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So humbled to be interviewed by the Working Dog Radio podcast! Thank you Eric and Tedd - Awesome time! Show your support and check it out. This podcast is a preview to the upcoming Blueline K9 Training LLC conference in April 2019 where I will be instructing a class "how to monetize" geared towards police officers. For my brothers in blue - come to the Blueline conference, attend my course and let's talk about how to make some money! Thank you to the team at Working Dog Radio, Working Dog Dry Goods and @VanEss K9 for the support!
For those that don't know I also appeared on The Dog Show with Nick and Joe podcast a few months back - show some support and check that out as well!
If the few count is high - they may have Ridgeside K9 back for a "part 2" interview - so show your support and blow up the subscribe buttons and get those download numbers up!!!

This has finally happened... Something that started as a wish has become a reality. Thank you K&L Gates for making this possible. The application was filed May 12, 2017, And finally registered Nov. 6, 2018. Nothing with government is quick, but it was sure worth the wait.
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“Create a vision that makes you want to get out of bed in the morning”
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Routine and structure - guidance, oversite, and supervision. Make "life" training and teach the dog how to learn. Give the dog a task. At Ridgeside K9 we are big believers in using day to day routines as self capping drills for the pups.
Have a special dog - we are a special place! House pets to working dogs, we train them all. How can we help you?

Part of the routine at Ridgeside K9 is fitness, we are super fortunate to have a gym in the kennel. So during workouts we cycle dogs in and out of kennels and have them do place work. Place work during these cycles has a two fold benefit. One - hold the place while I'm slamming weights around, focus through distraction! Two - do not go visit your friends. Hold your place and stay focused on task.
These routines are not part of the official training for the day but they reinforce foundation and transfer into everything else we do. I know some will disagree - but I truly believe dogs do absorb information (learn) through observation. These simple place drills in a "non-training" environment has truly helped dogs that struggle at place move forward.
The most exciting picture in this mix is the Dogo (center pic) - he has been here for 3 weeks to address some aggression and dominance issues and is going home tomorrow. Look how relaxed and at ease he is in the presence of all the other dogs. He has come a long way!
As well - the GSD top right corner. He has been here for a few months - addressing dangerous behavior towards both man and other dogs. Look at him now and how relaxed he is!
Both the Dogo and GSD would fence fight like wild men the first week here. They learned a new way! Proud of both!
Two week board and train is all that's needed for 90% of dogs, however, when dealing with aggression often it requires more time for a true transformation. The difference between 2 and 4 weeks of training in regards to behavior modification is tremendous and truly supports long term success!

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When all you want to do is play in that big-o-pile of leaves. #policek9association #offduty #playtime #k9 #fall

When all you want to do is play in that big-o-pile of leaves. #policek9association #offduty #playtime #k9 #fall

If there was a visual representation of how that moment felt. This would be it. All that training and it all comes together. That moment that it all clicks and you might have second guessed your pup but he came through especially in front of your co workers. 🤘🏼🤓
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Happy Veterans Day. Thank you to all of you who have served our great country. We appreciate all the sacrifices you and your loved ones have made in order for us to continue enjoying our freedom. thank you to all who continue to serve. 🇺🇸.
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Ya’ll know I’m not the only one playing music for our dogs while working the road. 🤘🏼😝. .
Tag that special someone you know does this. .
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Thank god our tug arrived today from @almk9equipment because this smoke in the air is killing us and Lucifer is really starting to get restless being cooped up. #tuglife #malinoispuppy #malinoisofinstagram #policek9association #policek9association #policek9 #malinois #k9 #sjonnieson

Wether is tracking, or simply going for a walk. There’s always that one dog that is ready to go and when he or she goes you are in for the ride. That’s how it felt in the beginning with the maniac, but he has finally slowed down. 🐾
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