🇲🇾Don’t know why I’m in love with pan mee soup in Old Town White Coffee 🙈

Lama tak makan #panmeesoup ni. Simple je. Pun tak boleh masak sendiri.. 😪

This Pan Mee shop only opens at night from 8 onwards and usually sells out before 1am. Apparently their dry pan Mee is really good. And if you "kah liu".. WALAO JENG.
Pan Mee @ Lian Kee Pan Mee, Old Klang Road (next to Fatty BKT)

RM7.50 (small)
Rm8 (big)

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My favourite #panmee at RM6, although I prefer the soup version, this is just as delicious. #Porridge at RM2.50 is one of the cheapest around. (I have tapqued the #panmeesoup to have for dinner 😁)

🇲🇾Here comes my most favorite Malaysia food: Pan mee soup. Just realised that the taste of pan mee soup here is different from the one in KL and Penang ~

Sợi Pan mee ở đây bự hơn, có chả cá thay vì thịt gà xé và nấm mèo cắt nhỏ như phiên bản ở Penang và KL mà mình từng ăn.
Một phần pan mee soup thường có pan mee nè, chả cá, thịt gà xé, rau củ như nấm mèo, rau ngót và cá khô 😆🍲

🇲🇾Last breakfast in Ipoh
Just love the food here so much and I’ll also definitely miss the price of the food here 😆
💰RM 5

See U Village Steamboat
Food+ Rating:
Fish Ball Pan Mee > 8/10
Homemade Dumpling Pan Mee > 9/10
Fried Cheese Tahu > 5/10
Food: Delicious and large portion perfect steaming food for rainy days. Soup needs to add some soya sauce if you don't like fried anchovies.
Ambience: Normal steamboat deco
Price: Range RM 9.00 - RM 12.22

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Tekak xsedap. Demam🤒 batuk, selsema🤕 jadi pekena sat Pan Mee sup with wanton🍜. Makan panas-panas nih, lega la sikit tekak ni

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