Hey guys, if you dont have weights get you some bands. They are affordable and will get the job done. Here's a video from that time I used my bands instead weights. In more exciting news Im getting 20 lb weights this weekend....its about to get serious😆

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Unfortunately, people who are suffering struggle with taking the appropriate amount of responsibility for things. All of us do, but some more than others.

We tend to swing between two extremes - everything is my fault, or everything is someone else's fault. Neither extreme is true or helpful.

One way of figuring out if you fall into an extreme camp is to look across multiple situations to see if there's a pattern. If you blame yourself (or others) for nearly all of these situations, perhaps that perspective isn't accurate and is holding you back.

If you find that is happening, it's time to take a step back and recognize that reality is probably different from the way you're viewing it.

It may be time to talk with someone you trust to see if they agree with your original assessment - it's highly likely that they will have a different view of who is at fault.

Additionally, it can be helpful to acknowledge that many times there is more than one person or thing that is responsible for an outcome. To figure this out, get creative and list out all of the things that could potentially have contributed to the outcome in addition to yourself. Now, go through that list and assign a percentage of responsibility to each thing (that's not you) that contributed. Once you're done, the amount that is remaining is the appropriate amount of responsibility for you to take.

For example, if I get into a car accident I'd need to recognize that things like poor visibility, the person tail-gating me and the pedestrian who looked like they were going to walk into the crosswalk all bear some responsibility, in addition to my own responsibility. Once I take those things into account, perhaps I'm only left with 60% of the "blame". #therapy #mentalhealth #counseling #counsellor #psychologist #psychology #psychotherapist #lifecoaching #emotionalwellness #emotionalwellbeing #mentalhealthquotes #lifetips #lifeadvice #selfgrowth #takecontrolofyourlife #growthquotes #liferules #quotetoliveby #quotesandsayings #success #motivation #inspiration #goals #mindset #inspirational #persistence #courage #selfgrowth #personaldevelopment #dailyaffirmation

Playing tourists while one hour away from home 👯‍♀️ What are you up to this Friday?

If you loved ‘Worry Says What?’ would you please leave a review on @amazon? Visit the link in my bio to leave a review! 📚❤️

Happy Friday! Hope you get some rest and recharge your energy and spirit! I will be snuggling with this little guy... yes, that’s one of my favorite things to do! How will you spend your weekend?

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The Unexpected Practice That Helped Me Cope With Grief — When Nothing Else Could! Visit our Facebook page to learn more about this new technique to cope with the loss of a loved one.
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Don’t forget that you deserve good things too.

Keep working at whatever you are struggling with... Patience and time is all you need.

How do you make sure to stay on top of your daily and weekly tasks? I love writing all my tasks down and visually seeing it all in front of me. This gives me an idea of what’s most important and what I can accomplish first. Thinking of a 1000 things at once can be so overwhelming, so this lets me focus on one thing at a time 💗

Blog alert! Part 1...
So I was actually diagnosed in my early 20's (now early 30's) with PCOS as I had very irregular periods, pains and general crazy mood swings (my poor boyfriend!). The doctor said there's nothing that can be done and it's most likely that getting pregnant is going to be hard, so when I'm ready to have kids and if I struggle to go see a doctor and discuss medication. I must say not the most helpful response to have in your early 20's knowing I wanted to have kids, it really put a dampener on it before I was even ready!! So fast forward about 6/7 years my then boyfriend became husband and we were ready to start making a family. We tried...and tried...and tried... For about a year. Nothing. I went to the doctor's and they suggested starting medication, which I really did not want to do, I have always hated taking medication.

So then my brilliant husband did what he's amazing at and started researching what the medication actually does and learning about PCOS and how we could work around the issue ourselves. Hes great at research! Neither of us are doctors or in the medical field but knowledge is power! We learned the medication actually manages your insulin and helps regulate hormones etc. Which is totally possible with changing your diet. We also got a scan on my ovaries just to be sure what the situation was and it showed cysts all over both ovaries. This was disheartening to see but I knew I had to make changes.
So for the next few months I made some major changes to my diet (which I will explore more in the future posts)... TBC... #pcos #polycysticovariansyndrome #health #baby #fertility #depression #postpartum #postnataldepression #perinatal #motherhood #mumlife #breastfeeding #picoftheday #quoteoftheday #diet #insulin #knowledgeispower #research #mumma #acne #mood #hormones #women #periods #diabetes #pcosdiet #psychotherapist #london

