Got challenged to try these pushups #putuporshutup #beast #legendarygainz #fitness #fitfam #motivate

In other words.. “put up or shut tf up” 👏🏽🙌🏽🔥 #talkischeap #motivation #putuporshutup #bigfacts #tr #ong

A few more jars of various varieties of pickled beets. #pickledbeets #homegrown #putuporshutup2018 #putuporshutup #organicgardener

Sup big shout out all the real ones that came thur and helped with everyrhing this weekend. Thanks @bethann_320 for riding with ya boy . @coach__miguel. @pabsttumbleweed @supa_sy @jloverdeii and donna and a few other folks that donated. @hurricanetwin3 man i take my hat off to your sir for getting everybody linked up from all over the bayarea, we did that shit!! This goes to show you anything is possible if you keep your mind on the grind!!! #teamholeintruder #connected #mylane #grindin #independent #notjustafisherman #entrepreneur #postivemovment #blessed #holeintruder #cali #dontsleeponme #anythingispossible ##teamworkmakesthedreamwork #northerncalifornia #family #networking #southbay #northbay #centralvalley #fire #wedowhatwecan #putuporshutup #socal #nocal #goldenbear

Golden Gate Bridge feat. dumpster 🌉🦍🎤 #sanfrancisco #bestcoast #bestrapperalive #goldengatebridge #putuporshutup

So what did I learn from wearing the Spider-Man suit.
I'll tell you what I learned. A lot. And Stan Lee was right. He said with great power, comes great responsibility. And it truly does.
First off, the suit is literally skin tight. So you better step the hell up. Because you are going to be naked in front of the world whether you like it or not. You're going to need help. Trust me this suit is not easy to work with. Even the littlest things may take more than one to complete. Weather it is the obvious going to the bathroom or just making sure everything's in its place. You will need more than one persons help. And for those who did.. I am truly thankful.
Also you will stand out like a sore thumb whether you're in the suit or not. Again, the Spider-Man is not just a costume. It the person underneath. It's the little one who's alone in their room and wondered, 'why is this happening?' And why did the spider pick me over all others.
And then there's a spider sense. Were you hear and see so much.
You don't even know how to process it.
Or what to do with it.
Or even who you can trust to share it with.
Everyone wants something from the Spider-Man.
His time.
His presents.
All sorts of Shit!!
Even JJ Jameson wanted his damn picture.
And Peter Parker was forced to take the picture of himself. Even when he wasn't Spidey, and just want to be himself
Again I learned a lot. I didn't just walk in a pair of shoes. I put on someone else's skin. And that person was a character in someone else's brain.
But yet they feel so real.
But I know it's real.
Because I feel it.
And if I feel it it is real.
So,if you want to walk a mile.
Get rid of the shoes.
Put on a Spidey suit and walk around in it and learn from it.
And while you're at it. Spin a few webs so it's not a waste of time.
You will never know what you may catch in one of them unless you take that chance. And sling that web. 🕷 🕸
Goodnight Heathens
#Freeit #putuporshutup #peterparkerwaspunkasfuck #Excelsior

Thank goodness I saved so many jars of food from the summer. This is a quart jar of tomatillo salsa that I’ll be cooking with pork shoulder in my stove top pressure cooker for dinner. You don’t have to grow everything yourself to save food from the summer! I purchased the tomatillos and used my garden’s and peppers. I try not to buy anything that’s not in season in the winter (except bananas, mangoes and eggs) so the foods I’ve saved from summer REALLY come in handy!
#organicfood #organicgarden #putuporshutup #putupforwinter #saveforwinter #preserving #foodpreservation #zerowaste #summertime

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