여행 사진 보면서 교정하고싶다는 생각이 자꾸 든다
교정하면 양치 잘해야되는데...

Regrann from @world - Alexander Gauland, one of the leaders of the German far-right party AfD, was reportedly bathing in a lake near Potsdam last week when a man shouting "for Nazis, there is no bathing place" stole his clothes. The image of Gauland walking away from the alleged crime scene wearing only his trunks with a police escort has proved unsurprisingly popular and provoked a debate in German media over whether it is OK to laugh at a far-right politician who's had his clothes stolen 😂👕🇩🇪 (📷: Getty, pusztapunk / Twitter)
#alexandergauland #afd #politician #nazi #nazis #theft #stealing #farright #potsdam #germany #german - #regrann

Orangerie auf Schloss Sanssouci #potsdam #castle #brandenburg #history #orangerie #architecture

Christmas marketing

From Peine to Potsdam to Berlin! The palaces in Potsdam were so pretty, I didn't stay there for long or go inside, but the stuff I saw looked amazing✨ Typical Renaissance, coincidentally the stuff I learned at school lol. The palace made me feel like I was in Italy or something, rather than Germany😂

And then we went to Berlin, arriving at the apartment after a moment of stress, because the streets we needed to use were closed for a football event, it were the finals after all🏆

The place we're staying at feels like my dream apartment; light, spacious, in a big pretty city, not too big not too small, I love it. But it must be so expensive :') Let's hope I'll get paid well at my future job. It's also right next to the Auschwitz monument, those big blocks. And it's a fun place to play hide-and-seek lol. I like this monument, it has something peaceful, yet impressive, yet fun aura around it. It's not all heavy and depressive.
Also, the weather was amazing again today, look at that blue sky!! It almost just looks fake on the pictures😂 I got slightly sunburned though, I better put on some protection before it gets too bad😳 I heard tomorrow will be less good weather, but oh well, what gives

By the way, the Potsdam Brandenburger Tor look absolutely gorgeous in the scaffoldings😂😅 But now I'm pretty tired, so imma leave this instagram diary and go get some sleep😴
#deutschland #potsdam #berlin #sanssouci #beautifulweather #photography #vacation

#streetart #potsdam мусор на полу - пустые баллончики от краски

Ecco a voi un Rain Garden: soluzione efficiente e sostenibile che sfrutta la bellezza e i colori delle piante realizzando delle zone in situ per favorire la regimazione delle acque contro il problema degli allagamenti e dello scorrimento superficiale.
Potsdam park, BERLIN
#green #raingarden #greenfuture #plants #potsdam #berlin #waterproblems #flowers #agronomy #sostenibile #soustainable #vivai

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