✨Some say this goofy smile is a classic Homa face. I guess I wouldn’t disagree 😅 I am already getting those permanent laugh lines but I really don’t mind. It means I’ve laughed and smiled a lot in my life. You know those deep laugh attacks that build up in your chest very suddenly and randomly and you’re usually in the most inappropriate place to have one but you’re also going to lose your mind if you dont let it out? I had one the other day and I honestly live for moments like that.
✨At the same time my smiling face also spent 30 years learning what triggers the anxiety I’ve had since childhood and learning how to kindly and gently manage it. I’ve experienced depression and I’ve had a volatile relationship with my weight and body image in the past.
Why am I getting all kinds of vulnerable with you right now? Well I am glad you asked! The reason is twofold 🤗
🌻1) Do not judge a book by it’s cover! We’ve all heard this before but we really don’t know someone’s story until we ask (or they voluntarily disclose some on IG 🤓)
🌻2) Therapists are human too! We have the same real life struggles as the next human
✨I believe what makes a good therapist a great therapist is when they model the power of their own vulnerability with their clients and creating an authentic and transparent evironment in the process. Relating to clients on that type of personal level can really deepen a therapeutic relationship and transform the therapeutic experience as a whole🙏🏼
✨ If you’re looking for a Therapist to help work through past or present stressors and anxieties and you’re looking for a chill and comfortable enviroment to do this I am your girl 🙋🏻‍♀️
Email homa@birchwellnesscenter.ca or call 204-505-0325 to book your inperson or skype appointment today✨
👗: @madaboutstyle 📷:fabkelsey

Problems are meant to be solved, mysteries to be experienced.
Psychotherapist and Counselor: Neurotypical individuals in private practice, 12 years; Individuals with developmental disabilities and autism, 11years; Severely mentally ill, 2 years; Opiate and alcohol 'addiction,' 4 years (note: this includes some overlapping of populations); Undergraduate psychology students, 2 years; etc etc.
Professional Writer (published): Albany Review, book reviewer, 3 years (approx.); Far East Publications, low-brow fiction stories, 4 years; Hampshire Gazette newspaper, arts stories, 1 year; etc etc.
Professional Artist: Nationwide art festivals, fairs, galleries selling assemblage creations, 7 years full-time; Published illustrations/posters-Greendoor Magazine; DVeight; Good Good Comedy Theater; Outlier Inn; Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum; O+ Festival Kingston NY; numerous band and musician tour/concert posters; etc etc.
Professional musician: Mountain Wave, 4 years; Session drummer, on and off 15 years; numerous other bands and solo Marc Jane project; Three full length Album releases on CD/Digital. (marcswitko.bandcamp.com; Marc Switko Soundcloud; mountainwave.bandcamp.com); Gong Musician for performance, healing, meditation, 3 years (also used as powerful modality with psychotherapy/counseling practice); and there's more for another informative post! (Taking new clients for psychotherapy/counseling practice, illustration work and music sessions.) #psychotherapist #counselor #depthpsychology #existentialhumanism #gongmeditation #soundhealing #artist #musician #writer #ilovemywork #calling #experience #mystery

Happy Friday! This is a great reminder to practice #selfcare. It’s important that we all work but let’s not neglect #rest, #recovery, and #reflection that are integral in keeping us moving towards success and ultimately, towards a happy life. Let’s practice some self care this weekend - rest, recovery, reflect. ⠀
If you need to learn how to prioritize self care and realign your perspective, please contact me to see how we can work together to help you embrace self care.
📷: @anxieteawithchillys

🔸زمزمه محبت طفلان گريزپا را به مكتب ميبرد🔸
✨ترس كلاس اولي ها از مدرسه✨
🖌روزهای پایانی شهریور برای بعضی از خانواده‌ها به خصوص آنهایی که #نوآموزان کلاس اولی دارند یک روز خاص و به یاد ماندنی است. به این ترتیب با فرارسیدن #ماه_مهر ممکن است دلهره عجیبی در دلِ بعضی از نوآموزان و خانواده‌های آنها به وجود آید؛ دلهره‌ای که سبب می‌شود تا دانش‌آموزانِ کلاس اولی نتوانند جدایی از والدین و خانه را بپذیرند و برای ترک منزل، خانواده و رفتن به #مدرسه مشکلاتی را ایجاد نمایند؛
از اینرو به منظور هرچه کمرنگ شدن دغدغه #اضطراب و «فوبیای مدرسه» بهتر است:
✅ مسئولان مدارس اجازه دهند تا نوآموزان چند روز قبل از شروع سال تحصیلی بطور غیر رسمی با فضای مدرسه، کلاس‌ها، معلمان و مسئولین آشنا شوند و به تنهایی در حیاط، راهروها و کلاس‌ها گشت بزند؛ ✅والدین نیز می‌توانند ضمن آشنایی فرزندشان با خانه دومشان، از نکات مثبت #تحصيل و درس خواندن برای آنها صحبت کنند؛ ✅همچنین #والدين می توانند از خاطرات واقعیِ شیرین، شاد و گاهی تلخِ دوران مدرسه‌ِ برای فرزندشان بگویند تا به این ترتیب با انجام این اقدامات بخشی از استرس فرزندشان کاهش یابد...
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The Danish word for “living with a mindful appreciation."
I love this so much! And with the first day of autumn being tomorrow, it's the perfect time to add a little more of this magic to life.
Hot apple cider. Hay rides. Pumpkin carving. Baking. Board games with friends.
I give a million other suggestions and talk more about this funny sounding word (pronounced "hue-guh" btw) on my blog.
What do you mindfully appreciate during the fall season?
#hyyge #autumn #fall #autumnequinox #mindfulness

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