Sometimes doing nothing is the best course of action.

The open skies that grace my new backyard will never grow old.

Or should I say - The open skies that grace my new backyard are as old as time, and I imagine the great ancestors of this land looking up to the same skies, and being in as much awe as me, yet so much more in tune with its meaning 🙏🙏✨✨✨✨


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Pure connection.

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As above, so below.

As within, so without.

I connect to the clouds, to the sky, to the stars,

as I sink into my truth, in my body, back here on Earth.
I breathe in.

I breathe out.



I connect to all that is, all that was, and all that ever will be.

I connect to my inner wisdom, my inner truth, my inner self, my higher self,


as above, so below.

As within, so without.

Those visions I see within me –

I give them permission to bloom.

Those wisdoms I see above me –

I give them permission to ground.

And, of course, so it is. It is so.

And, of course, now I know it is so.

And now, of course, I breathe easy and choose

to relax, knowing that it is all done,

and no matter what – I can’t get it wrong. +++++. Tune within, and come face to face with your very soul. Free meditation: AnnaShelley.com/Akasha-Meditation ✨✨✨

What triggers a memory?
I was eating breakfast when a whiff of lavender took me to 1st grade. Suddenly I was telling the teacher I spilled ink on my hands. Mrs Howard was scolding me for forgetting the Christmas song.
I blink again and I’m back in Singapore. An adult who became a child for a few imperceptible seconds, in-between sips of coffee.
It's like a movie scene that gives you the backstory of the Character. Like Patrick Melrose laying comatose replaying his adolescence (if you haven't watched Benedict Cumberbatch in this tragic, drug-fuelled series, I recommend it).
Listening to an audiobook this morning the narrator said "she ran and jumped into his arms” and, just like that, I replayed moments I was THAT exited to see someone. I was picked up and spun around by a favourite uncle... a best friend… an ex…
I wasn’t trying to remember. It’s just how my mind works.
It jumps at a word association. A restaurant can remind me of him or her or that one time. A street can be haunted by a specific moment in time, looping like a scratched CD.
I'm a typical Pisces partial to nostalgia, so I visit different people in my mind each day.
I can be reliving childhood adventures with a neighbour and then see the estate agent who showed us houses when we first moved to Florida... I’m painting, I'm arguing, I’m laughing, I’m learning.
They happen quickly, but they’re there. Like song in the background. A flashback that ushers me into a daydream.
“Yes, that was real” they seem to say.
In a taxi, the driver tells me of his own recollections "The 60s were the best, man” he says.
“Does it feel like a long time ago?” I ask.
“A LONG time ago. So much as changed. Time used to feel slow. Now there’s always a new app or program. Before you can immerse yourself in something, you have to learn something else.
And music! In my day, we used to really GET TO KNOW an artist. The Beatles, man. The Rolling Stones, man. Or my favourite, Deep Purple. The music you listen to now, ah? What’s that lady’s name? The lady who keeps showing her butt?"
"It’s what Bob Dylan says" I reply:
The slow one now
Will later be fast
As the present now
Will later be past

Ooooooh yeah 😍😍

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It's amazing how easy things can be when you allow it.

Just digging up some old images to see if I can Photoshop them to life for my new book, Meditation - 10 Meditative Visualisations to Fuel Your Soul.

This is pretty much what it sounds like - a book of written meditations.

They are super awesome. Totes terrific. If you are stealthy, you'll find the Kindle version on Amazon.

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Is it true; is it kind, or is it necessary?”
― Socrates

I think that I may be related to Socrates... the resemblance was uncanny. Thankfully I have no beard!

This quote is a good reminder to think before we speak, gossip, write text .... 😁😂 #honesty #truth #truth💯 #toptags #compassion #consciousness #kindness #empathy #philosophy #mind #wisdom #socrates #philosophising #thinkaboutit #metacognition #thinkaboutyourthinking #consciousparenting #consciousliving #empathicattunement #parentingtips #communication #psychologytips #psychologistchatswood #philosophical #thinkbeforeyouspeak #thinkbeforeyouink #thinkbeforeyouact #thinkbeforeyoushare #thinkbeforeyoujudge #stopandthink

Please enjoy soothing background pic. #lawyering #philosophising #deephuh #courts #justice #kanyewest

The important thing in life is to find your balance. It's different for everyone. Work/play. Joy/sadness. Birth/death (not necessarily of people, but of ideas, of jobs, of childhood, of relationships). Everything has its season. This pine tree was once in a terrible fire, but but it survived, and grew back stronger than ever. Its charred trunk is beautiful in its blackness, and the bright, new shoot is beautiful in its innocence #islandlife #islandliving #Tenerife #CanaryIslands #IslasCanarias #SanJosedelosLlanos #alittlephilosophy #charred #trees #walking #hiking #canarianflora #floracanaria #newgrowth #hike #outdoors #nature #earth #lovetenerife #lovecanaryislands #quierocanarias #motherearth

