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Y'all wanna know what a 9.9 vault looks like?? Well...here you go. @aloha.selene @winkle_badinkle
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2013 vs. 2017!!! Happy Birthday @suraya_h !!! We are all glad you're home 💕 #PocketNinja

It's good to know that 20-something years later I still don't know what to do with my hands. Another thing that me and Dwayne Johnson don't have in common. #tbt #pocketninja

#GOTV in CD-34 for Kenneth Mejia for Congress with these BAD ASSES - Alex Ware, + @lilstickyrice aka #PocketNinja ✊️💜✊️ #YesWEKen #ItsInOurHands #LOVEwins 💜

Happy Easter to my two favourites in the whole wide world. Sorry I can't be there this year for bulk chocolate and activities. Catch ya Wednesday #myworld#nae#pocketninja#bestpeopleever

Much better! #WorkStation #PocketNinja

I realized that pocket ninja, being a ninja, is back home in Nihon! No wonder he's so happy. PN guides me through the thousands of torii gates leading up to Mt. Inari. The higher up I went, the tourists started to thin out until it was just me in certain parts. So peaceful. #kyoto #japan #travel #pocketninja

This guy walking by handed me this and said "Hi I give out ninjas, thats what I do", then walked away lol #pocketninja


Making decisions can be really hard and I was talking to a friend the other day who was deciding between two jobs and she couldn’t figure out what to do – the standard pros and cons list wasn’t working. So, I asked her “what do you want less of”? Less stress, less running around, less noise, less… less… less…. She was like “wow, I never thought of looking at ‘what do I want less of?’”, because we usually approach from things from “how do I get more?”. I know for myself the last year I’ve taken on this approach of “less” and it has radically changed what I do, how I act, what I ask for and how happy I am. I decided I wanted to do less work that doesn’t light me up, I want less struggle, less running around, less doubt, less forcing, less doing things to make others happy, less guilt, less looking good for others, less appearances, less superficiality, beating around the bush, less pushing my body until I’m sick and less “I have to”. And through all that I’ve gotten so much freedom, ease, fun, happiness and I’ve also gotten lots of the results that I had been always trying to get with “more, more, more”. Where can less get you more?

I'm working from home on this rainy day in Vancouver, but I don't mind. It's a perfect day to get work done! And as much as l love summer I don't mind the change of seasons. It reminds me that change is natural process, that there is a time for everything and that there are different speeds to life. It gives me chance to reflect, shift gears, reinvigorate, reinvent, renew, and recharge. Work, purpose, passion and reflection are my happy place.

I used to believe that business and personal life should have a very hard and distinct line. And although I’ve been able to successfully do that, I have realized in the last year few years that it doesn’t really work and more importantly life’s too short and too valuable to not bring your whole self to everything you do. Now, I am an instructor and a business coach and trainer and I love it because I can bring my whole self to everything I do. In my college classes I share stories about when I’ve personally failed at communications when teaching about communications, and I share my own struggles in business when working one on one with my business clients. It is in being able to bring my whole self to everything that I'm doing that makes me feel like I'm offering the most value and makes me feel the most fulfilled.

I may be small but I am lethal

I’ve spent a lot of my life saying “I’ll be happy when…” – fill in the blank: make more money, own this car, buy this thing, travel to this place. And I’ve spent a lot of time trying to get to the end result while being unhappy in the interim. In an “a-ha moment” earlier this year I said no more to doing things for the wrong reasons, doing things because I think they’re a short-cut to happiness, doing things because they look good, or doing things because I “should” do them. And in this moment I said I’m only taking on things that I’m going to love doing. Things that fulfill me. I’d rather spend my time figuring out how to make more money and fit in more of the things that fill me up, than trying to figure out how to survive doing all these things I don’t enjoy until I can get to “the end”. This isn’t the easiest of processes. I work hard and often have to stretch out of my comfort zone on a daily basis, but I enjoy the process of building my ideal business and life. So when I’m prepping for a client meeting late on a Sunday night or running to Superstore at 10:45pm to find string for an in-class activity I just have to do, I don’t mind because I love the process of what I’m doing! I love what I’m building, I love who I get to be, I love the difference I make and that makes all the hard decisions and long hours worth it. I’m finally at a place that I am enjoying the climb so much, it doesn’t even matter to me if I get to the mountain top and yet now the mountain top seems not so distant. Are you enjoying the process or just trying to get to the top?

