When you don’t fly out until 1 am Anchorage time but it’s really 3 am at home you’re super grateful for your awesome pink drink that gives you balanced blood sugars, natural sustained energy, fights inflammation and all sorts of other super powers. Now let’s hope it makes me sleep on this red eye flight I’ve got ahead of me. Oh that’s right that’s what my #probio5 and #megax are for😘 #plexusforlife #lifechanger #hopedealer #leavingalegacy #healthandhappiness #dreamchaser #plexusslimhungercontrol #slim

Look at that!! 👀 I had to see it to believe it!! I put them in a vinegar bath to detox them and boy is that water gross!! #youshouldhaveseenthebottomofthebowl #yuck 🤢 glad they are clean now and will last longer! It really made me think about my gut and how for so long it probably was like these #strawberries and after using #probio5 and #biocleanse I “washed away” yucky water. So grateful for these products that help our gut get clean, stay clean, and are rid of bacteria and yeast that can kill it in a second. #yummyfruit #ilovestrawberries #butnotwithyuckonthem

Did you know that 90% of your melatonin is made in your gut?
Taking #probio5 and #megaX together could maximize your sleep and your overall health. 🙌🏻 If you are waking up already counting the hours until your head hits the pillow again, we need to talk!

A good nights sleep is so important, not only to feel rested and sharp but for your immune system as well!

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So excited to receive my Plexus starter kit!!! As a health and wellness professional I’m always looking for opportunities and resources to best help my clients on their journey.
Plexus is one of those opportunities I’m super excited about !

Message me if you’re interested in learning more about the products and what they can do for your health and well-being!
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Vulnerability Yall

Ever since I was 13 I have had warts...yes I said it warts on my legs. I would visit the dermatologist often and have them burned off...yep not So fun.

One thing about warts, if you shave them they spread.....so needless to say as a 13 year old I didn't listen well and would shave and they would spread and then get them burned off and the viscous cycle continued.

Finally, around 16 I got the memo and have used a pain in the butt electric razor ever since...my legs never felt really smooth and it took #forever!!! Well it is #summerinoklahoma so I decided to try using a razor again for the pool last weekend and being really careful to avoid the warts....I noticed something....THEY ARE GONE!!!! TOTALLY GONE!!!!! I cannot even begin to tell you how #amazing my legs finally feel after a true shave and I didn't have to #navigate around anything!!!! I am truly healthy from the inside out!!! #guthealth #Probio5 #probiotics #healthyfromtheinside #oklahomasummer #razor #iloveshavingcream #smoothlegs #sothankful #momlife #nurselife💊💉 #showershaves #nonscalevictory

Not only do we have the BEST supplements anywhere, but we have the BEST encouraging ambassadors ANYWHERE! Nothing like learning from those that have been where we are going!

Not only do we have the BEST supplements anywhere, but we have the BEST encouraging ambassadors ANYWHERE! Nothing like learning from those that have been where we are going!

Not only do we have the BEST supplements anywhere, but we have the BEST encouraging ambassadors ANYWHERE! Nothing like learning from those that have been where we are going!

There is a reason I always talk about probiotics and gut health! My skin, mood, seasonal allergies, sleep, immunity, GI issues.... everything has changed for the better since I started taking care of my gut😊! I want my friends healthy and I hate seeing people feel bad when I know their gut is the cause!
This was in the June issue of Shape magazine! Please take a minute and read these. It is what I have been saying for 2 years!
Notice every strain they talk about is in our ProBio5. Our Triplex combo is for gut health! Everyone needs it! I know I take the best probiotic available! It has changed my health completely! Let me help you balance your body too! It’s affordable and has a 60 day money back guarantee.
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What is plexus?

This is one of most popular questions.

Plexus is not just a weight loss company, although people HAVE lost weight. It focuses on cleaning up your gut and maintaining your levels. In doing so, your body begins to run more efficiently, making you feel top notch!! There are several products which are dedicated to busy lifestyles and products for all the members of your family.
Plus this picture is missing our 3 newest products!! So stay tuned!
If you have any questions, just let me know!! 🙂
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There's a certain amount of freedom in just throwing on a little mascara, then heading out the door to run errands. I don't usually feel confident enough in my own skin to do this, but having a skin care system that helps me not only care for my skin at the deepest level, but also help reverse years of damage is liberating.

My skin is not perfect by any means, but it's getting better. It's not really all about reversing the hands of time, or erasing every wrinkle I have, but to feel good about myself and comfortable in my own skin at my age or any age is priceless.

The gut is largely responsible for the production of the
HAPPY hormone Seratonin,
as well as the RELAXATION hormone, Melatonin
Let me help you feel Happy and Rested
DM me ————————————————-
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- Dandruff is a yeast infection of the scalp
- Eczema is a yeast infection of the body
- Athlete's Foot is an infection of the feet
- Psoriasis is a yeast infection of the body

WHY do we use topical treatments to fix an internal issue?
ProBio5 is designed to heal the gut and break down fungus - it gets to the ROOT of the issue!! Did you know?
Your GI tract and arteries can hold up to 8 pounds of waste in its system?! Did you know?
Diseases cannot survive in an alkaline, unbalanced environments.
BioCleanse helps to detoxify and cleanse your GI tract and arteries, oxygenates the entire body, energized physically and mentally, and neutralizes acidic conditions that may promote pathogens by balancing pH levels

Did you know?
Yeast overgrowth in your gut can be the cause of weight gain, inability to lose weight despite working out and eating healthy, high blood pressure, edema, acne, eczema, stress/anxiety/depression, migraines, fatigue, slow metabolism, lack of focus, sugar/carb cravings and so much more!

