******Physique Update*******
It's BULK season and currently sitting at 170 lbs. around 18% body fat. Bye bye abs and hello gains!! 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

Lean bulking is the goal this off season, but what does "lean bulk" even mean??...and is it even a thing??
👇 👇 👇
Lean Gaining means gaining weight at a slow rate with very little, to no increases in fat mass. But in order to gain muscle you must put on a certain percentage of fat, this is where people think they should just eat everything they see, dirty food in all. Lean Bulking should NOT be this way and you're going to end up just putting on more fat, which isn't the goal with Lean Bulking. Increase your macros, getting plenty of carbs, protein, and minimal fat = the formula for a clean lean bulk. Striations coming in on the upper chest, lateral deltoids looking more round, and getting that V-taper slowly but surely. Pump brought to you by @ghostlifestyle sour watermelon flavor is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Really feeling the Ghost products recently, they are killing the industry and have some unique flavors to offer like their recent collab of BCAAS with Sour Patch Kids & Swedish Fish, go check em out! 👌👍

We came out here to get peaches 🍑 . 😅 not sure that’s a compliment @ohkimiaa 😂😂🍆

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Today Chloe is 3 months! Today also marks 3 months of pumping!

I have mentally struggled with pumping. I wanted to QUIT at first. I wanted so many times to give up. Especially in the middle of the night when I wake to pump and the rest of the house is sleeping.

But i never gave up. Even when things got really hard. 3 months down and going strong! Doing this all for you Clo Clo!

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Förlåt CrossFit, sanningen är att @schwarzenegger’s gamla maskiner är 100 gånger roligare än allt du står för. Hårt med sant. #pumpingiron #goldsgym #pumppumppump #crossfithurts

Check out Sammys latest post on @shammyv to learn how to win these wheels this sunday at 730 pm at Matt Hughes Skatepark in his latest contest(s). Different contest every sunday with cool prizes from a bunch of awesome brands that you can find at our stores. I wonder when that boards going in one of our prize packs... #supportyourlocalscene #supportyourlocalshop #weeklycontests #prizepacks #winthatdecksoon #workonyourlines #pumppumppump

I was pumping and reading the news on my phone while Chloe was smiling watching TV. I look up and LIVE PD is on.

My 11 weeker is smiling at a drug bust.


Quand c’est le jour de jambes et que je me retrouve avec une pump de chest/épaules 🤪 merci powerlifting d’être aussi bénéfique pour moi et le 6 % est pour très bientôt stay tune 💪👊•

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While Clo is taking a nap, I decided to get a few things done around the house, including finally decorating my pump.

As a side note, I checked the hours on my pump and I am completely blown away. I have pumped for 131 hours, or if you break that down by days thats almost 5 and a half days worth of pumps!
5 and a half days worth of lost sleep, having my tatas squeezed uncomfortably. Days of having to miss time holding her or hearing her cry so I could provide for her. Days of stopping while out with friends or family so I can pump or having to brave it out and pump in public which I just started doing!

To some 5 and a half days doesnt sound like a lot but it is! Shes not even 3 months and I have missed out on 5 days just pumping for her. But I am not even sad about it. I am truly in awe.
How amazing is it that I have gotten to do this for her. Shes growing so beautifully, shes so pretty and so expressive. She has such a personality and smiles so much!

Anyone who says pumpin mommas have it easy have no idea what we give up but we know what our trade off is. And I couldnt be more thankful. ♡

#pumplikeyoumeanit #pumptillyoudrop

While Chloe is enjoying some time with my cousin and her family, mommy and daddy are spending some time at the beer gardens with her auntie and uncle!

While enjoying our outting, the pumpin grind doesnt stop! Getting lots of funny faces and looks but Chloe got her milk 😂😂 Pumpin in 90 degree weather out in public for this little girl. If that isnt love, I dont know what is! 😂😂😂 #pumpingmomma #pumplikeyoumeanit #imsweatingmilk

Also can’t forget my delicious Mango, Flax, and Coconut Milk Smoothie — Which I might add, every time I drink coconut milk alongside with my regular 100 oz of water my breastmilk supply is doubled. For any of you bf mamas seeing this post. #breastfeeding #supplyincrease #breastmilk #healthyeatinghabits #breastfeedingtips #breastfeedingmama #pumppumppump

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