Anthony Davis gold patch /10

Dirk gold /10! 💰

Trabaja duro en silencio y deja que tú éxito haga todo el ruido #SomosRudy

#rudybaseballacademy #yosoyrudy #academiadebeisbol #baseballacademy #prospect #baseballprospect

Two Sexton autos!

It's not a 18-19 product without a Luka auto.

Trae Young auto 99/99!

Two Ayton autos! 🙈

Lebron James priority mail insert gold 1/10! 💰

Traded some cards for a few boxes of certified at the LCS today....did pretty well I must say! More pics to follow this post.

Why do people always want to throw me? Someone said I have that face you just want to throw.... sounds about right. 😂 #WeCan #WeWill #Together #WeAre #TeamShorty

Uma oferta dessas...

We knew that Cee would spend the majority of her time onscreen in a helmet, so it was important to us to find some way to draw interest subconsciously when her head was completely obstructed. We placed the suit logo right at the center of her back collar, serving as a focal point for the back of the suit and, in-world, suit companies would know there'd be no hair or equipment obstructing their eye-level advertisement.
Prospect came out this weekend! One of the best parts of working on this movie was how attentive and unified we all were to world-building details. I'm going to point out a few costume ones this week.

#prospect #prospectthefilm #costumedesign #scifiwestern

Honored to make a piece for Tanner from @raised_in_baseball - if you like baseball, make sure you follow him... this kid is going to be a star. When you work as hard as he does, greatness is inevitable. .
In this piece I have featured his Grandfather for played for Texas A&M and two of Tanner’s favorite players, Adrian Beltre and Jackie Robinson. .
11x14 mixed media - acrylic paint, digital stencil and ink on birchwood
Lauren Taylor Illustrations .
#laurentaylorillustrations #baseball #aggies #texasaggies #aggiebaseball #mlb #mixedmediaart #prospect #sports #holidaygiftideas #sportsfans

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