ProBio5 is specially designed to FIGHT and REMOVE this yeast and replace it with good bacteria in your gut!! Did you know?
Plexus Pink Drink is NOT an energy drink? It's a NATURAL drink that regulates your blood sugars so you're not spiking and dipping all day. Constant level energy instead! Your body is able to do less work giving you more energy!!! Well now you know. :) #producttraining #probio5 #yeast #guthealth #candida #balancedmicrobiome #yeastisabeast #healthy #rootcause #recovery

10 Signs Your Body Is Begging for the Plexus Triplex ! (AND NOW YOU CAN GET THE TRIPLEX WITH SLIM HC!) 📌1: low energy / fatigued 📌2: constipated 📌3: brain fog / unable to focus 📌4: feeling depressed or anxious 📌5: sluggish metabolism / trouble losing weight
📌6: cravings for sugar and caffeine and alcohol 📌7: trouble falling asleep and staying asleep
📌8: painful headaches
📌9: unexplained soreness / stiffness
📌10: skin problems / allergies
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DID YOU KNOW??? Real #health starts inside you, in your gut. The gut, and trillions of microbes that live in there, can affect your immune system, your digestive system, your weight, and even your mood. Unfortunately, things like poor diet, lack of exercise, exposure to antibiotics, and even environmental factors can throw your gut out of balance and keep you from feeling your best. It’s important to manage the bad microbes in your gut, replace them with beneficial ones, and create an optimal gut environment that allows the good stuff to grow and flourish.
#TriPlex works in 3 ways to remove, restore and rebalance your body to help get your gut back in balance. #Triplex, the supercharged boost your gut needs to attack your #health challenges from the inside out. 🤔 Would you like to learn more? Message me 😊

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#themoreyouknow 🤓 #sciencenerd

If weight loss is your goal, ATTENTION, PLEASE! Have you ever looked into the connection between candida and inability to lose weight?

Losing weight is never the body’s first priority. It may be your personal priority, but the body has its own agenda. And it doesn’t care what you look like in a swimsuit.
Fighting infection, keeping the heart and lungs going, managing blood pressure and circulation are always going to trump “weight loss” from the body’s point of view.

So how do we lose weight? One reason why Plexus helps is how we address the biggest issue at hand: Candida.

Candida is a nasty fungus. It can affect almost every area of the body. It is the result of the yeast in our body overgrowing, and it doesn't need to be obvious to mean it's present.

Candida feeds on sugars, so it will demand sweets to keep itself fed. It is also a cause of the damaged gut lining known as “Leaky Gut”, which leads to a slew of health issues. We have got to heal our gut and balance our bodies before weight loss can even begin to happen!

As the immune system deals with this fungus, the toxic load on the lymphatic system causes the body to hold water. We hold water to dilute toxins in the blood, lymph, kidneys and colon. The more toxic you are, the more likely you are to hold water.

This water weight affects more than your clothing size… It’s one of the primary reasons for high blood pressure. If the blood contains more fluid than normal, it has to pump harder than normal.

Weight loss occurs naturally as the body gets healthier by killing the candida off, reducing inflammation, balancing hormones, making better food choices, and a good fitness plan.

There's science behind candida and it's a beast! Gotta get to the root cause of the issue! And that takes time!

I’ve been on prescription strength NSAIDS for the past week for Costchondritis, my gut is mildly angry from them, thankfully I have Plexus keeping my GERD and IBS in check so my gut isn’t even more angry. I love that Plexus keeps my gut healthy!! #fibromyalgia #costchondritis #inflammation #pulledmuscles #ibs #gerd #plexus #triplex ##xfactorplus #biocleanse #probio5 #slim #guthealth #feedingmybodyhealth #thinkpink

I'm amazed every day by Plexus in how it can help with SO many health issues!! 🎉🎉🎉 Fertility facts!
There are so many factors that affect fertility, one of the lesser talked about ones is exposure to Xenoestrogens.
Xenoestrogens are artificial hormones that are found in herbicides, insecticides used on vegetables and fruits, pesticides, Dioxin (found in animal fats), perfumes, lotions, cosmetics, and time-release capsules in pharmaceuticals. All of these Xenoestrogens MIMIC estrogen in the body which stops your body from making enough estrogen to complete the fertilization cycle. 🙅🏻 Here is where Plexus Triplex comes in.
First it helps regulate INSULIN levels. Since insulin is a master hormone in our body, it communicates with all the other hormones. If it's out of control it causes serious problems for every cell and system in our body. 😬 Once you have it balanced and under control the rest of your hormones will follow. ☺️ The second way Plexus Triplex helps is by fighting candida! Candida is found in our bodies naturally. It's there to help us decompose when we die, but if your body chemistry is imbalanced, the candida becomes overgrown and leads to a condition known as leaky gut! 😳
Leaky gut is linked to the MALABSORPTION of key nutrients, which can further aggrivate conditions like PCOS. Candida also produces Xenoestrogens and causes increased levels of progesterone which further imbalances hormones. It's a vicious cycle!! 🤦🏻‍♀️ Plexus helps regulate your body chemistry and gets it back to where it was meant to be!! **From Diamond Ambassador Rozalyn Payne**

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