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Laundry Basket. Property of Aquinas the Cat.

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Sometimes life just isn't pretty or interesting. Sometimes its weird, dull, lonely, painful and small. But in his Word we are reminded that unless the grain of wheat falls to the earth and dies, it cannot bear fruit. Make your weird, small, dull, painful moments serve a purpose. There will come a point where you can step back and see the beauty!
John 12:24 is the appropriate verse to indicate that we are making legume mosaics in art tomorrow right? 😄

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Brand New Comic Strip! #pintswithaquinas

New Episode! Why Curiosity is the enemy of Wonder. Link in Bio #pintswithaquinas

It’s Friday, Catholic Pilgrims! Ahhhh....yeah. So, I’m rocking my new Pints With Aquinas t-shirt. St. Thomas Aquinas is one of my favorite saints. Reason is, is because not long after become Catholic, a friend of mine became an atheist and started challenging Christians. I wanted to refute her, but I lacked knowledge. So, I hit the Summa, Thomas’ book. At first, it was like trying to read another language, but I took it super slow and studied it with all my brain power. Over time, I came to understand so much more about our faith and the reasonableness of believing in God. I’m still no expert, but I understand a lot more now. ✝️
I listen to the podcast “Pints with Aquinas” put on by Matt Fradd. It’s a fantastic podcast and he was recently selling this shirt with this Thomas Aquinas quote. Translated it says, “Nothing if not you, Lord.” I can’t wait for it to be a conversation starter. ✝️
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. It’s my hope to see the Gosnell movie, but I fear it’s already gone from theaters which is another matter altogether to talk about. ✝️
Live the Catholic life boldly, be an example of Christ’s love, enjoy family time, and say a prayer for someone who you struggle to love.

Tune in NOW we have Cameron Fradd from @among_the_lilies podcast on the line! Soon she will be joined by her husband @mattfradd from @pints_w_aquinas ! Our Spirit Pledge Drive number is 678-688-4549 #TheQuestATL #pintswithaquinas #amongthelilies #amongtheliliespodcast #catholic #faith

🙏🏻Nothing if not you, Lord.🙏🏻
Absolutely love my new #tshirt #pintswithaquinas ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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New Episode. What is Papal Infallibility? Link in Bio. #pintswithaquinas

Things that amuse and kind of please me. #mattfradd #pintswithaquinas #michaelvoris #churchmilitant

New Episode. The 4 Marks of The Church, 5 really bad Popes, and your questions. Don't miss this one! Link in Bio #pintswithaquinas

Praying in front of St. Thomas Aquinas’ tomb was definitely one of the best bucket list moments. He is one of my favorite saints, and I was so happy to have to opportunity to visit!

New Episode! Do we really have Guardian Angels? Link in Bio. #pintswithaquinas

Next week. Exclusive interview with @mattwalshblog. Don't miss this one. #pintswithaquinas

New Episode! The Role of the Holy Spirit in the Body of Christ. Link in Bio. #pintswithaquinas

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