Windy day pt2.

She was the real ray of sunshine.☀️
See the full shoot on my website in my bio.

Currently getting used to the highs and lows of running your own ‘creative’ business (as much as I hate that word). Some weeks I feel like I’m killing it and everything can only possibly move upwards and onwards, and some weeks I feel like it’s all going to come crumbling down and how the hell did I expect to make it in an industry full of such talented people? This week has seen both.
Kels on film | portra 400

To be your current location

I need my current location

Fly back to me

KC Fashion Week is next week! #KCFW
designer: @georginaherreradesignee MCK Brand @naavaswim
photog: Lori Locke PhotoDesign
model: @mccartneyquinn

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