Deleted everything involving sicko @cameronfield_. @kenzie never let someone take advantage of you like that. It’s not funny, it’s not cute. He’s literally about to be 18, you’re 14, you have a boyfriend. @melissagisoni and @maddieziegler protect Kenzie from him, he never should’ve laid a hand on her! Ship him back to Australia now! The only thing I’ll post involving that sicko is the video, so everyone knows what a pervert he is touching a minor. Zieglers, I love you, so better. Protect Kenzie
#kenzieziegler #staystrong #melissagisoni #maddieziegler #cameronfieldpedo #protecther

Throw back🔥. Does it feel good? Does hanging on to hurt make you sleep better? Did it work to blame them for what they experienced? Did it make you feel better to paint them as an enemy? It didn’t did it? You learn that revising reality rarely works. You get to decide to trap yourself in a prison with someone who hurt you or let it go.. you pick 🔥. *
I choose to give the benefit of the doubt every time, reality makes it clear in time as to whether harm was intentional. If it wasn’t grace covers us to the extent we give it to others. If it was Real Love reminds us that no words will manufacture conviction so let the battle go. I choose Love.. even when it looks foolish. So do you🔥. So proud.

Fact: A woman has about a one in eight chance of being diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime, according to the National Cancer Institute. We at EmpowHERment value knowledge and awareness! #BreastCancerAwareness #IamHER #WeAreHER #ProtectHER

She stands firmly on her own two feet and I just behind her; Should she ever need me!
Aren't all mothers the same? Including the divine Shakti? 😃 Standing by us, behind us, ahead of us, with us always - to guide, Love and lead us forward.. to take us all through the right path and give us just the much needed nudge, the pat on our back and a warm hug when distressed.
There's nothing that a mom's love can't heal in the world! And the best one is #nature
This #navaratri let's make a vow to protect Her as she protects us all. Without Her we don't exist, breathe or live.. treat her exactly how you treat your mom.
Let there be light! ❤️❤️ #lostnfoundjourneys #navaratri #navaratri2018 #navami #navamivibes #divinity #protecther #mothernature #festivals #festivalsofindia #dassara #dasara #dasara2018

THROWBACK 🖤*********“If wishes were horses beggars would ride”. If we could go back in time we could correct so many things .. sometimes it haunts me. Why don’t we spend more time preparing ourselves and others to Love well? If we truly understood what it means to protect a heart so it can Love freely, to protect a mind so it Loved in a healthy way, to protect our bodies so the only memories it carries is Love in its purest form. *
We can’t go back, but we can redeem. We can understand Love and move forward in it. We can forgive the past and bind the wounds. We can start fresh ... but only at the price of humble acknowledgement and grace. I have learned much from the wounded heart that refuses to be unforgiving and still Loves despite it all.. may we all🖤

@the_beautiful_monster9 @Regran_ed from @artbyusblacklove - 💜🖤🔮 🔥♾🕯️👻👁️🎨🍯🔥🎶💀✊🏿💪🏿 Why Do I Love Black Women Challenge
A black woman
Knows how to deal with me
By my presence alone
My voice over the phone
Even my auras tone
And she loves deep
If something's wrong
She won't leave me alone
She will sacrifice her health
To make sure I am whole
The black woman
Has stood up to fight all alone
Showed me that the crown
Is nothing without a throne
And if the throne isn't shared
It should be left alone
The black woman
And even if she stood four feet tall
I still could look up to her
Because her spirit is tall
I bet it all on her
Because she won't let me fall
The black woman
More resourceful than anything
Survival skills come equipped
Can make a meal out of anything
And when danger is around
She feels it over anything
The black woman
Make it feel like the sun is shining on the most rainy day
Because she knows who I am
And she loves me
All of me I mean everything
The black woman
Its way much more that I could say
My first hug
My first I love you
My first everything
A black woman
If I could mold my heart into a shape
I'll give it hips, and an afro
Because she is truly everything
#warriorandapoet #whydoiloveblackwomenchallenge #indigoflow #remindher #protecther #letterstomytwinflame #onlyyou #nakedsoulsplease #blacklove #africanunification #artbyusblacklove #smile #smilemore #lovemore #lovelife #vibratehigher #naturalhigh #healer #peacefulwarrior #flex #atpeaceandonfire #lifeisaboutprogression #afrovegan #giant #biggerisbetter #lovepeaceandgains #lovepeaceandlight - #regrann

Our Unnie is the sweetest little baby and we don't know why people have started posting hate comments on nini😢 Like how can people be so ridiculous and so rude?Like what has she ever done to you? she's the cutest little bean❤ and we have to protect her💕💕 Keep Fighting them Unnie💪❤we love you💗😘
@jennierubyjane 💗❤💪💕 #smolbean#protecther#niniunnie

A place so beautiful...the Earth is so much more than what we can understand. Our home. #protecther

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