Mazatlan was such a cute unique little town. I defiantly will be back.❤️ Next Up #puertovallarta 🇲🇽 🏖 🌊🍤🍻

Waiting to board! Off to Puerto Vallarta... ☀️🌞🏖🇲🇽 @dean_twiss
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Si en el afán de tu vida, no tuviste tiempo para darle uno o dos segundo de tu atención a la flor de aquel jardín, el aroma del café, ese ten bonita noche... Entonces mi amigo, se te a pasado por alto algo muy importante. Que tus ojos vean las cosas, no significa que las aprecien... Quizá llevas recibiendo amor de tantos lugares y personas que se te olvido que de verdad eres afortunado y que no, probablemente no mereces nada de eso, pero aun así lo tienes, valora eso! Muchos no tienen ni un "buenas noches". _
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This past trip to Mexico was an absolute mess
My passport went missing, so I filled with stress

Delta told us 1000 dollars HAHA
Truth is, we don't wear that kind of collar
"Hello manager, we're not doing okay
Please if we may,
That hole is too deep a consequence
for a missing document"

But all would be well
We had the best crew
Your pop on the line and
Our friends to say "I Do"

We danced the floor away
Screaming bright
"Baada, baada, bada da da daaa I love you baby!!!"
We skipped down the hallway
Smiling delight ▪
"Hello embassy, can I.... Porque?"
"The embassy doesn't open on the US Holiday" ▪
So we waited and adapted.

Snuggling through episode(sss)
of avatar airbender,
The guilt inside me began to surrender ▪
Let's snorkel!
Find a forkful
Of the local life we've been missing in the A.C.
of this airbnb

The boat rose and sighed
over waves magicianed by a coming black sky
Poor bae, you got seasick
while glee glued to my water-loving face inch thick
Sea-spray salted my frecks

We swam through Los Arches
without expectation or wish
Then our guide brought us face to face with a blowfish!
Sea snake, star fish, and conch shell later
I was feeling serious admiration for our creator ▪
"Hello Embassy, you know, no passport's a pity...oh?" "The embassy doesn't print passports in this city"
Deep frowns
we turned around
and called our friends, airbnb and delta
To redraw
the jigsaw...again

Coconut horchata became a vice and a salve
Chilequiles our favorite food to chow down

We worked remote to stay afloat
Cautious of perception (although often just deception)

How crazy is it, that when life gets me down.
Ill create internal misery to get back in the graces
of those who aspire to keep me in places
I don't belong. ▪
I belong with you, that much is certain
Beyond that my life remains a question ▪
This past trip to Mexico was an absolute mess
This past trip to Mexico was an absolute bless

We like big boats and we cannot lie 🛳️ Vallarta, Mexico certainly knows how to do sunsets! Where would be your dream place to take a Cruise? ⠀

📸 by @coral_w26

With the change of the seasons and the colder than 💩 345 wake up call, I’ll be thinking of this painted sky hovering over the pacific... warm sandy #beaches - mmmmm hmmmm.... :-)
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Rumbo a Puerto Vallarta , otra opción para conocer en mexico lindo y querido!!! #mexico #puertovallarta

#puertovallarta #mexico

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