“If it cannot break out of its shell, the chick will die without ever being born. We are the chick, the world is our egg. If we don’t crack the world’s shell, we will die without ever truly being born. Smash the world’s shell. For the revolution of the world!”
- Revolutionary Girl Utena
Images from @kimbramusic Top Of The World Music Video.
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Really stoked on this line of limited @kimbramusic merch we launched. One for each song on #primalheart
This is the second offering only avail Nov 14 to 16th and then gone forever. Link in my description.

Another of the many great Kimbra poses from her performance at the Concord Music Hall. There is so much going on in this shot between the ghost faces being projected on the mesh, the glaring lights and Kimbra herself surrounded by all the equipment. .
It's hard to notice all the little things going on when watching live, especially when much of it is projected on a winding array of mesh that surrounds the supporting musicians. This is the beauty of photography and how it stops time.
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Been going through my archive trying to clean out some space and revisited my Kimbra shoot. This pic was taken at the awesome Concord Music Hall and has never been published. It was sitting in wait along with a ton of others. .
The clarity in this picture rivals any concert picture I have taken. I provide two in this series, one full size which is pretty cool if you zoom in on her eyes and the second one if you scroll to the right with the cloud of red light rising up toward her from the front.
This was by far one shoot that I thought would be a complete wash as I dropped a lens and camera into the pit which jammed everything up. Turns out I had to be more efficient with my shots and make each one count! .
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You should know all these fabulous #records2018
My top top fav #record #1 is of course @theblackqueenofficial #infinitegames following by @muse #SimulationTheory @thevaccines #combatsports @kimbramusic #primalheart @johnbutlertrio #home @janellemonae #dirtycomputer

Love them! 💖🖤❤️💜

verse pt 2/bridge. black sky - @kimbramusic 🖤

verse pt 1. black sky - @kimbramusic 🖤

chorus. black sky - kimbra 🖤 @kimbramusic

@kimbramusic shot for @somamagazine currently on the #primalhearttour http://www.kimbramusic.com/tour #primalheart #kimbra #kimbramusic

@dayzeedukes_cosplay made me a sick @kimbramusic drawing for a tattoo.
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