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Look at that hair! You guys, I’ve been trying a few products here and there and usually when I wear this style it’s let down and frizzy by the end of my school day. I have really long hair so getting it to not lay flat on my head is a challenge. I tried the PM #flexiblestyle #hotoffthepress when I used my crimper and my hair was still waved the next morning! It doesn’t make your hair crunchy or heavy either which I was really happy about! After I styled it I used the #invisiblewear #pumpmeup to give a little lift to the base of my hair... I have to say a little goes a long way and you aren’t pouring a clump of powder on your head. IT SPRAYS OUT! LIKE WHAT?!?! Amazing and because of that I’ll be able to use it for a long time! I am in love with these products and I can’t wait to try more! #followme to see what I try next! Can’t wait to get my hands on some more product! #futureprofessional #paulmitchellstl #paulmitchell #productsthatwork #doinghairwithcare #makeiteasy #doityourself #loveyourhair #productjunkie

#Repost @djscratch
I was doing this scratch to this song in 1984. A little over 10 years later someone gave it a name, the flare. Other greats were doing the flare way before it was named like Jazzy Jeff, Cash Money, Barry Bee, Clark Kent, Cutmaster DC & Hitman Howie Tee. I used to just call it making it funky lol. Know your correct history. #DJScratch #Grandmaster #pumpmeup #pumpmeupdc #troublefunk #dropthebomb #dc #gogo #music #teebone #dettrecords #gogomusic #80sgogo #hiphop #djscratch #turntablism #dj #ripivangoff #postyourbeatz #classicsnightclub

🎵Coco jambo
@mrpresidennt 🏖👙🙏🏾
#cocojambo #oldschoolhiphop #oldschoolreggae #mrpresident #pumpmeup

Pump action..ReEb0k... #reebok #oldskool #reebokpumps #pumpmeup

Last night, my fibromyalgia, sarcoidosis, DVT and spiculated lung mass had a date with Trouble Funk to celebrate a dear friend's solar return. For a few hours I released fear, worry and toxins from my body and just enjoyed the music, the company, the dancing and made new memories to share. Yemoja also made an appearance, in that special way of hers, to remind me "to ride the wave!"
#iampowerful #iamnotmydisease #autoimmunediseasesucks #dancingmyassoff #troublefunk #pumpmeup #dropdabomb #gogomusic
#liveeverydaylikeitsyourlast #allwehaveisnow #thanksforthememories #lifeisgood

#dragonballz #vegeta #training #inspiration I want this #poster in the #gym to #pumpmeup hahah sooo good

Motivation is my JAM and here are 5 of my secrets to keep going!

Obviously it wasn't always this way, I was 40 pounds overweight at one point and I had to figure out what drove me and how to keep going!

I wanted it really really badly, but it doesnt mean there werent days where I just didnt want to, heck I have those days all the time NOW!
So here are some of my tips and things that I did to just KEEP GOING!

1. Put your head down and your blinders up! Now I know youre not going to like what comes next, but this is how I did it. I stopped doing things that were going to make an attempt at derailing me!
When I got invited to happy hour, I said no
When I got invited to dinner, I said no
When I got asked to make plans after work, I said no because that was when I did my workouts

I said NO to the things I knew were going to get in my way, I didnt do it forever, but I did it until I had risen above the temptation, until I knew I could be around it without considering hindering my results for the really good margaritas and guacamole on a friday night after a long shift!

2. Where a cute workout outfit!
Shoes I love, Bright colored tights, a tank top with a motivational quote on it, and a really good sports bra do it for me everytime, OH, and I put them on AS SOON AS I WAKE UP! Honestly Id encourage you to spend a little extra $$ in a workout outfit you love, go BUY the lululemon sports bra that you always tell yourself you cant afford because youre going to FEEL amazing and now youve invested some skin in the game. I dont know about you, but if it costs me a good chunk of change, I USE IT!

3. Get a good pump you up playlist going!
Depending on my mood, my workout playlist is anything from fast paced country music, to a list of rap songs I dont know a single word to, to a motivational speech from Tony Robbins, to a bunch of disney songs, whatever gets you going and makes you want to move, PUT IT ON and GO

4. DRINK the liquid gold! My preworkout supplement changed my workout game. Those tingles set it and you feel like you can jump through your ceiling

5. Get yourself a buddy, and accountability partner, an app, take photos, something to HOLD YOU ACCOUNTABLE!

This is how I survive mornings preworkout before PT!!! #insane#preworkout#itsmakesmybuttitch#weird#pump#pumpmeup

@startyoshi #pumpmeup 🔥🙌

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