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Yesterday morning I found myself rushing around but not really getting anything done. On top of that I had intended to be somewhere at 10:30. As I sat in traffic around noon, so very late, wondering how I got so off-track, I realized that something had triggered me. Out of the blue I felt panicked that I had dropped the ball, that my to-do list didn’t have enough check marks. Was it true? Maybe. Was it helpful? No. The problem wasn’t that I had the thought but that I believed it. The result was stress and a bunch of unproductive running around. What’s my lesson? If I find myself in a panic, and nothing has even happened, except for in my head, maybe I should look at what I’m thinking. Are my thoughts helping me get to where I want to go. Or are they sending me off track? A more helpful thought might have been ... You’re doing great. Keep going. That doesn’t mean I don’t have room for improvement. But that thought creates calm in my body. From the calm I can decide what I need to focus on. Maybe the next time you’re having a stress-filled morning like I had, see if there’s a thought behind it all. Is it true? #changeyourthoughts #mindfulness #lifecoach #hiddenthoughts #peaceful

Once the tallest dam in the world. Got a glimpse of the hidden gem before it freezes. I love Colorado.

I could stay here forever


It is a part of life, the more you know who you are and seek validation from within, the more people you are going to lose. Some people will not like it, some people will try to bring you down and hurt you, some will walk away, some will give up on you, and others will stab you right in the face. Only a few good ones will stick around and respect the transition, those people are the ones that are in your life to stay and will help you become your best self. Those are the ones that really count. Hold onto them. ♥️🐡

😍😍my home is my sanctuary 😍😍#reallyblessed #Peaceful #reallifecomfy #myplace #myvision

Evening tea...🤗❤️🍵

I wanna go camping again. 🏕🌅 #camping #favorite #lake #takemeback #peaceful #nature #outdoors

“A Sunday well spent brings a week of content”. Sometimes the best Sunday’s are spend in your own home, enjoying peace and serenity, especially floating under a perfect blue sky with all the fountains on. #azlife #arizona #pool #poollife #fountains #peaceful #sundayvibes #blueskiesandpalmtrees

Mixed feelings of proudness and sadness... my Maria is not a baby anymore, cuddles become even more precious because they aren’t that often anymore... we aren’t watching same tv shows most of the time, we do less things together 😐
All part of growing up, of learning and discovering herself😊
So proud of how mature and caring she is💗
So sad that I wasted many years working 7 days a week and prioritising so wrong in so many days...🖤 My Maria 💕

Can’t believe this was a year ago ❤️ #soundon #peaceful #trevifountain #rome #italy #honeymoon #favouriteplace #travels

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