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Did anyone catch my effortless New Years Eve #style segment w @sara_gore @newyorklivetv ? I just watched it taped as the kiddos took a bit longer to put to bed ;-) I'll post all the looks #PiecesofPam #blog shortly (if I don't pass out from #motherhood)

Life IS better when you're laughing. 😍 that's a wrap for my Self Love Celebration @abc7dc #GoodMorningWashington πŸ’‹ I'll post a recap on #PiecesofPam blog shortly. πŸ’‹ PS the pillow is from @JCPenney

Rainy days look better with bright lipstick #AlwaysBeYourBestYou I'm loving @100percentPure fruit pigmented lipstick in Melon in addition to being synthetic and toxic free, my pucker is getting major anti-oxidant love! Find out about this and my other LOVE YOUR LIPS essentials #blog #PiecesofPam www.PiecesofPam.com - wishing you a bright beautiful day xo

Because #NYFW starts in 12hrs and the only #fashion I'm focusing on is her daycare runway look ;-) @burberry and delicate curls #mom #motherhood #piecesofpam

Blog posts up #PiecesofPam, new TV segment ideas lined up for April, everyone had lung, now off my boy for hair cut and #mommyson bonding #blessed #mom #myhappyformula

Did it again. Staying strong and true. Better health #SelfImproveToday how are you staying healthy? Wear do you want to improve? Don't wait for jan1. Embrace the possibilities of today, and head on over to my blog #PiecesofPam for motivation, #healthy beauty tips and smart #style solutions that will make you feel fabulous inside and out! #AlwaysBeYourBestYou

So this happened today. I carved out much needed time for physical wellness because every day is a chance for self improvement. I'll be posting on #PiecesofPam #blog tonight about the need to hit refresh and that there is no reason to wait for January 1st to set goals ... Who's with me? #SelfImprovementToday

#nofilter #beauty glowing skin @ernolaszlonyc worth EVERY penny!! Recap #PiecesofPam #blog coming up soon


We may not have it altogether, but together we have it all. πŸ’‹ That's how I feel about my family, my motherhood, my life. πŸ’‹ I'm not perfect. I don't have all the answers. I'm not claiming my way is the best way. But, my way sure is the best way for me! πŸ’‹πŸ™ Over the past few weeks, I've been blessed to do so many mommy segments, meet and connect with so many different types of moms, and truly appreciate what it means to be part of an inspirational non shaming #momtribe. πŸ’‹ My recent encounters have inspired me to launch a #MommyMoments series on my blog (potentially an exciting media partner as well πŸ™). πŸ’‹ I want to shine a light on the mom who's living her #HappyFormulaLife. She could be a CEO, celebrity or Cindy down the street. If she's happy in her motherhood, I want to talk to her! πŸ’‹Stay tuned for more updates. I truly would not be driving my ship were it not for everyone in my life, including my social media ❀️mom squad. #mamaste #mamabear #PamelaPekerman #PiecesofPam

Nope, not pregnant. Just a little #tbt to my glowing belly days. πŸ’‹ Motherhood is the the most challenging, nerve-wracking, & stressful experience you'll ever undertake. Ya it's pretty f'n awesome too!! πŸ’‹πŸ™ To maximize the smiles and minimize the stress, I'm always on the hunt the the newest mommy just haves. πŸ’‹ currently on the blog my 9 NEW MOM MUST HAVES from Sleep supporters to Medical Innovations, click link in bio for all the scoop. www.PamelaPekerman.com #PiecesofPam #PamelaPekerman #newmom #newmommy

Just a pair of shoes thrilled to enjoy their day in the sun. 😍 Mamas, are you ready for more sunshine? If you're looking to slip your feet into spring, check out my blog post previewing #giltxsamedelman which goes on sale tomorrow @gilt. πŸ’‹bold colors, pom poms and total comfort #comfystyleshoes www.PamelaPekerman.com #PiecesofPam #newblogpost @sam_edelman

