonForTheSeason

First Sunday of Advent means the return of our Angel, Charity! #OurSecretAngel #PuttingJesusFirst #ThisIsHowWeAdvent #Hope

Super proud of these 3 students who got up and gave THEIR God story tonight! Changed a bunch of hearts tonight! God is moving in this Youth group! Powerful night!! What’s your God story? #FirstYouth #GodStory #FUMC #PuttingJesusFirst

Had all these Advent printables done up on glossy cardstock at Staples, and now we’re ready for our “Secret Angel Visiter” to bring them throughout the season! I’ll post the links below. ☺️ #MySecretAngelAndMe #AdventPreparedness #PuttingJesusFirst #ReadyYourHearts #SurprisinglyOnTheBallThisYear

So excited to do this devotional with my other half. #puttingjesusfirst ,#lovethatwilllastforever ,#happilyengagged

I’m going to be so real with you right now...🙋 I’ve been blessed with the sisters in my virtual challenge groups. I️ started coaching to help others reach their goals, feel better, boost confidence, have energy....so much more. But I️ didn’t realize I️ would be blessed by this COMMUNITY of awesome ladies!

I️ seriously look forward to every beginning of a challenge and dread the end. Why? Because I️ feel like these people are my family and I️ want to keep it going! And the truth is we can keep it going, because I’m going to be their coach, their sister for the whole year they plan to work it out!!! It’s not just about fitness. Not just about nutrition. But it’s also about support! 💪🙌 I’m already preparing for my next challenge group for later this month. I️ can’t wait to meet or see those who join in and experience joy in the journey with them!🤗 Thank you ladies for blessing me by allowing me to experience this journey with you (you know who you are).

So excited! My new book I ordered for Advent is in! Can’t wait for Advent to start! Spending the season in Narnia!!! #ExcitedForAdvent #PuttingJesusFirst #GettingReadyForTheSeason #AdventInNarnia

These. Three. 🤣Selfies. 🤣 All smiles for Jesus! 🙌😊✨Hope you have a happy Wednesday! 🙌#puttingJesusfirst #selfieforJesus #freedominJesus #freedomcotton

#puttingjesusfirst always❤

Join us in welcoming our new youth minister, Dustin Ichida! #welcome #warmwelcome #fumcyouth #fumcjonesboro #puttingjesusfirst

Happy Five Years of Wedded Bliss😍
Thank you for actually 5 years of joy, contentment, and happiness. Thank you for countless home cooked meals, loving 9 children fiercely and unquestionably, holding my hand during one terrible round of court and a pretty terrible birth. Thanks for making me laugh until I'm peeing my pants (hey don't judge you try being pregnant three times in four years!) and always being the first to wipe away any tears 💙
I love that after five years, I love you more each and every day, that I can't imagine how I loved you less the day before, but you keep surprising me and making me fall harder and harder for you 🤗
Thank you for being my rock, my mountain, the head of our home, the head of reason in my life, my sounding board and the person who hears all my craziness and insanity-and loves me anyway😂
I've loved our last five trips around the sun and can't wait for fifty more. According any and all newlywed advice we did everything wrong-but the one thing we 100% do right is put God in the center and choose each other every time. My prayer is our kids see our marriage and this is what they want for themselves today. I married someone I would be proud to see my sons become and overjoyed to see my daughters marry. 😘
I can't wait to keep choosing you.
I love you JCB. Happy anniversary. 🖤💙

On today I truly want you to stop and ask yourself- do I only pray to God when I want something? How many times have you went to God in prayer only to love on him and to appreciate him and to tell him how good he is? Or do your prayers and time spent with God consists of you always begging and crying asking him to do things for you.

If it was me and my 2 kids. I had one child that called me daily 2 times a day. Hi mom, how are you, just checking on you and telling you I love you. And I had another child called once a week, mom can I have..... which child do you think I will be most likely to give to first.
Ask yourself are you pimping God? Or do you have a constant real relationship. If you don't have one try it. Try just spending time with him, laughing with him, sharing your good times and your bad times, crying on his shoulder and allowing him to be your best friend. And what if.....a lot that you've been asking for and wanting began to happen. Fall in love with God, he's one love that will never hurt or disappoint you.
#truelove #lovinggod #god #jesus #christian #praying #prayerlife #puttingjesusfirst

Had eighteen UVF students over for dessert last night. They are fabulous. We've lived in our new home a week now. Having students in is exactly how we want to use this God-given resource. #lovetoentertain #puttingjesusfirst @uvalleyforge

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