gameday today. kyrie will not play with shoulder tightness. 🤘🏼

Is lebron the GOAT?
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Smh, Dwight Howard😂😂
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Do you think Steph gets away with a lot of double dribbles? 👀

Basketball star 🤩🏀💞
She’s loving her first season of basketball!
She scored 12 of the 14 points for her team...and of course I didn’t get 1 basket on video 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️ #girlsbasketball #earlymorningbasketball #pointguard #topscorer #playhardwinbig #proudmom #alwaysdoyourbest

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Body rock crossover to shimmy fade-away
Keys to success :
1) Really sell the Rocking motion to make a killer crossover
2) Expect a hand in your face when shooting the fade-away
3) The extra dribble before you pick up the ball is where I had my difficulties. For newer basketball players I recommend to take this drill step by step. Work on the crossover by itself, the shimmy fade-away by itself and then combine them together to develop your style and flow with these moves. 🤙🏽

🇺🇸#PointGuard @siyani_chambers went to work dishing out assists this weekend for his @giessen_46ers 🏀🔥🏀Keep it up Siyani! #teamscorers1st #wearescorers1st #SiyaniChambers #Harvard #basketball

QUOTE: “It’s the ending of a chapter in both our lives. It’s sweet and sour. The sweet part about it is I’ve always loved being on the court with my brother. And the sour part about it is that this is our last time sharing the same court. Obviously, LeBron is there and it’s our last time matching up, so it’s definitely gonna be a little extra special than any normal game. I’m not gonna tell you it’s another 1-of-82 it’s not for me. But in the end, they have the best player in the game on their team and he’s playing out of his mind. I’m going to enjoy it.” -Dwyane Wade on him and LeBron’s last matchup tonight.
Who drops more points tonight Wade or LeBron?
I have a feeling this will be one of the best games of the season tonight and it will be very close with LeBron dropping 31 points and Dwyane dropping 23 in a super close Lakers win. I wish the last time they matched up LeBron was in a Cavs jersey just for nostalgia but even then this will be a classic.
Who do you think takes the win tonight, Lakers or Heat? Let me know in the comments!🗣

She’s gunna be a problem 😳 is she ever gunna be in the WNBA 🔥 #hoopvision

Throwback to Curry’s first allstar game🤭

*Based off THIS SEASON*
Here is Part 2 of My Top Ten Current NBA Players at Every Position!
It’s fine to disagree, but if you want to bash me, please read the full caption first. Keep in mind, this is based PRIMARILY on THIS season, so please don’t spam (but “ “ happened in the playoffs last year). Also, if a player has not played a game this season, they will not be ranked. This factors in individual stats, team success, impact on team, etc. ——————————————————
Chris Paul really has not been playing well compared to last year this season, and he’s on a struggling Rockets team. Last year I would have likely had him at 4, but this year his efficiency and scoring have dropped, and his lack of team success is not making up for his relatively low output (compared to guards I ranked above him). I think he can get back up to a top 5 point guard if he gets the Rockets back up to a top 5 seed in the west, but for now, he falls at number 9.

Devin Booker is arguably a point guard, but I think he’ll shift back to shooting guard if the Suns can get a point guard. That being said, he’s been a decent playmaker and scorer this season, and even though his team has a terrible record, the competition in the west is way ahead of the Suns, so it’d be unrealistic to expect more out of the team.

Jayson Tatum could honestly be lower than Gallinari based off this season alone, but I am cutting him a little slack considering the amount of talent he has around him.
Harrison Barnes has played great for the Mavericks, and is underrated in that very few people have talked about how the Mavericks’ season has turned around since he returned.

Lamarcus Aldridge has been decent this season, but it’s evident he’s having a harder time playing alongside DeMar DeRozan. In addition, the Spurs have been extremely inconsistent. And yes, Lamarcus Aldridge is playing center this season.
Thoughts? Anything you would change so far?

I feel that Michigan should be top 3 but the rankings are pretty Solid.

St Johns should be ranked even though their schedule hasn’t been that hard but they are still undefeated against some quality teams.
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The beauty of skill enhancement is it doesn’t focus on who you are currently but instead who you want to become. So even as one of the best Sophomores in the state @philthysilky can still be exposed to his areas of improvement.
Skill enhancement is for those that are hungry for success. It’s not about working on your strengths but instead putting in the time to fix weaknesses and add a plethora of abilities. #freethrow #ball #ballin #basketball #chicago #pointguard #highschoolbasketball #basketballneverstops #buckets #layup #basketballtrainer #basketballtraining #🏀 #bbahoops #jumpshot #jumper #shooting #wetball #score #win #nba #wnba #aau #crossover #hoops #handlelife #3pointer #rebound #jelly #🍇

There are MANY ways to score off a down screen... just dropped a video on 7 to do so! Smart players don’t just have the skill to do something, they have the brains to read the defense and get to open spots!! Vid in bio. Sorry for music being too loud

Furman might be #23 in the new AP Poll, but they are #1 in our hearts.

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