Pounamu is considered a taonga (treasure).
Pounamu is found only in the south island of the known in Mãori as Te Wai Pounamu ; "The land of Greenstone Water" or Te Wahi Pounamu ; The Place of Greenstone.

I always wanted one, but you can't get it for yourself, I know! I know!
So ten years waiting for it was so so so worth it!
I am so grateful to have such a beautiful pounamu made by an amazing artist @johnathan_percy_stone_art
It is a unique feather that holds the energy and blessings of all of my friends, the ones that surprised me with it.
It is such a special piece, that feels perfect for me.
I had a pretty emotional week full of joy and happy tears!
My pounamu was for sure a highlight for me apart from the obvious!

Thank you to Ruby Rose Mulcahy for organizing this! I am so so blessed to have you in my life! <3 x

Please check out Johnathan's page and support an amazing local artist! Because when you see it in person you will know what I mean! Freaking amazing!

I will see you all tomorrow at 9:00 am

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This deep green, small-scale tiki has been intricately bound into a bracelet. Who do you know who would love this one-off piece?

New: Marsden Flower Greenstone Hei Toki Pendant

A beautiful piece of Marsden Flower Greenstone from the south island of New Zealand. It comes lashed on a green adjustable cord.

This pendant is in the style of a Toki of the Maori Adze, or Toki Pou Tangata. Traditionally the Maori Adze was used as a large chisel to tool used for smoothing rough-cut wood in hand woodworking, however in wartimes the adze or toki are known to have been used by Maori warriors. The Maori also attribute the spiritual meaning of Strength and Power to the Toki.

This Toki is a one off unique piece and will not be available again.

Fresh of the bench this week is a small bunch of delicate custom made wedding rings all heading to different parts of the world, taking New Zealand with them where ever they go.
Hand crafted in 9k Gold, 18k Gold and Sterling Silver.
The one in the middle with the teeny tiny Pounamu is the smallest piece of Pounamu I've ever had to make, at just 2mm! How good does the Pounamu glow in that afternoon autumn sun.
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🌼 #pounamu and #balticamber 🌼
Handcrafted with 💗#aotearoagemstones

A hei tiki carries such an huge ability to tell story.
When seeking to wear hei tiki try and always have one made for you and your whaanau (family), so as to speak your ancestoral story.
Buying a ready made hei tiki is always buying a story that is not your’s.....

My new macrame range is here! Check out all these beautiful bracelets. ❤ prices range from $75 - $95 #pounamu #bracelets #nzjade #greenstone

His and hers NZ greenstone rings. Made in NZ. Pounamu perfection.
#madeinnewzealand #greenstone

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