L:Were you telling the truth when you said you still had feelings for me?
A:Yes...but been friends is whats best for the both of us
L:I dont care about whats best for me i want you and nothing else
L:So do you want to be with me?
A:Yes i do but what about Hannah?
L:Ill brake up with her tomorrow
*I smiled he smiled and kissed me my back hit the wall he smiled on my lips everyone started whistling at us he pulled away everyone was looking we smiled*
A:Im going back inside
L:Yeh me to
*We both went back inside Logan sat with the others i sat with Jake*
J:Hey how did things go?
A:Well lets just say tomorrow things will change...
J:Did you get back together?!
A:Sort of
J:What do you mean sort of?
A:Well we kissed but he still has to brake up with Hannah
J:I forgot about that bitch
A:Well i wish i could...
*I looked over to Logan he smiled at me i smiled back*
H:Are you really smiling at her?
L:Were still friends Han
H:So? Logan shes a loser i mean look at her shes sat on her own in a club with your dorky brother!
*Logan stood up Hannah grabbed his hand*
H:Where are you going?
L:Over with Abby and Jake! Im not going to stay with someone who calls my brother hes my family!
H:Im sorry i was just angry!
L:I dont care ive had enough listening to you moan on about how im still friends with Abby its over were done!
H:What?! Logan!

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*I walked to the bar with Jake we sat down together Logan joined us*
J:You not sitting with your girlfriend?
A:Why not?
L:I dont fancy been around her shes been a bitch to the two most important people in my life
L:You and Jake you idiot
*I smiled he smiled too*
A:Want a drink?
L:Yeh why not
*I orderd our drinks and paid*
L:Jake can you go some where else whilst i talk to Abby?
J:Sure but im going to sit on my own im not sitting with your bitch of a girlfriend
L:Yeh thats fine
*Jake walked away and sat on his own Logan sat next to me and smiled i smiled back*
A:Hey whats up?
L:Yeh can we talk?
A:Yeh seems as though we are talking right now
L:Im been serious Abs
L:Be honest do you think we can ever be a thing again?
A:I dont know Logan i think your better off with Hannah
L:Why when your the girl i want to be with?
A:Your happier with her Logan
L:Dont you feel the same way is that what it is?
A:Yes i do!
L:Then whats stopping us from been together?
A:Im sorry Logan i cant have this conversation with you right now...
*I stood up and went outside i sat on my own drinking my drink a few minutes passed i finished it i stood up Logan came over to me*

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