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Iris got hate in the bw anime and many believe she’s solely responsible for ruining the Black and White anime, To me while I do think her running gag of belittling Ash and calling him a little kid was irritating, I kinda thought Iris was slightly better than Serena in terms of battling (I’m gonna get hate for this sorry nothing personal to Serena fans) not to mention that she was able to connect with dragons, she caught a Dragonite that was just like Ash’s Charizard, she even got to meet and become the apprentice of Clair the gym leader, I think as stubborn as Clair was in the games, Iris was similar in terms of stubbornness, of course anime counterparts these days don’t live up to the game or manga personalities. I find it awesome that Iris was the champion of Black and White 2 {Artist: Unknown if you know who the artist is let me know } QOTD: Favorite Unova Dragon Type? {AOTD:} Hydreigon #pokemonblackandwhite #pokemonblackandwhite2 #pokemonblack2 #pokemonwhite2 #championiris #pokemoniris #irispokemon #pokemonfanart #pokemonart #pokemon

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