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Probiotics, food, and the immune system seminar with these #bossbabes because we love your guts 💚🌿 This stuff is so fascinating! I know how important probiotics are for our #guthealth and #immunehealth but WOW. EVERYONE neeeeeds to be on a probiotic that's why I take #probio5 every night 💫 Comparing our labels with the necessary good bacterias and I'm blown away how amazing our ingredients are 🙌 This is why I loooove Plexus. We've done our research. & we have top notch products ☝️ #yallneedplexus @andreaestes81 @themommywood

Food for thought...some of us have a diet ruining our health from the inside out.
Unless you are eating an organic vegan diet, you are putting pesticides, hormones, chemicals, and all kinds of processed crap into your system that is ruining your guts. And that isnt even accounting for our stress levels, lack of sleep, antibiotics/medicines or your sugar and alcohol intake that accompany our every day lives.
I am not suggesting you turn your life upside down because I love meat and sweets just like you do. But if we are going to eat like this then we need a tool to help our bodies deal with it.
#Plexus can help. #ProBio5 is the best probiotic on the market and the only probiotic that is helping my gastrointestinal tract! Try Plexus for 90 days, thank me later.

"ProBio5 is a big deal.
A VERY big deal.
One of the reasons is...Chitosanase!!
It's one of the BIG differences between ProBio5 and other probiotics.
Why exactly? Well, yeast overgrowth actually INHIBITS the absorption of probiotics, vitamins, and minerals. Chitosanase attacks the yeast overgrowth, so that the intestines can properly absorb the probiotics and nutrients you're putting in your body.
I take ProBio5 every night, and it's definitely a must in my life. "#probio5 #guthealth

These two products are what made me want to try Plexus to start with. I loved the idea of a non-refrigerated probiotic and had heard that cleansing your body was a good thing.
Two years later these are still two of my favorite products!

ProBio 5 contains all 5 Probiotic strains, 3 active enzymes and an anti fungal to kill #candida yeast in the gut. No need to be refrigerated! It’s heat sensitive, and freeze dried. It wont activate until it reaches your intestinal walls!
BioCleanse's active ingredient is magnesium hydroxide. BioCleanse gently flushes out toxins, oxygenates the entire body, helps cleanse the gastrointestinal tract, and supports collagen production. 9 out of 10 Americans are deficient in magnesium, so Bio Cleanse is the perfect supplement!

#healthy #ProBio5 #BioCleanse

Yep. Saw a few scary hair photos of myself and off with it. Cut 4-5 inches off and I️ feel 10 years younger. Bam. Btw, pre Plexus it would take 10 years to grow 5 inches. Seriously. I️ just got 4 inches cut off 2 months ago. It grows like crazy!!!! Thanks Plexus. #probio5 #hairgrowth #crazyhair #oldladyhair

Plexus Mama on flowy, soft racerback tank. See link in bio! #plexusslim #plexus #wearyourbrand #probio5 #plexusmama

As I was diagnosed with my Autoimmune, I began to research all I could about why my body was acting in such a manner. Killing off the Candida has been key to helping my Psoriasis clear up. In clearing the Candida out, weight loss was eminent. I'm down 40 pounds since mid August.

Google candida and weight loss. 👀 I did and posted a link to a great article in the comments.
Losing weight is never the body’s first priority. It may be your personal priority, but the body has its own agenda! Fighting infection, keeping the heart and lungs going and managing blood pressure and circulation are always going to trump “weight loss” from the body’s point of view.

So how do we lose weight? You have to address the CANDIDA:

Candida is a nasty fungus. It can affect almost every area of the body. It is the result of the yeast in our body overgrowing, and it doesn't need to be OBVIOUS to mean it's present.
#candidabegone #probio5 #autoimmune
Candida feeds on sugars, so it will demand sweets to keep itself fed.
You need an anti-fungal to breakdown the candida. Plexus ProBio5 has that! Yay!! Weight loss occurs naturally as the body gets healthier by killing the candida off, reducing inflammation and balancing hormones, all benefits of the Plexus Triplex Combo.
There's science behind this and a reason why you aren't well!

I'm so happy for my beautiful friend Holly Lancaster Veselenak, who is no longer living off Motrin for pain!! 🙌💃 "12 months ago my inflammation in my arm was so painful I couldn’t workout 💪 anymore. I didn’t want to go to a doctor and be told I needed surgery. I gave it some rest and hoped the pain would go away, but it didn’t....fast forward to June of this year. Started using natural supplements, drank more water💦 (50% of my body weight), and my inflammation and pain is gone.
Research “leaky gut”. I didn’t realize that when protein “leaks” out it settles into our joints and causes inflammation. My probiotic not only puts good bacteria into my gut, but it has enzymes that break up the proteins that cause inflammation. No more living off Motrin for pain!"
#guthealth #probio5 #feelingenergized #corehealth #inflammation


On a limited budget...but still want to work on your health? Here's my tip:

Well, 2 tips:
1. Drink lots of water 💦
2. Take a good probiotic! 🙌🏼
Processed foods and the chemicals we are exposed to disrupt the delicate balance of microorganisms in our bodies. Almost 80% of our immune system cells are located in the gut! The gut is our second brain! Probiotics are ESSENTIAL to supporting a healthy digestive and immune system.