GIVEAWAY alert πŸ’‹. Get red carpet ready for tonight's Oscars by entering to win my #redcarpet πŸ’‹essentials featured in Friday's #piecesofpam blog post. (Shoes not included) β€’
1️⃣ follow @PamelaPekerman
2️⃣ leave a comment below tagging two friends who are part of your glam mama posse
3️⃣ extra entrance if you repost the photo and use #PiecesofPam #P2giveaway @pamelapekerman 4️⃣ contest is open to Continental US residence over the age of 18. Contest ends 9amEST 2/27/17. πŸ’‹πŸŽ‰πŸ’‹

We're celebrating #nationalpistachioday by eating our Pistachio Gluten Free Cookies. πŸͺπŸ’‹Check out my #newblogpost with the this easy recipe. You can make it while watching tonight's #oscarawards #redcarpet arrivals. πŸ’‹ we made ours Friday night. It's not easy getting two toddlers engaged in the same thing, for an extended period of time. But I think baking could be our family jam. πŸ’‹ if you have a fun recipe for us to try, do share! 😍#kidswhobake #bakingwithkids #bakingwithlove

How sexy can you go? πŸ’‹Check out my #newblogpost on #everydaylingerie ideal for every kind of sexy from the angel to the seductress, and every sexy confident mama in between. πŸ’‹There's no right or wrong kind of sexy. Find your fire and own it. πŸ’‹plus I'm sharing thoughts on the absurdity of Valentine's Day, and why you should thong it up on the regular. #happymarriage πŸ’‹ PS nipple tassels rock! πŸ’‹

Be in harmony with yourself. πŸ’‹that's the best lesson I FINALLY learned. What a difference a mental shift makes in your entire outlook on life. πŸ’‹ imagine if you moved with the current instead of against it? Imagine if life was less complicated? Imagine if you got everything you actually wanted? Well, I only got everything I actually wanted when I became honest with what I actually wanted! πŸ’‹shocked, I know. Don't force, don't fight. Just feel the truth and life with start shooting all the right arrows your way. πŸ’‹Happy Friday. I'm off to run errands for home/kids, nurse my cold, post my Friday5Finds #newblogpost #PiecesofPam, chat with @vasculitisfoundation on plans for a Vasculitis Center in NYC (so excited) and then it's #shabbatshalom time to be with family. πŸ’‹Life works, when you get out of your own way. Live with #authenticity πŸ™β€οΈ

Still on a high from last night's Women's Entrepreneurship Panel. What an honor to chat business and babies with @randizuckerberg. I love when mamas keep it real and say you can't have it all, all the time. There are hard choices. Nothing is every perfect in business or motherhood. BUT follow your ❀️ + live an authentic life, and you will find your happy 😊 formula. πŸ’‹ I'll profile @randizuckerberg in my #MomBoss #Mamager series for the blog. Stay tuned. Stay inspired. #momtribe #momtrepreneur #dotcomplicated

Current mood - GOOD VIBES ONLY . Ilana sports red, white and blue, because we will always love this country, while mommy sends out good vibes @spiritualgangster πŸ’‹πŸ™ for more #GoodVibes #LoveforAll check out today's Friday 5 Finds - link in bio πŸ’‹ #newblogpost #PiecesofPam #Inaugurationstyle

Life IS better when you're laughing. 😍 that's a wrap for my Self Love Celebration @abc7dc #GoodMorningWashington πŸ’‹ I'll post a recap on #PiecesofPam blog shortly. πŸ’‹ PS the pillow is from @JCPenney

Even mermaids need to hustle. Head on over to the blog #PiecesofPam (link in bio) for my latest Friday 5 Finds. Why does everyone need a #mermaidblanket ? πŸ’‹Do copper-infused socks actually rejuvinate feet? πŸ’‹ Is yogurt the next must-have hair ingredient? πŸ’‹Plus a cool eco building toy from @yoxotoys that actually survived my gotta-throw/donate-everything binder last week. πŸ’‹read, comment and have a blessed weekend 😍🍷one for me and 🍷one for you. #momtribe #momlove #momclub

Who wants an easy bone broth recipe? Head on over to my blog #PiecesofPam (link in bio) for my grandma's simple recipe. πŸ’‹ it's so easy and the beauty + wellness benefits are endless. πŸ’‹collagen boost βœ… immune support βœ… gut health βœ… winter warmth βœ… make it. Enjoy it. Cozy up with it. πŸ’‹ My kids love chicken broth soup, and so will yours. Stop buying stock, when it's so very simple to make your own. πŸ’‹ good night mama.

