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10PR300 | 10" - 300 W
Итальянское качество!✅
Номинальный импеданс 4 Ом\8 Ом\16 Ом
Мощность AES (1) 300 W
Максимальная мощность (2) 600 W
Чувствительность (1W/1м) 98 dB
Диапазон частот 60÷5000 Hz
Вес-брутто 2.8 Kg (6.16 lb) #proaudiostore #proaudio #madeinitaly #fatalpro #loudspeaker #loudspeakers

This photo of @emilio_paez_ represents one of my favorite moments of recent months. Last week, on a day when @thesupertraininggym was closed I was in there quietly working on their PA system upgrades. My one nerdy superpower is that I can get super focused on anything related to sound or #ProAudio and time disappears while I get into my zone and try to do my best work possible. That's why it was so cool that #PowerliftingBeast #EmilioPaez also showed up and quietly got into his own flow, cleaning and polishing some of the Olympic bars.
 The knurling on the Olympic bars is there to prevent your hands from slipping. But over time the grooves get caked with chalk, skin, sweat and sometimes even blood. This eventually causes the knurling to become less and less effective so Emilio was putting in the time and effort to scrub off the residue and restore the bars to like new condition. Some people would complain about the tedious work but he was genuinely into what he was doing. This attention to detail (and not just waiting for something to become a problem) is the kind of mindset and #WorkEthic that brought me to #SuperTraining in the first place.
If it we're not for @andyfrisella interviewing @marksmellybell on the #MFCEOpodcast I might never have even leaned about Mark and the ST gym. Everyone here has a #100to0 mindset and they've been super supportive and encouraging while teaching and training me on my Sunday morning workout sessions. So it's really a combination of training with these folks _and_ what goes on in between the workouts that inspired me to take this photo. Emilio proves that truly going all in on something requires keeping up with all the little things too. 💪💪🏻💪🏼💪🏽💪🏾💪🏿
#Powerlifting #SuperTraining06 #Hardgainer #TallAndSkinny #MarathonRunnerGenetics #DoItAnyway #OlympicWeights #OlympicBars #OlyBars #WorkEthic #SweatTheSmallStuff #AttentionToDetail

Saturday morning, getting ready:) @aucklandpride

☡In the mix all day☡, @shrewdofmasks blessed me with w a dumb recording and fire song, he got somthing coming this year 💪🏁🛠💯
P.S. Feel free to take note of my "dry" vocal chain, all the gear i use is hand picked and Architectt certified 👌🛠...the magic is in the routing 😶

Más que una marca somos un estilo de Vida.
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Loving this view @nmusicp! How many JST plugins do you guys have? 😍🙌🔥
Let us know in the comments below! ⬇️

This week’s “ehh, why not?” pedal

¿Te dedicas a la instalacion de #Sonido?
!Este programa es para ti!
En Dr Audio La Tienda te presentamos lo ultimo para ti.
Un nuevo programa de ventas para instaladores de sonido, donde encontraras precios exclusivos para ti.
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Had a blast doing live sound for Iglesia El Buen Samaritano today!

Maiden voyage of the Spark! #bluemic #proaudio #sounddesign

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