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Posting good memories with my papa #papaandgrandson #8point #buckdown #huntingislife

Best friends forever 💙 Papa & Liam #papaandgrandson #bestfriends #HipsterMom

I oh so remember the day that I was going into labor on August the 16th, thinking of two things!! That my little baby boy was coming, and that he gets to share his birthday with his Papa. I'm so grateful that I have a dad that has been a great role model for my Drew!! I can't believe he is 2 already. Man time flies!! Drew is talking non stop, so involved with his little cousin, teaching him, and telling him right from wrong. He has grown into a beautiful, inquisitive, adventurous little toddler. He is so loving and sweet. He's definitely a drama king, and so lively. Dad, you have lived for 58 years, and though Drew only has lived for 2, I know he will gain some wisdoms, life skills, knowledge, and know what it is to be a Man of God. Happy Birthday Dad and Happy Birthday Drew!!!👶👦🎂🎉 #August162016 #papaandgrandson #sharedbirthday

Happy Birthday to the greatest Dad & Papa! River is so blessed and lucky to have you in his life. Thank you for everything you do for us. Love you big much xx x @davemcil #happybirthdaypapa #oldman #papaandgrandson #babyrem

Dinner last night at my dads and had to capture this lil moment.

Two of my favorite men. My Dad! And by o so chubby nephew! Not even 3 months and look at all that fat. 😍😍😍 stole this pic from my sister this morning #papa #papaandgrandson


Got the good word from Church today now it's time to go get some good food🙌🏽😂 Christian swears that he knows how to drive🤦🏽‍♀️ lol with his PaPa 👴 #babyboy #littledriver #toddler #toddlerlife #mommysboy #sunday #family #papaandgrandson #bmw #papa #familyfun #sundayfunday #bmwkid

It's funny how Raiden is not sure about going to the back of the yard with out some one. Lol he loves Mr. Lavoy aka our duck decoy! #raidenmichael2015 #sunnyyday #papaandgrandson

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