At Entrepreneurs' Organization listening to Salim Ismail of Singularity University speak. If you haven't read Exponential Organizations it's a MUST read! GREAT POINTS: an organization's "immune system" will attack innovation; we are moving from a scarcity based world to abundance based; traditional education is teaching how to build 20th century businesses, not 21st century businesses.

I think balance is a myth – at least as it’s mostly talked about. It seems like it is this unattainable goal about having enough time for a little bit of everything. Not only is this pretty much impossible, but it makes for a very boring dish (if I can use a cooking analogy) to have all ingredients available in equal balance. Balance is about priorities for the current moment and NOT everything can be a priority. You can have one, two, or maybe three priorities, but that’s it. And even then, priorities always exist in a hierarchy. Right now my priorities are taking care of business and taking time for myself. I do manage to fit in friends, fitness, and other things but I don’t make myself crazy anymore trying to fit everything in and then feeling like a failure when that doesn’t work. What are your top priorities?

Today's office - JJ Bean in Yaletown. I'm passionate about my work and about having flexibility and freedom in my life which means sometime I work on a Sunday, but also means sometime I don't work on a week day. Today is a get things done day! Yay life!

It's good to know that 20-something years later I still don't know what to do with my hands. Another thing that me and Dwayne Johnson don't have in common. #tbt #pocketninja

After not planting any flowers for the past few years this summer I was excited to get my hands dirty and plant a whole bunch of different things. With a cold, wet and late start to the summer and then a consistent heatwave for the rest (not complaining) most of my plants barley seemed to poke through the soil. "Oh well", I thought, "I'll know better next year and I'll make some different choices of what to plant." Then out of nowhere the 3 scraggly sunflowers I had left bloomed! I thought this is such a lesson for life and business. Even when things look like they are over you never know when a seed that you planted might suddenly bloom! I am reminded to get my hands dirty, have fortitude, have faith, be optimistic, be open, have ambition, just try it, have wonder, wait patiently, have gratitude and always have a learner's mindset.

This afternoon I’m chillin’, I mean working, in Yaletown in my favourite office — otherwise known as “coffee shops”. Being able to do this – have this flexibility and variety is one of my most important values. I call it “FREEDOM to do it my way”! In the last few weeks I have spent lots of time talking about values with my college students and my clients. One consistent theme I have witnessed over and over again in my work is that most of us think up our values. However, values are not created out of thin air — values are present, they are consistent, they are enduring, they already exist in our behaviour. And we don’t always like our values, but we need to work with how we actually are, not how we want to be or what looks good. For me I wish I didn’t value “freedom”. My life would be so much easier in so many ways if I didn’t. But, I do value freedom, so instead of working against it, I now embrace it and work with it. And I’m so much happier, now that I’m not resisting what is in my true nature. So, now I have a life and business built around my values. How do you live your values? Also, you can checkout my blog on values at: https://pocketninjastrategies.com/2017/06/13/6-reasons-your-business-coach-has-you-do-a-values-exercise/

2013 vs. 2017!!! Happy Birthday @suraya_h !!! We are all glad you're home 💕 #PocketNinja

This summer was able to celebrate 1 year of being in business. Woohoo, I made it! I am proud of that! And I also realized that although I had survived 1 year I wasn’t where I thought I would be. I thought I would have all my processes totally dialed. I thought I’d have more clients and more revenue. I thought I would be more clear on my value proposition and my services. And, it was a wake-up call to realize that after a year in my business I wasn’t where I thought I would be. And that’s not a bad thing. I think I’ve done pretty good. I just realize that it’s going to take more than I thought it would to get to where I want to be - an easy concept but much harder in practice. I really got clear on this while reading “The 10X Rule”. In the book the author talks about how we underestimate what it’s going to take to get what we want. He gives the example of thinking he would be able to recover his income from his previous job in 3 months after starting his business. In reality it took him 5 years. That woke me up a bit! I’m all for shooting for the moon – I'm a 100% believer in big goals!! And at the same time I also see what we UNDERESTIMATE what it’s going to take to achieve those goals. So, now with a little bit more experience under my belt, I have the same goals, a more robust action plan (a bit longer timeline), and the good sense to know that we always OVERestimate results and UNDERestimate the work involved. Where are you underestimating what it’s going to take to get the results you want?

Keep people in your life that make you grow especially when you don't want to.
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Some years ago some nice folks reached out asking if we would make custom ninjas for their wedding. 8 years later!!!
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happy #8 ❤️!
pocket ninjas: @shawnimals
pic: @annaguziak
smile on my face: @mscitykitty1 .
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