Fruit Trilogy. Unbelievably deep, brave, transformative, strong. Touched me to the core. I’m not exaggerating saying I believe the experience changed my life, snapped me right to where I should be. It’s a show not to miss - written by Eve Ensler of Vagina Monologues. Performed unapologetically by Liz Mikel and Kiersey Clemons. Thank you! Only few days until closing. #theatre #offbroadway #eveensler #feminism #blackgirlmagic #livingoutloud #art #artistry #journey #transformation #strong #experience #ourbodies #unapologetic #community #powerofcommunity #brave #bravewomen #youarenotalone

Remembering, on World Refugee Day, the suffering of the many thousands of people around the world forced to flee their homes for myriad reasons, including war, persecution and natural disaster. Tomorrow, Nat and I are meeting with an organisation that supports refugees, with a view to welcoming them with Big Love Boxes. We're very excited about the opportunity to reach out, with your wonderful help, to displaced individuals and families. It's as Mother Teresa so perfectly put it, "If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other." (Photo by Larm Rmah on Unsplash)

It took two whole years after President Abraham Lincoln declared the #abolitionofslavery on January 1, 1863, for the end of one of the darkest chapters in American history to take hold.
The Emancipation Proclamation marked the end of the legalized institution of slavery in America, but in the small town of Galveston Island, Texas, black slaves had been carrying on their lives of bondage and subjugation, oblivious to the fact that they were actually free.
On June 19th, 1865, Major General Gordon Granger and his band of Union soldiers (who had been traveling throughout the South for two years spreading the word) arrived at #galvestonisland #sland to tell the last remaining slaves in the United States that they were finally free.

The day became known as "#juneteenth ," a kind of Independence Day for #africanamericans , a day of #celebration and #remembrance . Juneteenth is a #stateholiday in Texas, and is officially celebrated in 43 states in America, usually with #parades , barbecues and memorial ceremonies. 
But Juneteenth isn't recognized as a #federalholiday (though attempts have been made), and for that reason few people get to publicly celebrate it or are even aware of its existence and #legacy . And that's a shame, because Juneteenth is an opportunity for black people to truly celebrate all that they've overcome through the #powerofcommunity . #blackkings #blackqueen #americanhistory #didyouknow #mtv #allforone #muavct #loveoneanother #dashiki #emancipationday #sharktooth #ct #sharktoothnecklace #menswear #redjeans #loud #hartford #beckman

In a #community-initiated #competition, the West Pack Lifestyle retail group reached out to the public to nominate deserving #charities. The feedback was an overwhelming majority of nominations for #cancer charities. This resulted in a total of R175 000 donated to cancer-related charities. Brian Flote, Mogi Naidoo and Rianda Lourens were among the winners, receiving a share of R80 000 in cash prizes. Their favourite charity, @chocfoundationsa received the same in cash donations from West Pack Lifestyle. A total of R500 000 was shared among #WestPack customers as cash prizes, and another R500,000 was matched in shared cash #donations for the winner’s favourite charities. #givingback #cancersucks #powerofcommunity #ourcustomers

We are the TrailBlazers ⚡️I know sometimes I mention my work on this project, but I haven’t spoken about it in much depth. Perhaps because it’s hard to put into words what @wearethetrailblazers is and the impact it’s having. Perhaps because I wanted to see it evolve before I tell you too much about it
Either way, my entire life, heart, soul and energy has gone into this and I’m so proud of what we have created and the work we are doing in partnership with @youthsporttrust ✨ Been working with 6 schools and 100 girls this year. Thank you @davies_sam for capturing TrailBlazers in action it means so much to me 💕 #BlazeYourTrail #YouthEmpowerment #ConfidenceTraining #PowerofCommunity #SelfWorth #OneLifeLiveIt

We're so grateful to the Dakota Dunes Community Development Corporation for their support! Pictured: Marlessa Wesolowski (SPH Artist in Residence) with Tara Kyle, Lorri Arcand, and Jamie Yuzicappi.

