@lizasoberano’s always fresh and ready with @sippurifiedwater! Clean water that’s purified by nature with quality in every sip! #PurifiedByNature #LizaSoberano #Philippines
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@sippurifiedwater TVC with @lizasoberano coming soon! Stay tuned on our FB Live event at 2 pm on July 5! #PurifiedByNature #LizaSoberano
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Water is what every living thing needs, it's one of the most important factors not only for our health but also for our skin. I thank my parents because ever since I was a kid they taught me to always hydrate and never forget to take care of my skin. Now that we're not getting younger anymore (huhu) skincare is not the only way we can keep our youthful skin but HYDRATION is key! Drinking lots of water helps our skin glow inside out! Plus using the right products for our skin type improves what can be seen. I'm glad to find products that will help me continue a youthful skincare journey!

Thank you @sippurifiedwater @curephil and @beautyboxcorp
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It's never too early to start taking care of your skin, that's what I always tell my 13-year old. Water is the most important skincare product because it's essential to hydrate inside and out. Drink at least 8 glasses a day (that's just 4 500ml bottles of @sippurifiedwater), cleanse with Kracie Kreer Spa Water from @beautyboxcorp , then exfoliate with Cure Exfoliating Water from @curephil! Clean and hydrated skin is beautiful skin. More details about waterful skincare on the blog soon! 😀😁😊 #PurifiedByNature #WaterfulSkincare
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Water is very essential in skincare regular consumption of adequate amount of water can improve the texture and complexion of our skin. Yes, drinking water and keeping the body hydrated is not only good for your health as it aids digestion and circulation of nutrition, but it is also good for your skin. It gives you healthy and younger-looking skin. It can do wonders to your skin health and leave you with radiant skin. Water is the most effective anti-ageing treatment as it hydrates your skin, makes it soft and glowing.

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At the end of the day, I always make sure I stay hydrated with @sippurifiedwater. Water that’s purified by nature, quality with every sip. #PurifiedByNature

2018 is truly a year of many firsts!💙 Last week, I had the opportunity to host the event of @BeautyBoxCorp x @SIPpurifiedwater and I got to share my skin care tips. First being, skin care is never enough to get the skin you want if you’re not hydrated inside & out.
I use #WaterfulSkincare such as Creer Cleansing Water to remove makeup and @CurePhil Natural Aqua Gel to gently exfoliate my skin, making serums and moisturizers more effective. SIP, being #PurifiedbyNature, also serves as a great face mist before going through your skincare regimen. I think I owe it to these and drinking loads of water throughout the day so I still have good skin and no eyebags despite having an unhealthy diet and bad sleeping habits.🤭 Thank you to everyone who came to show their support and to C&C for trusting me with this event.😘 #PRlife #PRgirl
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I don’t know if you guys remember, but back in the early 2000s there was this Kangen water craze. I don’t know if it’s still a thing nowadays. Anyway, I fell for that. Not so much because of the supposed profound effects, but mostly because of the taste. It’s light and crisp. Sip is exactly like that! And this is way cheaper! Plus, drinking lots of water is really one of the best ways to achieve great skin #waterfulskincare

How I maintain having pimple-free skin?
Drinking at least 2 liters of water helps me get clearer skin and healthier body especially whenever I workout or do my daily activities. If you’re a close friend of mine, you know that I always bring a bottle of water with me! @sippurifiedwater is so convenient for only 9 pesos per bottle!
I also love using products that will give extra moisture to my skin like @curephil and Creer cleansing spa waters that’s I’ve been using since they were available here months ago. So stay tuned for my review tomorrow because I’m about to empty my first bottles already!
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Water is key in achieving beautiful skin. It is achieved with proper hydration inside and out: 1) By removing make-up using CREER Cleansing Water, formulated with Spa Water from the Shimane Perfecture in Japan, home to Japanese women with the most beautiful skin. 2) Drinking at least 8 glasses of SIP Purified Water a day. SIP water is bottled at the source and goes through a rigorous filtration process, which leaves SIP tasting pure and crisper. 3) Gentle skin exfoliation with Cure Natural Aqua Gel, which helps getting rid of dead skin cells, excess dirt and oil, revealing fresher, healthier skin. 💙 #WaterfulSkincare #PurifiedByNature @beautyboxcorp @sippurifiedwater @curephil

Regrann from @sippurifiedwater - @lizasoberano’s always fresh and ready with @sippurifiedwater! Clean water that’s purified by nature with quality in every sip! #PurifiedByNature #LizaSoberano #Philippines #lizquen

That's right!
No matter how extensive (or expensive) your skin care regimen is, if you don't stay hydrated inside and out, you will never (I repeat, NEVER) have the skin that you want.
Skin care is important, but proper hydration is super important too. I haven't always been a water drinker, and I would have off days (read: dehydrated) where I just didn't have enough energy and I would get these little headaches. BUT I have finally learned (the hard way) and now understand its benefits.
Now, I always bring a bottle of SIP Purified Water wherever I go. Before I go to sleep, I drink a few glasses of water and remove my makeup with Creer Cleansing Water. Plus, I exfoliate my skin with Cure Natural Aqua Gel twice a week. It's quick and painless, I promise! For the first time ever, my chronically dry skin is glowing. ✨

Also, I'm sharing more tips and tricks on how to #stayhydrated #ontheblog 😊 @curephil @beautyboxcorp @sippurifiedwater .
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Ang GANDA namaaann!! 😍😍😍
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Here’s #LizaSoberano’s TVC! @lizasoberano’s always fresh and ready with @SipPurified! Clean water that’s purified by nature with quality in every sip! #PurifiedByNature
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Exercise right. Hydrate right. Aroo!! @spartanraceph #PurifiedByNature #Fitness

I've realized skirt should be a staple for every girls closet. Feel na feel ni ate girl ang pa wind effect🍃

Understanding the importance of hydration is key to a beautiful skin! Always hydrate with @sippurifiedwater. #PurifiedByNature (📸: @iamrheabue)

It feels like I’m unlocking another level of skincare knowledge every time I cover beauty events. This time it’s all about hydration inside & out. 😊 #paushoots @beautyboxcorp @sippurifiedwater 💦 #purifiedbynature #waterfulskincare #beautyevent

Today's agenda: down @sippurifiedwater just to make sure I'm hydrated for a healthier and glowing skin. 👌🏽 Since my journey to finding the perfect skincare product isn't over yet, I'm excited to try 2 new products from @curephil and Creer. Swipe and let me know your thoughts on the products (if you already tried them). ☺️ #WaterfulSkincare #PurifiedbyNature Photo by @iamjeffong

Every living organism requires water to survive, but beyond basic survival, staying hydrated keeps us healthy: metabolism, tissue regeneration, detoxification (prevent UTI!), and youthful glow among other things.
Stay hydrated inside and out with: -@sippurifiedwater (#PurifiedByNature with volcanic rock)
-Kracie (#CreerCleansingWater)
-@curephil (#CureWaterTreatment #CureNaturalAquaGel) .
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