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tow things prevent us from happiness:
living in the past & observing others.

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Foi muito top o nosso cosplay 😎👍
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dead man’s chest vs. dead men tell no tales (salazar’s revenge).
you have no idea how much i hate this "plot hole". like, it’s not even really a plot hole, it’s just a...mistake! due to inattentive writing. it could "just" be a plot hole if there was a story behind why tia dalma later had to give jack the compass he got from his former captain as a young pirate (for instance, he lost it or gave it away like he did in dmtnt too, tia dalma got wind of and her hands on it – just like shansa did – and he had to literally barter it back from her; or, since he most likely visited tia dalma frequently for help, he needed sth tia dalma only got him if he gave sth in return which was the compass as the only thing he...well...had) but would he really give his compass away or lose it? it’s his most powerful mean and the one item that defines him most! he gave it away in dmtnt but did he reach that point already at an earlier point of his life? i really do like the scene where his old captain hands him the compass, especially for what happens afterwards since we then get to hear why his last name is "sparrow" which is probably (alongside the willabeth reunion and the post credit one!!) my favorite scene. but if i had to choose i’d definitely pick the tia dalma scene as the "valid" one, in my opinion it’s way cooler that the goddess of the sea gave him the thing that made jack conquer the sea, it’s more special (since the compass plays such a big role in all installments), it’s contradictory and i like that. i wouldn’t be opposed to an official plot hole filler either though!
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