It's National Self Love Month! Don't we need that extra reminder to love ourselves first? Moms tend to put everyone and everything above their own self care needs. But, as I always say, a happy mom is a happy home. πŸ’‹ Don't forget to fall in love with yourself first. πŸ’‹love yourself so much that it makes it impossible not to create even the smallest of pockets of time during which you do whatever your heart desires, whatever brings joy, whatever self care ritual works to unwind your mind and center your soul #MeaningfulMeMoments. πŸ’‹On the blog #PiecesofPam, this week, I'll be sharing my evening #selflove ritual including journaling tips. I'll also give you my bone broth recipe, which truly nourishes and hugs you from within. πŸ’‹πŸ˜ Have a kickass, blessed day. And, go on, love yourself πŸŽ€πŸ’‹πŸŒˆ. #loveyourself

Weekend vibes are creeping in, so it's time to check out my Friday 5 Finds. πŸ’‹πŸ’‹ there's a hygge cozy feel to each find, from a meal wheel that makes mealtime less manic and more, dare I say, meaningful and fun πŸ’‹ @nplusbtoys ... to a new candle concept that's fuss-free and fabulous @lucidcandle πŸ’‹ Enjoy. Grab your glass. It's 1pm, mamas... afternoon vino time πŸ·πŸ’‹ (link in bio or visit www.PamelaPekerman.com #PiecesofPam πŸŒˆπŸ’‹)

Today on the blog #PiecesofPam I'm sharing 3 #WellnessTrends that are easy and worth following. PS I hate the word trend!!! Really, these are more ideas that are getting more attention now, so you will be hearing much more about them. Any who, read, share, comment. πŸ’‹πŸ’‹ I'm super excited about all three because I had been incorporating them (collagen, crystal gems and chakra meditation, & low impact workouts) before they became "Trends". πŸ’‹πŸ’‹ link in bio or visit www.PamelaPekerman.com πŸ™have a happy productive day #wellnesswarrior #wellnessmama #healthymom

Getting cozy with it. It's wellness Wednesday, and while I'm working hard, I'm also making time to breathe, eat well (homemade broth πŸ˜‹) & jet off for date night by 5pm. πŸ’‹ Tomorrow, on #PiecesofPam I'm sharing 3 Wellness Trends Worth Trying - Collagen, Crystals & Calmer Workouts. πŸ’‹ I hope you're taking care of you, mama. Remember, you are SO amazing, you are SO special & and you are SO essential to your family. YOU are the sun β˜€οΈ around which everyone else revolves, so YOU need #MeaningfulMeMoments ... and a date night πŸ˜πŸŒˆπŸ’‹ (photo courtesy of @decorgold my new obsession )

What's your New Year's Resolution? Mine is a New Year's Reso-provement. How can I be kinder (to myself & others) how can I be more charitable @vasculitisfoundation , how can I be more useful? πŸ’‹

Head over to the blog #PiecesofPam for my #newblogpost about how I plan to be of more us to YOU. πŸ’‹

The past year of self love and self awareness could not have been possible without my #momtribe & all you amazing mamas. πŸ’‹

Check out the post and comment away. What do you want to see on the blog and in upcoming TV segments? What's going to make YOUR LIFE BETTER, BRIGHTER & BLOOMING-tastic ?!!! 🌸🌺🌼🌈 #newyearsresolution #selfimprovement (link in profile or visit www.PamelaPekerman.com 😍)

Tried some ox bone broth. Yummy. If you don't already know, bone broth is THE ticket for healthy gut, immune boost, glowing skin, stronger nails... oh ya, grandma was right! Broth can help it all. The secret is collagen, the most abundant protein in our body. But we start to lose it as we age, so homemade bone broth (which is really easy to make!) is a natural collagen boost for your body. Mamas, make this for the whole family. I promise to post my recipe by next week www.PamelaPekerman.com #PiecesofPam πŸ’‹πŸ’‹ wishing you a healthy and happy weekend. #healthymom #healthycooking #healthyfamily

That time I made the easiest and best decision of my life. I've been riding high ever since. #marriage #tbt

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