I try not to get political. I really do. But, this does NOTHING to prevent gun violence. Ot can happen at any time during the day. It can happen anywhere. There are only two things that can prevent gun violence. For all people to only know love (something that is a long way off). And tougher gun laws. Our children are dying. At school. At football games on Friday nights. At video game competitions on a beautiful, sunny Sunday. All senseless. When are our politicians going to wake up? How many lives are enough? #jacksonvillestrong #passguncontrolnow #howmanytimesistoomanytimes #wakeupwashington #fixit

Black Panther with the Kiddos for this evening. #BanAR15 #passguncontrolnow #stoptheviolence

I'm tired of vigils. I'm ready for action. #CallCongress #PassGunControlNow #VegasStrong

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