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Just 24 hours until I set off on a road trip to Indianapolis for the biggest coaching event of the year! I am so excited to spend time with my team and learn from some of the best boss babes in the biz! ☺️ To make this event even more amazing I’ve teamed up with a few other coaches to host an Indy-inspired coaching sneak peek! It will be a private Facebook group where we will share our stories about why we started, what we do, and give you a VIP behind-the-scenes look into what Coach life is all about! No commitment necessary, if you want to just be a fly on the wall and simply learn more about it we would LOVE to have you there! Just send me a message girl and I’ll make sure to get you added to the group! This is going to be so much fun you guys and I just seriously can’t wait!💕 #teamriseaboveit #alittleinspiration #lifeoflove #positivitybreedspositivity #everyonestartssomewhere #weddingfit #womenwithgoals #whatdoesitmean #togetherisbest #midweektreat


Note to self : stay hungry , stay humble. #positivitybreedspositivity 🤙

Love this! Happy Wellness Wednesday! Remember to take care of your "insides" today! #begoodtoyourself #wellnesswednesday #innerpeace #innerbeauty #positivitybreedspositivity #selflove #selfcare

Sometimes, heck a lot of the time ... I forget exactly how far I have come since 2011. Not only physically but more so mentally. I forget now not because I don't realize the internal and external changes I have created , but because that is a life of the past.
That was another person. At 254 lbs I never thought I could change. I have beyond moved passed dwelling on that past life. When I first made a lifestyle change I was in grad school, after 23 years of being overweight , insecure, anxious, and coping with my emotions with my old pal food , I had had ENOUGH. I lived in fear daily that I would be the next person to develop diabetes, or that I would literally have a heart attack at 23 years old... 23 !! What 23 year old should worry about that ?! After many day 1’s I decided to start eating better and moving. It wasn't easy... I made small changes daily and learned how to better my life. I always had a doubt in myself and a fear that I would gain back any weight lost. Today I thought about that old me. I can say that almost 7 years after I've made those changes and I have maintained my health . I've defied my own odds, I've created the change I wanted, and I continue to grow physically and mentally. Sure it's hard work... every single day, sure I have slip ups, but the long term success is so fulfilling .. If I can do it- so can you! Wether you want an internal or external transformation the first step starts with change. If you are looking for change PLEASE reach out to me... I have walked in similar shoes... I am kicking off a summer health success group on June 25th to start to the summer off right and looking for 10 ladies to join me! I would LOVE to walk you through your very own transformation! For more information comment below or click the link in my bio 🙌🏼😘🌊 #breakthestigma #unfuckyourself #positivitybreedspositivity #sweatybands #almost30 #20something #pittsburghpa

3 months ago, I made a vow to work on my health (mental and physical) because I was tired of letting my bad decisions/habits get in the way of my happiness. I wanted more energy and I wanted to feel strong. Small wins like this baby tricep make it all worthwhile.
I became so in love with the community, the 30 minute workouts, and the meal plans that I decided to go all in - I signed up to be a coach. I decided I want to help others invest in themselves the way that I did because struggling with your happiness is not worth it.
The only point to this long post is just to say, don't forget to take care of yourself first. Whatever you struggle with, you hold the key to making the change your life needs. -
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Day... Arguing with your spouse whether you are married or dating can be hard at times. Because let’s be real we are all so very different! My husband and I He have lived two very different lives and encountered different experiences that have shaped us both.
For example when he and I get into an argument I shut down. Does anyone else do this? I know when to stop talking and walk away from the argument. As I have said before I was in an awful relationship with my daughters dad and when we fought we said horrible mean things to each other that you can’t take back. I know that. My husband doesn’t and hasn’t learned that.
Every time we get in an argument I feel like his hate and discussed for me come out because he doesn’t address a problem when they arises. I know he doesn’t hate me... although it feels like it sometimes.
I know when to quit talking and when not to say awful things. God help us!! We are so very different. I love him, our children and we have a pretty great life but we lack in communication.
I can learn from our arguments but I don’t feel like he does! When we first got together I would completely shut down. Have you heard of flight or fight? I’m a flight and that’s because of my past and my up bringing. However I am working on it. Back in the beginning of our marriage I wouldn’t have ever said my husband was right or think to myself I should work on this. I would have never been the first person to talk. It’s like a game.... I’m not talking first, I know it was childish but it’s how I worked.
Today at this moment as I sit at @starbucks I can calmly think about what he said and process how I can go back and talk to him. This is growth people!
I am telling you all this because I am a very real and honest person and know others can relate to this or learn from this.

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Arm blaster gains 💯
“As the mountains crack and the oceans boil, a fury-tempered heart is forged” ⚔️
@warriorfitathletics ⚔️
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There really is no destination, there is only exploring, exploring, and exploring. - #unfuckyourself #mentalist #mindofherown #soulonfire #breakthestigma #positivitybreedspositivity

The difference? Balance.⚖️ The girl on the left was an ultra-perfectionist with lots of ambition but very little perspective. Whatever she was doing had to be either entirely on point or nothing at all.🤦🏼‍♀️ School, work, cleaning, fitness, nutrition, you name it! She was either studying until her brain was numb or not cracking the books all week. Either cleaning the whole house in one day or not even wiping off the coffee table. Either living only on lettuce or hitting up McDonalds all day every day. There was absolutely no balance.🚫 Fast-forward through over 5 years of frustration and I can confidently say that I have learned SO much about consistency, self-love and perception. 💖 This girl on the right is the VERY happiest version of her that the world has ever seen and it only keeps getting better! She feels strong, motivated and confident in herself and no longer cares if others thing anything different.💁🏼‍♀️ ✨If my story sounds like something you're going through I just want to say this: I know it seems so far fetched right now, but I promise that exactly what you're looking for is just on the other side of one badass commitment to yourself!✨ If you want any help changing your life like I did or even just want to chat, my inbox is always open!📱 Happy Tuesday my friends, let’s make it a great one!

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Day... Yesterday I was listening to @msrachelhollis and her husband @mrdavehollis on their live chat and she said the above quote. “Prayers go up, Blessings come down”. I use to pray when someone was sick, or hurt I’d pray for god to heal them. I prayed when I needed help both mentally and physically to survive the situations I was in.
But then I started going to a moms group at my friend Katie’s church and she said you should pray every day. Spend quit time with god in the morning. So I started doing that along with my morning yoga and my Inspirational reading. And then at night before I would go to sleep I would pray to god and tell him everything I was thankful for. And do you know what more good amazing things happen.
I swear by Positive thinking and being grateful, it really does change your life.

So if someone you know is struggling mentally, physically, emotionally or has a or struggles to stay positive tag them below. Because you can’t choose joy unless you know you can! And I believe everyone can choose Joy! •

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