When I don't have a "enough time" to go for a walk, I tell myself it's a "working-walk".
(Umm, I have my own private jokes - be your own best friend, right?)
I do some of my best thinking and processing while walking. Even if all I do is listen to Macklemore and strut, I come out the other end in an altered, better state. WHAT IS THIS BLACK MAGIC?
One thing always bleeds into another. Reading "To kill a mockingbird" this week got me thinking about privilege and ignorance, which got me thinking about my own biases, and how books, and indeed storytelling (hello again), taught me to think critically.
Until I read Ursula Le Guin, I didn't give a second thought about the role imagination plays in activism and creating a better society. Until Anthony Ray Hinton shared his story about being innocent on death row, a bunch of people sat the fence, indifferent to capital punishment (check out his memoir, BTW).
One experience influences another. Sometimes it makes you pause and take notice. Other times it’s the start of a ripple effect so insidious, you have no idea one thing morphed into a chain-reaction.
Are you walking or are you having a creative experience?
Walt Disney going bankrupt with a rodent running around his studio lead to Mickey…and eventually millions of people who relate childhood to staring wide-eyed at singing mermaids and dancing crabs.
What if Walt didn’t see a mouse shimmy by? What if he had a better accountant and his first business didn’t go bust? What if his aunt didn’t buy his first set of pencils?
Everything contributes to where we are, and everything contributes to where we’re going.
That’s an argument for being selective with how we spend our time, but also realising no matter how much we seek control, influences come from unsolicited places.
Somethings we plan. Other things life just hands to us.
This is our handshake with the universe. The I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine.
We are co-creators of our experience, but life has the final say.

Wild day today.

Just like me. Just like my kid. We like to sneak out and take photos of the sky.

I'm finding a new sense of flow here.

I used to be quite adamant about doing All The Things FIRST THING in the morning to get my energy right for the day (as if it was wrong in the first place 😂😂), but with a kid who isn't a morning person (unlike me), and with my conscious decision to live moment by moment, I am finding it easier to have a slow morning, not giving AF about The Things that really get my energy right.

I don't have to journal first thing, or busy myself in the morning.

I'm (we're) totes cool with me setting up the grinder for the day to make awesome coffee with kid's shows in the background, relaxing, and slowly warming up for the day. Then, when my kid has woken up, we are ready for adventure ☕☕🦄🌅🍩🌌✨✨✨. .

I do my meditative practices throughout the day. Lately I've been enjoying my written meditations, as well as clairvoyantly recoding my energy.

I just did a written activation from my 5 week meditation program, Soul Sanctuary. It's the last one in the 5 weeks of meditations and deep dives and deep dances with the soul, and oh so perfect right now.

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The weight of the world is not on my shoulders, but in my heart.

The pain, the hurt, the confusion, the violence, the brokenness of the people and the animals and the planet.

I feel it all.

I see it all.


It's so big. And overwhelming. And can be all consuming.

And yet… I know it doesn't have to be like this.

I know that it's safe to feel the weight of the world sink in my heart. And I know it's safe to give it love and compassion, which is healing beyond words.

Love and compassion is transformative.

Love and compassion makes the world move forward.

Love and compassion dissipates the pain and paves a new way of being.

I send love and compassion through my heart.

I have limitless amounts of love and compassion to give.

And I am sending it out to the world, to you, right now.

And the message that comes through with this is: When you give love and compassion to yourself, then you can give it to the world.

Fill up your heart with love and compassion, and let it overflow, bubble up, and spill out everywhere you go 🙏🙏💛💛 .

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5 meditations, 5 guides, 5 weeks to a beautiful deeeeeeeep connection to your soul.


A little heads up:

Almost a year ago I created a pretty fucking epic program called Soul Sanctuary, which was essentially a meditation soul retreat - the ultimate in self care and connection to your self and your very essence.

5 meditations with deeeeeeeep experiences going into the soul, experiencing your full Shakti energy, and living as the physical manifestation that your soul has always intended.

Anyway, I'd been wanting to release this as a 5 week email program for a while since then, but the time wasn't right.

Well... The time is right now! At least, as soon as I get it listed on my site, which will be very fucking soon.

If this sounds like something you want in on, comment below so I can make sure you see the link as soon as it goes up. Massive party discount for the first little bit. Lemme know 💛

Light language phone wallpaper (download from my IG stories). +++++++ Haven't slept in days. Pretty sure my kid woke up at 7am on Saturday, and I'm still waiting for sleep time.

Have, however, created more artwork for my new book, got some cool stuff together for my online meditation retreat, planted raspberry and strawberry plants, and had multiple breakdowns due to said lack of sleep. Oh, and poured more than than a few good shots from my espresso machine ☕☕✨✨✨✨✨

It’s the whole mind/body/spirit thing again, isn’t it?

You see, the mind is mostly on board. The mind UNDERSTANDS, but often doesn’t DO.

The spirit/soul ALWAYS understands, and is ALWAYS there, prompting from the quiet sidelines. But you do not always listen, because your mind is SO GOOD at playing devil’s advocate. So there’s that constant meta chat going on. Which is so frustrating at times. BUT…. If the body were on board too, and if the mind was “online” to listen in to the body, then it would agree in an instant, and you would not be so meta, arguing with yourself all the time.

How to get the body on board? Or rather…. How to LISTEN to the body?

Tune in baby! It’s all you have to do! ^^^ Just some ramblings from today. I went on to channel how to do muscle testing for open ended questions, not just the usual yes/no questions. Very cool. Lmk if you want me to share that ✨✨✨

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