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Representation matters. Do your thing District 42! #voteforalexassefa #primaries #earlyvotingstartsmay22nd

We’re doing this again but we need YOUR help! Join us for some networking and fun!

Came up with this when I was playing around with using plane orientation as a variable to assigns colors, and then using an object transformation as a driver for mixing color values of the geometry 🤓 .
#blender #animation #motiongraphics #primaries #chapelhill #minimalism #instaart #graphicdesign #3d #isometric #nerd

After so much detail and subtle greys in the last painting, time for a quick, easy, bright POP of color! #watercolorpainting #jkcrafternoon #palettiquette #primaries #abstractmountains

Pennsylvania #gop is now moving to impeach the #democratic Supreme Court justices who struck down their gerrymandered districts. #Republicans putting party over country yet again. #gerrymander #democracy #Pennsylvania #crybaby #cheaters #democracy #vote #voting #primaries

Jameria Moore (2nd from the left) with supporters at the New South Alliance Political Forum. #TogetherWeWin #JameriaForJudge

"Do not assess your chances based on how much people claim your opponents are disliked or reviled: love is not a currency on the ballot box." - Ayisha Osori #InShelf #Nonfiction #Politics #WomenInPolitics #PDP #Primaries #Abuja
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Repost from @bint_muharib | Because ❤️ is the air.

I took this picture on the last day of early voting for Illinois which was Monday. Illinois has approximately 12.8 million people residing in our state, but only a small percentage of the state voted in this primary election. Very disappointing. ▪️
I’m concerned for my millennials. If you’re interested in knowing more about registering to vote come talk to me. We have some time to get you setup for November’s election. ▪️
#Election #Primaries #Illinois #illinoisprimary #IllinoisVoting #VoterTurnOut #lowvoterturnout #Voting #Vote #Midwest

Wisconsin vote @cathymyerswi in the August primary! She is someone with unwavering convictions for the people! #wisconsin #wisconsinprimary #cathymeyers #randybrice #wi01 #paulryan #progressive #vote #registertovote #primaries #wisconsinlife

Thank you to the Msgr. Edward Pace High School administers and students for welcoming me this morning at your career day! I’m feeling inspired by all the students I met today! The future is looking bright!

Thank you to the Msgr. Edward Pace High School administers and students for welcoming me this morning at your career day! I’m feeling inspired by all the students I met today! The future is looking bright!

So did u all realise that even still to this day, there are countries where the citizens has no say when it comes to their country policies. People are getting beaten, locked up, and killed for trying to fight for independence. Here In America, where citizens from previous years has fought for us to have rights to vote, to be able to say what the hell we want, and to do almost anything within ur will power. But lazy brainwashed people today now feel it's all a host! And it's all for show! Voting doesn't matter! Well listen, the system would love to hear u say that. Cause that just falls right into their plans of world domination. For u who think u don't have a choice u do. Choose to care about world around u, and the people that will come after u pass away. What we do/don't do today, will have a great impact on tomorrow. #Primaries #PreSeason #Elections #RealDeal #November #4 Set yo team up now, for whose gonna slay the "bad guys" come mid-term elections in November. Trump think he's cleaning the white house now, firing errbody.... Oh I intend on cleaning it for real! Make his ass March to a whole different tune for the next two years! "In elections using electoral systems where strategic nomination is a concern, primaries can be very important in preventing "clone" candidates that split their constituency's vote because of their similarities. Primaries allow political parties to select and unite behind one candidate." #Repost #Vote Primary election - Wikipedia

THANK YOU to these women for running. For speaking up. For representing the people. Our Women of Color Forum gave them another opportunity to be heard & we hope they keep fighting. #chicagopolitics #primaries

2:00 am
This is the most exhausted I've been in a long time. Put in the time. Do the research. Study the numbers. Make the read. Wait for the final totals. Live with the results. Take a break. Repeat.
#primaryseason #primaries #campaigns #campaignsmatter #elections #Vote #prognosticators #numbers #polls
#politicalscience #politics

I failed my country today. Well, I failed my state. But I like to believe those two go hand-in-hand. I’ve been telling myself I will vote for the past several weeks and today—Election Day— I chose not to. The voting booths were right in front of my face as they are right in my apartment lounge. Granted, I had a massive headache and I had to complete additional paperwork to confirm my address change so instead of doing that I just took the elevator up after a long day of work and took a 4 hour “nap.”
The headache is gone now and so is my ability to cast a vote. I remember when I first became a citizen almost 3 yrs ago. I vowed to vote every chance I got bc I didn’t have that right for so long. Not too long ago, I would have swam through oceans to cast my ballot. But not anymore.
Truthfully, I lost a lot of faith in this country after Trump won. They tell us citizens, “every vote counts” yet Hillary won the popular vote and she still lost. I see where our country is now and the thought of leaving is tempting. If someone told me I had a job waiting for me in Canada with enough money in my bank account, I’m not sure I’d still be here. All I know is that I lost faith in this country.
I did not lose faith in the American people. I lost faith in a system so rigged that continuously brings the un-American people to the top. How can we expect our youth to be more involved in politics when they are seeing with their own eyes how messed up it really is? My hope is that over time my faith will be restored and casting my vote won’t feel like such a chore. I wish I could regret not voting today because that would mean I still care. But the fact is, I care more that I don’t care. Hence the reason for this post.

#ivoted Sadly, the Illinois majority does not agree with me.
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