Even if you are healthy 💃🏼, eat clean🍎, and work out 🏋️ .... you will still benefit from a probiotic!

You need to look for a PROBIOTIC that has:


These are 3 main ingredients of a GOOD probiotic. Guess what??? WE HAVE THOSE 3 + 2 MORE IN OUR PROBIO5!!! We are beyond good...we're great!!! 🔥

Our #probiotic is different from ANY other on the market today. It features FIVE Probiotics, added enzymes, Vitamin B6, Grape Seed extract and Vitamin C— all in one effective delivery system – that supports the breaking down of hostile organisms that may negatively impact your health.
#gamechanger #ProBio5

There is a reason the #Triplex is our most popular combo... If you suffer from any of the following, look no further than your #GUT! 😖 Migraines
😴 Sleepiness / Poor Sleeping Habits
😔 Low Energy/Fatigue
😕 Excess Weight
🤤 Food Cravings
🙃 Brain Fog/Inability to Focus
🤧 Weak Immune System
😕 Skin Problems
😫 Thyroid Issues
😑 Rheumatoid Arthritis

The Plexus TriPlex is a #guthealth system that removes harmful microbes and substances, replenishes useful #probiotics and enzymes, and #rebalances your body. Due to our lifestyles (eating high fat, carb and sugar filled foods, using antibiotics, stress, alcohol, the toxins we breathe, etc.) the bad bacteria can start to overgrow the good. This is when health issues begin to happen because bacteria balance is crucial to our health and highly important for our day to day functions!

Let's break the Triplex down:
This is the scrubber! It scrubs your gut to get rid of bad bacteria while replenishing it with good bacteria.

This is the flusher! Think of BioCleanse as the flushing of the bad bacteria & toxins out of your system.

Plexus #Slim (Pink Drink):
This is the maintainer! It helps keep your body’s fats, cholesterol, and blood sugars balanced, therefore they don’t continue to feed the bad bacteria! It even oxygenates your blood. Weight loss is actually a side effect to these amazing products! Get your gut right and balanced and what the miracles happen.

The Triplex is a HUGE reason why Plexus has a 94% success rate. Because Plexus is attacking the #ROOT OF THE ISSUES - not just putting a band-aid on them. Plexus helps heal the body from the inside out on a cellular level, which is why it must be given time and taken consistently.There is a reason the #Triplex is our most popular combo... If you suffer from any of the following, look no further than your #GUT! 😖 Migraines
😴 Sleepiness / Poor Sleeping Habits
😔 Low Energy/Fatigue
😕 Excess Weight
🤤 Food Cravings
🙃 Brain Fog/Inability to Focus
🤧 Weak Immune System
😕 Skin Problems
😫 Thyroid Issues
😑 Rheumatoid Arthritis

The Plexus TriPlex is a #guthealth system that removes harmful microbes and substances, replenishes u

Want to try Plexus, but don't know what you need? Here is a guide to help. 🌟Are you interested in getting your gut health in check? 70-80% of your immune system resides in your gut. So, for a healthy digestive tract, go with #ProBio5. 🌟You aren’t eliminating regularly? There can be a handful of issues behind this, but you should consider #BioCleanse to aid in flushing the toxins you have built up in your body, as well as oxygenate your body. Gentle on your body...not a crazy “cleanse”. You will feel a difference. 🌟LOW energy levels & rollercoaster blood sugar? Tired in the morning and afternoon? Give #PlexusSlim a try to help balance blood sugar ALL DAY, and help reduce inflammation, better mood, better sleep, helps to lower cholesterol and lipid levels. 🌟If you aren’t using a multivitamin with aloe and black currant, get on #XFactor ASAP. These ingredients result in up to 400% absorption of vitamins for optimal nutrition and wellness protection. Nothing compares! 🌟#PlexusBodyCream is a unique skin-renewing cream with spirulina algae and activated charcoal. It’s been found to bring new life and vibrancy to the skin over the entire body for both men and women. It's a great multi-purpose cream. 🌟On your feet all day long? Daily aches and discomfort? Inflammation? Joint Pain? #EaseCapsules. 🌟Sore muscles? Inflammation? #PlexusEaseCream. Smells like peppermint and isn’t greasy! 🌟Nerve issues? Nerve Pain? Tingling? Numbness? Use #NerveHealthSupport capsules containing a combination of vitamins, minerals, herbs, and amino acids can help support the symptoms of nerve discomfort that are not the resultant of a underlying disease. 🌟Need more energy? Help with cravings? #Accelerator+, #Edge or #Boost, in conjunction with Plexus Slim will rev up your metabolism and help kick start your weight loss. 🌟Looking for a supplement that may help lower triglyceride levels, support brain health and development, aid in relaxation and stress management? Plexus #MegaX contains Omega 3, 6, 9, plus 5 and 7, with no fishy aftertaste because it is completely plant based.

