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Let’s get the party started THIS FRIDAY celebrating the final FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS of the 2018 OPEN SEASON! Wear your favorite TMNT gear, bring a treat to share, complete 18.5 and stay to celebrate another year of fitness with friends 🐢🎉 #IrwindaleCrossFit #TurtlePower #crossfit #intheopen #18point5 #crossfitopen #fridaynightlights #foodandfitness #workhard #playharder

Our fearless leaders leading fearlessly. Pitch it like it's #DAMNGOOD

#newbusiness #development #pitches #clients #dowork #workhard #playharder #bosslife #adagency #delray #contactus

My favorite part about working from home is the beautiful space I’ve created. Surround yourself with things you love! It fills you up, and keeps you smiling for days. One day I’ll work from home and get paid, but for now I continue to bust my booty to connect our community through volunteer opportunities is Calgary. #beautifulday #thisislife #workhard #playharder #havefun #yyc

I won't bend nor break I'll just reply and break the bank #MonZo #GoGetter #BetterDays #brighterdays #StayFocused #workhard #playharder

Stop doubting yourself work hard and make it happen.

Goals on goals on goals #2018 #newbeginnings #workhard #playharder

The new commute 💙 Getting used to the new digs, the new people, the new hours. Three more weeks and then SINGAPORE 🇸🇬 #workhard #playharder

Here’s to many firsts: first trip to #Asia, first trip to #Japan, first trip to a place where I don’t speak the language, first time seeing how my friend has lived all these years without me, first vacay of the year. Celebrating 2 years in private practice. Celebrating liberation. #liberate #prepareforjoy #blessingsonblessings #playharder See you in ten hours 🇯🇵

They say three shakes is playing with yourself #WorkHard #PlayHarder

This place was absolutely beautiful 9 restaurants 6 pools. Truly blessed to finally go on vacation. #work #hard #playharder

This sight is exciting and stressful at the same time ! Every winter we are always impatient to get our first eggs, then spring comes and we become impatient to see our first hatchlings! Today, our first baby leopard gecko hatched out ! With a blink of an eye hundreds and thousands of babies will be hatching in the next weeks and months to come. Now we are expecting our first coluvrida to drop eggs too!! #nbkreptiles

Running an online business isn't easy but with all the automation tools available online, your business can be running while you sleep.
#repost from @marketologyuk

Confidence shines in our #WCW today! @fearstofit is killing it in this #booty and #hamstring video! Kendall is just as much of a fan of us as we are of her! We proudly support her podcast Strive for strength PLUS we are working on some top secret stuff that we know you will ❤️ this girl is Inspiring, motivating and we just love working with her!#womensupportingwomen Enjoy this workout! 🙌💪
WOW... OW. Had such an amazing Glute and hamstring workout this morning! Focused really hard on my heavy compounds, and did some supersetting with accessory work! These were a few of the movements I did!RIP BOOTY 🍑
-Single leg cable kickback 4X 20 each leg
- landmine DL to squat 4x12
-weighted cable jump squat 4x12
tag a friend looking to build their 🍑💪🏽 Seamless rip- @gymshark @gymsharkwomen @gymsharktrain
Shorts- @celestialbodiez
Handsome camera guy - @clarkfit ❤️
#gymshark #gymsharkwomen #gymsharktrain #iifym #legday #workoutvideo

Even if you are always full of energy, you are allowed to get tired.
Even if you are always full of joy and happiness, you are allowed to get tired and be sad and frustrated:
You are allowed to get angry, even tough you usually just put your head down to avoid the confrontation.
You are allowed to say no.
Even tough you are always trying to make people around you happy, there are moments when you might need the same. And you are allowed to do so. You are allowed to just defend yourself. You are allowed to say no to a proposed meeting/dinner/weekend, even if you have time, just because you chose yourself, your rest, and a weekend by the pool with a book. You don’t have to chose one color, be a rainbow. That’s what makes you YOU. ❤️

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