Spring. The UK actually enjoyed some glorious summer weather this weekend and parks and gardens seem to be bursting into colour. Blossom abounds. Moods are uplifted. Thoughts turn to sunny weddings, champagne glass in hand🥂. Long may it continue. But this is the UK... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #peachblossom #perenial #floral #garden #park #blossoms #colour #wedding #summer #spring #mood #finejewellery #jewellery #diamonds #ring #champagne #uk #sunny #london #happiness #pink #photography #cheers

The best kind of way 🌿

“There is no security on this earth. There is only opportunity. Empty your days of the search for security; fill them with a passion for service. Empty your hours of the ambition for recognition; fill them with the aspiration for achievement. Empty your moments of the need for entertainment; fill them with the quest for creativity.” - JM

Without a doubt, today was one of the best and most empowering days of my life; so much so that I showed balls and cried my eyes out. Think what you want. I’m not ashamed whatsoever. My old story was negativity and depression. My new story is positivity and happiness. You see me complaining - I want and encourage you to call me out. I’m done playing games with myself and others. You’re looking at someone who one day will be super successful. How? Success comes from helping those around you, not from solely bettering yourself. At some point, we’ve flipped the formula and made it about ourselves, but that’s backwards. Business and life comes down to the client, not you. You want to become successful? Listen to your clients and those around you, and help them succeed. In turn, the ones that matter will help you become successful. I’m always here for all of you, regardless of where you’re at or what you’re going through. I’m here to make you become successful in whatever endeavors you may have. Namaslay 🙏🏻

photo @topo555 .

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