If you have any questions.... Just ask❤️

I love this this product, it helps me feel better from the inside out..
Promotes the growth of good gut microbes, supports healthy digestion, helps cleanse the gastrointestinal tract..
Healthy gut.Heathy you..

Things that make ya go Hmmmmm...
We dealt with this from 2004-2013 - office visits, steroid creams and prescriptions. Crazy how simple the solution really was for us.🤔 #guthealth
#ProBio5 #Plexus
#drhymanknowswhatsup #healthcarenotsickcare

Are you on a probiotic?🙋🏻
I have been on #probiotics before, but I was on the wrong ones👎🏻. My #probiotic was #expensive and as far as I could tell, it was not #effective 🤷🏻‍♀️. My mind was a little blown to find out that #ProBio5 could help with #skin issues, #regrowth of hair, #autoimmunedisease, #weight management, #mood disorders, and strengthen my #immunesystem !

I would love to pay your shipping this weekend as my "thank you" for trusting me enough to give ProBio a chance to help you feel awesome!
#feelawesome #guthealth #wellness #lessfatigue #healthychoices #yourbodyneedsit #healthyliving #healthylifestyle #plantbased #naturalingredients

I have a challenge for my skeptical friends.......Just try it.......truly because I love & care about you!

I am looking for people who would be willing to try a "60-Day Swap." There are common concerns with trying Plexus in reference to cost and/or a relunctance in trying a different brand.
I am challenging you to swap one or more of your current regular purchases for Plexus.
For example:
• Swap your energy drinks, coffee, or soft drinks for #PlexusEdge and/or #PlexusSlim
• Swap your current probiotic to try #Probio5 instead
• Swap your current omega products for #PlexusMegaX
• Swap your current protein shake for #Plexus96
• Swap your current multivitamin for the super-powered #PlexusXFactor

I challenge you to pick a swap for 60 days.
The best part?
If, at the end of it all, you don't like the swap, you can get ALL of your money back and go back to the way it was before.
❤️ #wellnesswithholly
#productswap #switchforsixtydays #loveyourbody

Took my #probio5 and put my lavender #doterra in my diffuser. Now I'm ready for bed. Thanks @cfellure for the Doterra set!!! 😊

👨🏻‍⚕️🐊 Some babies get thrush in the first month of life. You don’t have to do much if it’s not affecting them. It will usually get better on its own.
If it’s affecting their feeding, you can start with some probiotic drops. If that is not helping, go to your pediatrician to discuss antifungal treatment

One of our newest products #VitalBiome has been CLINICALLY TESTED - the results? 🌱Promotes relaxation
🌱Improves mood
🌱Reduces feelings of anxiety and stress
🌱100% Vegetarian
🌱Supported by 279 scientific studies

VitalBiome is a probiotic unlike ANY other, and it's great as a stand alone or paired with our already amazing #Probio5.

If mood swings or anxiety are issues of yours - we should be talking!

If you'd like to know more about this revolutionary probiotic, let me know!

#VitalBiome #ClinicallyTested #ScientificallyBacked #GutHealthOrWhatHealth

Oh my… cold and flu season is already kicking in! If your immune system is down or you are taking antibiotics to battle something, be sure you are getting a quality probiotic, too! Unfortunately, antibiotics destroy the good bacteria in your gut which is what helps to keep your body healthy, helps fight illness and soooooo much more.
Due to normal life and environment things, your body is already struggling because of an existing overgrowth of bad bacteria. Most of us don’t even realize this is what is making us sick, feel run down, put on weight, have skin issues, feel depressed and wear our cranky pants... You gotta balance that good and bad bacteria so your body functions properly and you are feeling good. I know where you can get a probiotic that is nothing like the OTC stuff you are purchasing. Trust me, you are not giving your body all it needs. I know because I’ve been there! #probio5 #itskindofabigdeal #goodbacteria #guthealth

Plexus Strong 💪

Cold and flu 🤕🤒 😧 Are you building your immune system ?
Our #xfactor / #xfactorplus /#xfactorkids multivitamin is loaded with the best antioxidant on the planet, plus all of your daily vitamins and B Vitamins for natural energy. With 300% absorption from its Aloe Base, this is a vitamin you will actually absorb. And Xfactor kids has the probiotic added in!
Did you know that probiotics have proven very effective to prevent colds and the flu? Better than most over-the-counter medicine!

#probio5 contains Grape Seed 🍇 Extract which is one of the most powerful antioxidants. It is an anti-viral, anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory substance. It’s 20 times more powerful than Vitamin C and 50 times stronger than Vitamin E. With 80% of your immune system being in your gut, it makes perfect sense that probiotics would be very effective at warding off viruses!
It is not a promise that you won’t get sick 😷🤒🛌, but if you do get sick, probiotic bacteria can shorten the duration and lessen the symptoms of a cold! I can attest to that, although I came down with a cold over the weekend, my symptoms have been fairly mild compared to colds in the past!
#plexus #buildyourimmunesystem #IhaveWhatYouNeed

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