So last week my mom was at a rock & gem street fair in Fallbrook, CA and ran into a dealer I am friends with so she FaceTimed me while at his booth so I could say hello. He showed me these DELICIOUS specimens of black fossilized coral, so OF COURSE I had to buy some from him!!! Did I mention how much I love shopping remotely with people who know what I like?? Let’s see what I can put together before the Santa Cruz Sea Glass Festival. #orcasislandseaglass #santacruz #santacruzseaglassfestival #fossilcoral #fossilizedcoral #petoskey #petoskeystone #fossiljewelry #oldstuffiscool

Fall Break = trip to #petoskey #michigan to buy a great new read from #mcleanandeakin #garrettchauncey #cooperadam

Our lasagna needs no caption.

Broilers are getting bigger! We'll butcher at 12 weeks and this is them at about 9.5 weeks (I'm a little late in posting this 🤷‍♀️).
This is a slower growing breed and so far I'm happy with them. They're the most mild tempered and friendliest breed we've ever had as well. 👍🐔

It’s a blessing and a curse being everyone’s favorite recruiter. Don’t be afraid to hit me up, if I’m sleeping I’ll get ya back the next day 😁. #petoskey #armyteam #djkhaled #anotherone

Our girls chowing down on some fresh greens. Unfortunately Northern Michigan is in a severe drought so it’s the only green thing.

Some of the girls chilaxing 😁

My favorite pizza in Petoskey is right here! Does this make you hungry? #pizza #petoskey #michigan #petoskeyphotographer #pie #foodphotography

After our wonderful time in Traverse City, we took a scenic drive along the lake stopping in the lovely little town of Charlevoix to go to Harvest Gold cafe to enjoy a delicious coffee and Aussie meat pie and a tasting bar of all their chutneys and syrups and sauces (mmmm). Then we stopped in Petoskey which is a beautiful town with an awesome downtown shopping area. Onward through Harbor Springs which I would call "the most perfect town I've ever seen" with not one thing out of place. It's the only place I didn't take photos of because my jaw was too busy dropping to the floor as we drove through. After passing through that perfect town, we went through the well known "tunnel of trees" (video will be posted later) onward to the famous Legs Inn which has authentic Polish food and is set right on a cliff overlooking Lake Michigan. In summer, you can dine in the garden. I loved their bench swing 😍. Overall, a wonderful day full of beauty. #motherdaughtertrip #autumnroadtrip #lakemichigan #charlevoix #petoskey #harborsprings #crossvillage #legsinn #michigantravels #harvestgold

Many lake houses have porches that extend across the entire lake side of the house, which are exquisite for sitting forward and looking at the lake. This porch is unique in its depth, allowing for seating that both faces each other and allows for lake views, making it an additional living room.

Beautiful smoosh 👶🏻💞#gerberphotosearch2018

What more could a boy ask for.....beautiful #Petoskey evening.....cozy #patagonia warm....reading a new book from #mcleanandeakin bookstore. #puremichigan #cooperadam @petoskeyarea

What’s up #petoskey ? We sure love you!!!!! #puremichigan #gibsondavid @petoskeyarea

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