{ASK YOURSELF} What do you WANT in 2019? I ask because my 2019 INTENTION is to ASK for what I DESIRE: to know, to feel, to fully experience fulfillment. 🙏🏻
Sounds easy enough, but in actuality, it’s easier said than done. I’ve put desire on hold. I let the adrenaline fuel me: chasing my dreams, building a meaningful career, expanding my impact… and in doing so, I lost my joy in the process. I thought I found the formula for feeling full; and in reality, I felt very alone.
Don’t worry... it gets brighter. 💡 {FLASH FORWARD} One year changed my life. ☀️
I made a commitment to myself, held an unwavering belief in my talents, and focused my time + energy on my HIGHER GOAL: FULFILLMENT. How? Sign up for Playing Purposefully: 2019 to get the full story... 😊 #purpose

The #1 reason why a business will fail or succeed. The fortune is in the follow up. - #BuiltToProsper

I want YOU to win, that's why I share. So long as you have some degree of perseverance, you can easily leave competitors way behind. Success travels in the company of very hard work and perseverance. There is no trick, no easy way, or secret about it. #StayProductive

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We live in a culture steeped in traditions. Some of my favorites include New Years eve trips to a quiet, inspiring place with people that I love! It usually involves a fire ceremony. We love to burn what is no longer serving us as we step into something greater in the next year. 🔥
Christmas in New Orleans - we have a large family and it’s so nice to get together, connect and enjoy one another. 🎄
When it comes to work, though, I keep a few traditions there as well. Around this time every year I calendar out 2 full days for strategy and planning 2019. 🗓
Which I’m doing at this moment! Part of the two days includes meeting with my business mentor, my life coach and my spiritual teacher. It takes a village! 😉
I love to plan ahead while taking the last few weeks of the year off from clients so I can dream big, strategize for the next year and spend lots of time with family and friends. ❤️
It rejuvenates me and allows me to start the new year with tons of energy and I can be of greater service to my clients! What about you, friend? Do you have any unbreakable work traditions? #traditions #endofyear #beherenow

Meaning Purpose And Intentions ☆☆~Vision Board Party ~☆☆
Spots are filling quickly people let's get a plan for 2019 together so that we can "Live Our Best Lives" join Shena and I as we help show you how living with #purpose leads to fulfilling your #destiny! Meet us at DECEMBER 16 2018 19eighty Event sSpace 2322 Ridge Rd. 2:30pm - 6:30pm
There will be a DOPE hot chocolate bar. Mix and mingle with Entrepreneurs and CEO's of very successful businesses! Surround yourself with people going in the direction you want to go. https://mpivisionboard.eventbrite.com/

TCF Weekly Grocery List is now available for this week. The biggest problem for most people during there fitness journey is DIETING🥦🍎, so I came up with a weekly grocery list plan to make it easy for everyone to diet properly without having the hard time trying to figure out what to get at the store🏁💪🏾
. 🏁How to get yours today? DM ME OR EMAIL .
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¿Por qué estás agradecido? ¿Con qué frecuencia practicas la gratitud? ¿Cómo prácticas la gratitud? Practicar la gratitud nos permite recibir pensamientos positivos, lo que nos hace más felices y saludables. 💓🐘La gratitud cambia el ritmo del corazón más rápido que cualquier otra reacción o sentimiento positivo, y cuando vibramos con la energía de la gratitud, impactamos a quienes nos rodean.
•Maneras de practicar la gratitud espiritual 💫
~ Estar abierto a recibir
Cuando recibes plenamente los regalos de cada momento y la belleza de todo lo que te rodea, la vida te da más de estas mismas cosas y mucho más. La gratitud es más que un simple, "Gracias"; es la apertura poderosa de tu corazón para recibir tus bendiciones. Y cuanto más te abres para recibir, más abundan tus bendiciones. No es un secreto que lo que envías al Universo regresa a ti, en igual proporción, creando un efecto de bola de nieve , acumulando más y más sustancia y momento.
~Estar presente 🌻
Aprovecha al máximo cada momento. Estar presente y atento nos recuerda la fugaz naturaleza de la vida y nos impulsa a sentir gratitud por cada bendición que se nos da. La atención plena nos enseña a aceptarnos a nosotros mismos y a todas nuestras emociones, a sentirlas, a dejar que nuestros pensamientos pasen a través de la mente de manera objetiva, mientras estamos conscientes conscientemente. Vivir en un estado de atención plena iluminada es simplemente ser. Sin juzgarte a ti mismo ni a nadie más. Ser consciente y presente es uno de los mayores actos de gratitud porque te permite apreciarte a ti mismo y a tu entorno con paciencia, compasión y conciencia.

