Birthday officially made because of the princess of Staten Island💗 @carmellawwe

- Here is the proof that Charlotte word on the SmackDown Live made ZERO sense. She calls Carmella a DIVA living in a Women’s era but yet she posted this on her Twitter a few months ago!
- We know Charlotte only does what she is supposed to do and that’s following the script. So if you all bitch about it then bitch about it but don’t hate on Charlotte. Hate on the Creative team and Vince McMahon.
- The word also made zero sense because Charlotte should not forget that she lived in a Divas era when she got called to the main roster in 2015. She also was a Divas i repeat it DIVAS CHAMPION. She was also the last Divas Champion.
- You all call Carmella a Diva who can’t wrestle but why? Because she doesn’t do a moonsault in every single match? Because she doesn’t have the name Flair in her name? Is it because she isn’t a four horsewomen?
- Haters say: “name me one memorable or one good match in Carmella’s career.” Bitch please you all want a memorable moment? Fine here is a list: Carmella Vs Bayley at NXT for the NXT Women’s Championship. Money in the Bank victory on SmackDown Live where she became the first ever MS Money in the Bank and the first ever women’s wrestler to win that match twice! SD Live after Wrestlemania where she became the first woman ever to successfully cash in her Money in the Bank contract and also won her first ever SmackDown Women’s Championship by defeating Charlotte Flair. Carmella is also the first person ever to pin Asuka. Now what? Oh Carmella only won because of help from the IIConics and James Ellsworth… yeah you stupid haters that is how a real heel wins! I repeat it THAT’s HOW A REAL HEEL WINS! THAT’s HOW A HEEL IS SUPPOSED TO WIN AND NOT LIKE ALEXA BLISS (NO HATE SHE IS ONE OF MY FAVES) WHO WINS EVERY MATCH CLEAN AS A HEEL EVERY TIME.
- Want a good match? Here is a list: go on YouTube and search a few Carmella matches. Just to name a few, Vs Charlotte on SD Live, Vs Becky on SD Live, Vs Natalya on SD Live and and and!
(Also this is no hate to Charlotte)
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- BTW Here is a tweet from Triple H after Carmella won the SmackDown Women’s Championship.
#WWE #Wrestling #WorldWrestlingEntertainment #Sports #Sport #Carmella #CarmellaWWE #Fabulous #Princess #PrincessOfStatenIsland #Badabing #CarmellaFanForever / #SDLive #SmackDown #RAW #WWERaw #Summerslam #WWESummerslam

Mella is Money 🤑 @carmellawwe

Compare my body to yours 😍😩 that line took me out completely @carmellawwe

The Sexiest Diva Alive 🤪😍 So Proud!! @carmellawwe

- Meet Carmella on Thursday, Aug. 16, from 7-9 p.m. at StubHub Times Square.

- Please note: Wristbands are necessary for entry to event. Wristbands will be distributed beginning at 10 a.m. on Thursday, Aug. 16, on a first-come, first-served basis.
#WWE #Wrestling #WorldWrestlingEntertainment #Sports #Sport #Carmella #CarmellaWWE #Fabulous #Princess #PrincessOfStatenIsland #Badabing #CarmellaFanForever / #SDLive #SmackDown #RAW #WWERaw #Summerslam #WWESummerslam

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