#yxe #SPHFSaskatoon #PowerOfCommunity #givingback #donorsupport #makingadifference #philanthropy

You won’t understand the unabashed power of a community until you’re a part of one. 🙏

We had an absolute amazing time last night at Noisy Cricket's event Social Soapbox - The Power of Community. We heard from some incredible inspiring business women, and met some fantastic people doing great work! Especially loved @bowyerjane presentation about @womeninprintmcr, so inspiring! Absolutely love meeting like-minded women with real passion and drive who get shit done!!! Siren Asylum was born from a drive to just try and do something to help all the women we heard being put off exercising and attending gyms. We were absolutely sick of so many things in the fitness industry, and the pressure women are put under to look a certain way by society. We're feeling so inspired and excited after last night!! Thank you so much @laurencoulman for inviting us! 🖤 🖤 🖤 xxx

Little Rockers Radio 🎧 Kids radio that changes lives!
24/7 music, nursery rhymes, story time, kids yoga, kids meditation and more during the day ☀️ Lullabies to soothe all night 🌘 💤💤
We exist to ensure a world where EVERY child is safe, healthy & happy. 70% of profits go to our charity partners.
Our model is simple: We love entertining kids with trusted programming, we have an awesome community of listeners (you) who care & we work with kick ass businesses as sponsors and partners! Profits from their sponsorships go to charity. The BIGGER the community, the BIGGER the impact.
Every time you press PLAY, you are part of the solution.

Thank you to everyone who came to our Functional Forum meet up tonight in Bransford - definitely feel like I’ve found my tribe 😃
#yourtribe #functionalforummeetup #functionalmedicine #evolutionofmedicine #powerofcommunity

When reluctant readers come into school after a week off to watch the movie for their book and pack up elementary classrooms the hottest day of the year, you surprise them with a trip to the local creamery to make their own ice cream 🍦😍📚 #ifyoubuildittheywillcome #powerofcommunity #choosekind

I found them. All over the world. My tribe fuels me. It’s family, old friends, new friends, online friends, corporate, and employees. They all have the same thing in common: genuine care for others. .
World changers. Bringing wellness to others and even using our resources to raise $1M this week to free slaves. .
I have burst into tears many tines this week. You can’t bottle the energy of the Holy Spirit, you must allow it to flow. .
#cantstopwontstop #worldchangers #wellness #bodyandsoul #ThankYouJesus #powerofcommunity #youngliving #everyone #worldchangers #truehealing #freedom

This beautiful message that we just received from Belinda has moved us to tears - happy, grateful tears. To witness firsthand how our Big Love Boxes serve and benefit both the recipient and the giver is such a gift. Thank you! ❤️

Once again, I’m completely in awe of this wonderful community! These amazing Big Love Boxes were delivered to me last night. Seven in total! Seven boxes and baskets full of amazing goodies and very moving messages. A huge thank you to Dani (pictured), Deborah, Liza, Ana, Eliza, Ellen and Tracie for their overwhelming generosity. Big love to Dani for coordinating this beautiful collection and for driving all the way from Bowral to drop them off. I’m so very grateful for the tremendous outpouring of love. N x

Finishing up our first week of the Beyond the Scale Nutrition Challenge! The weekend is definitely the hardest part for most people, with social pressure, wanting to relax after a hard week of work and feeling like you have been “really good” for most of the week, sooo...why not just have some fun? . . . .
That is where the power of challenges like this come in! Knowing that there are 100 other people working hard alongside you, the opportunity to maybe win some cash, let alone how great it will feel when you accomplish your goals! Thanks @sangre_argentina65 @esteruchan @simonsarecool @madebymtr for sharing your pics. Do you know your macros?
. . . .
Comment below if you are doing the challenge and how its going! #btschallenge2018 #paradisocrossfit #powerofcommunity #nutrition #staystrong @beyondmacros @jackiesixpackie

Please consider stopping by today to have your car washed or drop off a small donation. Thank you! #wildwoodnj #hollybeachfirecompany #carwashforacausewildwood #ittakesavillage #powerofcommunity

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