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.

Good Morning, Everyone!  Are you enjoying the day so far?  There is nothing like a little coffee and motivation to get you moving on a Monday like today.

Now let’s Get out there and make a difference.
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You were blessed before you were born. A blessing is not a result of something that I do. What can I do to bless myself?
The blessing is a result of God’s Sovereignty in my life.
Because if he doesn’t bless me I can’t fulfill my purpose... and because we were born with purpose even when something or someone tries to null it, it can’t. 🤺 + +
“How can I curse those whom God hasn’t cursed? How can I condemn those whom the LORD hasn’t condemned?” - ‭‭Numbers‬ ‭23:8‬ ‭GW ———————————————————
Fuiste bendecido antes de nacer.Una bendición no es el resultado de algo que yo hago. ¿Qué puedo hacer para bendecirme yo misma?
La bendición es el resultado de la Soberanía de Dios en mi vida.

Porque si él no me bendice, no puedo cumplir mi propósito ... y porque nacimos con un propósito, aún cuando algo o alguien intenta anularlo, no puede. 🤺 + +
"¿Cómo puedo maldecir a aquellos a quienes Dios no ha maldecido? ¿Cómo puedo condenar a los que el SEÑOR no ha condenado? " Números 23:8 GW
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#Repost @kevinfranciscarton
• • • • •
This is deceptively simple, am I right? If we would just pause for a few minutes, take some deep breaths, and allow ourselves to know the truth about ourselves, we all would know exactly what excites us. After personally coaching dozens of people over the last 15 months, I've discovered that the real challenge we have is ACTING on what excites us and what makes us come alive. We think to ourselves, "there's no money in that..." "I'm not good enough..." "who would listen to me?..." "I've tried it before and it didn't work..." "I have no idea where to start..." etc. The thoughts go on and on and on. Within just minutes we kill our dreams before we even give them a chance to breathe. I challenge you today to acknowledge what you love to do and then TAKE A STEP! Do something!!! Talk to that one person, write that email, do a google search, write the first page, design that graphic, record that video... Whatever the action step is DO IT. More will be revealed to you once you take that first step, but you must begin. Remember, your dream life is waiting and YOU CAN DO THIS! ⠀
2019 is just a few short weeks away. Are you prepared to hit the ground running? Do you feel you've got the momentum you want? I'm calling you out, yes, because it's going to happen whether you're ready or not! Want to feel confident, inspired and ready to take advantage of all the amazing opportunities at the beginning of this year? Awesome. Let's get you started. Click the link in my bio to attend my upcoming online workshop "How To Become Your Best Self in 2019." 👉@KevinFrancisCarton👈 As a certified life coach, I'll give you the proven steps to overcome self-sabotage ESPECIALLY in the beginning of the year when MOST people fail at their new year's resolutions. Not you. Not this year. I got your back. Click the link in my bio to sign up today. 👉@KevinFrancisCarton👈 Peace ⠀
. ⠀
Post by @JayShetty - thanks for the inspiration! ⠀
. ⠀
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I have had many moments of wanting to give up in my life when it came to my dreams, my ideas, my work and even my relationship. I was at points where I was no longer wanting to put in the work. Throwing in the towel seemed like the easiest way to no longer do the work required to attain success. I was being lazy and quite frankly operating from a quitters mind set.
Somewhere in my youth, I had magical ideas of what my dreams and relationships would entail. I hadn’t yet gone out and experienced the reality and harshness one encounters while trying to build towards something greater than themselves.
I learned shit is going to hurt at times. There will be tears. You won’t be able to go forward some days... or so you’ll think. Keep at it. Work for that goal. Work at that relationship. Push yourself past the point where you there’s nothing left in you. Get up again after you fail. Work through the tears.
Know this: there’s never shortcuts on the way to greatness. Go anyways. Be brave and unapologetic in pursuit of something even bigger than yourself. //#tgim

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